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Welcome to our forth edition of weird (sometimes funny) lead stories we are getting at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Get monthly updates on industry news, great reads from around the web, ninja news and special deals! Now, the days when video content was so hard to create that most people were just shying away are over.
There are some awesome online tools that allow you to create professional videos that will diversify your video marketing and let you experiment with genres, styles and types.
There are lots of available elements inside: Characters, animations, text affects, image holders, etc.
They also have #slides project in private beta which I am really looking forward to playing with!
To get a better feel for the more stable and consistent updates in the industry, it is best to turn to the experts.
Focused on various advanced content marketing topics, Content Marketing Institute webinars have almost the whole year planned out. Cision does absolutely amazing marketing webinars and they also archive their past events, so you can check what you missed!
Since becoming a blogger, writer and content provider, my work has been stolen a number of times.
Using aggressive SEO tactics and shady link building practices, these new sites would gain a lot of traffic very quickly.
At a time when many of us are working remotely with people we will never meet face to face, how can you identify forgeries and stolen content, before you put it on your site and end up penalized for it? I usually take a sentence from the center of a random major paragraph, and put it in with quotations. Here are more tools to do reverse image search and here are more ways to use reverse image search in marketing. This is a great search trick: If you fond people using your image and quoting your work without giving you a proper credit, you can always contact them nicely and ask to link to the original.
Thank you, Ann … and an excellent point about getting earned link-backs by requesting pirates to at least acknowledge your work. We get images stolen all the time – the reverse images search tool has proven very useful! A few days ago Google announced removing sidebar ads from search results and introducing 4 ads on top of organic results.
While this change has been met with much skepticism and critique by brands which have been working on improving their organic search positions for ages, is it really time for despair? No wonder, we have developed the habit of scrolling through paid results right to the organic results. It’s too early to say but the change might mean that more people will just scroll more!
Consider that the overall number of ads is now going to go DOWN, with just 4 top ads and 3 at the bottom. On the other hand, if bigger brands with bigger budgets start shifting effort from organic to PPC, organic competition might go down!
Google is constantly tinkering with how the SERPs appear, balancing what they think users want and what will generate them revenue.
In fact, they removed the sidebar ads once already in winter of 2012, and the ads were put back. We stopped thinking about the SERPs as just “Ten Blue Links” years ago, so why the sudden shift in outlook here?

Let’s keep in mind that Google is now a public company and they have to answer to share holders. This is likely going to make it more difficult for the smaller players to stay in the game for sure.
To say Google are evil is an understatement, their greed will backfire on them eventually, annoying people to such an extent you’ll find more and more of them using ad blockers. I cannot tell you how many times I remembered seeing something on my Facebook feed but failed to find it afterwards. And while most of it seems to go away, sometimes when writing an article or trying to remember a fun viral video example for a client campaign, I recall those moments of scrolling and feel desperate about not being able to find it in the massive flood of information. Your activity log is a list of your posts and activity, from today back to the very beginning. Any activity that happened on Facebook through any of the authenticated Facebook apps (This is also useful! Overall, while it looks like one unbelievably huge archive of your private data, it’s also a great way to retrieve information you have passed through during an idle minute which is awesome!
This is an incredible idea of watching the Facebook Activity Log as an online bookmarking tool. Grab your screenshots and videos, choose (or upload your own) music, add text breaks – you are done! The best thing about this tool is that it lets you create video instructions that grab attention and have huge viral potential as opposed to traditional step-by-step video guides. I imagine you can use those videos in lots of ways (especially if you need some editing in place). Every year we have new strategies, new tactics, new platforms to explore and avenues to go down. Luckily, there are a lot of webinars out there that will give you all the information you need.
The featured speaker will be Margaret Keavney, who will lead you through their software so you can learn how to best make it work for you. He is here to teach you about the importance of monitoring your competition in order to promote and get ahead more intelligently.
Ad marketing is a tricky business online, where so many people have adblocker, and the rest tend to ignore advertisements like white noise in the background of the web. So how to you use it to drive revenue in a time when everything seems to be measured by hard data?
He knows how hard it can be to pitch an idea, new product, blog or story to a reporter, especially when they are being overwhelmed with pitches already. More often it has been by content mining programs that steal random work with decent page views and posts them on another site. Sometimes that would even knock you, the original creator of the content, out of your search ranking. There are some tools you can use to check for duplicate content, whether you are the content provider protecting their work, or the person who is purchasing it for their own website. Cheap content providers are notorious for it, because they assume you won’t check until it is too late and you have gotten a warning about it. Simply put your original image URL in Google and look for more places where that image has been used. But these tools give you at least some control, and help to avoid the pitfalls of posting anything on the open web. Quality Scores are going to become even more important (although they were already), as Google is going to want to ensure high CTRs on the Ads, so that means only the really well-oiled and efficient PPC campaigns are going to show up there.

If you’re thinking of just moving most or all efforts to PPC, you better bring your wallet and you better have an experienced PPC team on hand already.
From Knowledge Graph to Carousels to News results and Local Packs, the SERPs have changed more in appearance over the last 3-5 years than they did in the 10 years before that. This change is just one of many, and I wouldn’t deviate from long term strategies and marketing plans just because of this one change. Investing in long-term stable rankings has always been the best marketing strategy and it still is! One scroll through Facebook feed shows recent news from the neighborhood, enlightens you of a few facts you were not aware of, inspires you with some quotes gives you a laugh with some funny videos and memes. When it comes to video tutorials and mashups, I am simply using iMovie (free easy time-saver). If you are a marketer, you know the feeling of having to scramble to keep up just after perfecting the latest PR craze.
There will be six full webinars, six live chat sessions, two keynote speakers, and opportunities to network with other attendees who are taking advantage of it. If you have always wanted to use SEMrush, but weren’t sure how to best apply it to your marketing strategy, this is a must-attend. If you are ready to use more targeted ads to get greater conversions, she is here to show you how. This is a webinar that focuses onĀ  breaking things down to the parts underneath, to find why each piece fit into the whole and created a very lucrative, impressive picture. Even with all the changes that online marketing has gone through, that is one area where very little has shifted. This webinar will go through all features, as well as show you a basic strategy to get more from the platform.
This is an event that will show you how to create an actual series of webinars, in order to reach a wider, more consistent audience, and to solidify your authority in a real way.
He will show you how to be smarter, better, and more intelligent with your marketing pitches, so you can improve the results of your overall outreach to media sources. Most of them no longer have a chance with Google because the search engine got smarter with identifying the original.
The CPCs are going to rise across the board, particularly for the most competitive commercial queries.
There are also 90 days following to access the content covered, which allows you to take part in the whole thing, even if you can’t be there on the day. It is being held by Dr Aleksej Heinze, and will cover SEO, content marketing, strategy development and implementation. From SEO to basic content strength, issues like the right keywords and in a beneficial density still matter, if not in the way they used to.
Amel Mehenaoui will show you how to use SEO to better find your business goals, and teach you her proven 5-step structured approach for success.
It is brought to you by The Content Marketing Institute, who definitely know their marketing and their webinars.
If that’s not the case, you can request Google to remove the stolen content from the search engine.
It is a surprisingly easy process and Google was reported to have received and processed 6 million DMCA complaints per week (345 million per year) back in 2014.

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