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As you may know, Interspire Email Marketer ships with 60+ professionally designed HTML email templates.
Each template includes four variations, making for a total of 80 different templates (20 templates, 4 layouts per template). Learn how we can help you narrow your search with a personalized list of platforms that can accommodate your specific online business needs. Do you need Multi-channel retailing, Group buying discounts, Bid systems, Facebook integration, and more?
Long gone are the days when you would need your family’s inheritance to rent a space on a shopping center, purchase some descent amount of inventory, get some cash to print some fliers, and find the time to distribute them while at the same managing your storefront.

It is all about being creative, doing the research, and finding the right tools to work with. There is a lot of confusion, specially with new business trying to get on-line, about how to set-up an on-line store.
This new Interspire Email Marketer template pack gives you an additional 20 professionally designed email templates in a variety of categories and is available for immediate download. Layouts included for each HTML email template are 1 column newsletter format, 1 column simple format, 2 column newsletter format, 2 column simple format. Nowadays people are finding that selling on-line is the easiest, most lucrative way to sell their products; while at the same time reducing their start-up costs and being able to reach thousands, if not millions, of people all from the comfort of their PC.

It takes time to learn the meaning of a domain, a website, a blog, software, hosting, bandwidth, disk space, e-mail marketing, traffic, conversions, tracking, etc, etc… SO MANY NEW TERMS to learn that it can very well feel overwhelming and hard to wrap our minds around it! The learning curve is steep and long, but once you understand the basic concepts, you will be well on your way to make smart and informed decisions for your on-line business.

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