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NEXT STEPS From aligning your IT with your business needs to an end-to-end strategy for transforming your enterprise, TCS has the world-class experience and expertise that you need. TCS has a mature implementation methodology and approach that allows its customers to build and manage their multi-site and multi-segment business efficiently and effectively.
TCS utilizes tools to facilitate system installation, configuration, training and documentation that ultimately help you save time and costs during the implementation cycle. These preconfigured, pretested templates for the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne enterprise, database and HTML servers get the system up and running in just a few days. Helps configure application software, including business processes, user roles, technical set-up and rapid installation. Helps use the existing wizard or creates new question and answer wizards that capture business process requirements and configure the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne environment to business needs. Strengthen your operations model through process standardization, leveraging TCS’ experience with industry best practices.
TCS’ implementation methodology will help you restructure and transform your business processes through strategic planning thereby synergizing change in structure, operation and process.
Our ERP implementation methodology will assist you in taking care of your organization’s current and future needs. Most of MCE’s open-enrolment workshops can be adapted and tailored to help you achieve the objectives your organization has identified.
If your organization is changing or adapting its strategy, your people may need to develop competencies that are directly related to the new strategy, goals and situation. In-company Management Development is about investing in the capabilities of your people in a function or division, so they can implement the strategy.
Selecting and targeting business metrics for improvement from the beginning improves your chances of getting a return on investment. Do your people have the capabilities they need to make an impact on the key performance indicators mentioned above?
Many times, what looks like a “behavioural” or “capability” problem on the part of your people is really linked to a deeper structural problem – the processes or structure, certain policies or practices that are out of alignment with the strategy. MCE can help you to determine the capabilities correlate with best performance in a given role, within the broader strategic context.
MCE can help you in a variety of creative ways to do this “needs analysis” and engagement of stakeholders. A Strategy Implementation Programme design can contain a variety of interventions – workshops, coaching, webinars, goal tracking, and in-company business projects. An MCE Senior Associate, with your input and that of your stakeholders, will design the Strategy Implementation Programme. After the implementation, or in between workshop modules, it is very important that participants apply what they are learning on the job. If the key performance indicators were impacted with positive business results, MCE is willing to have part of its compensation based on achieving your pre-determined and agreed-upon key performance measures. Evaluation happens on several levels, and MCE can help you with each of them, depending on how far you want to measure. The true value of the programme, in the eyes of business stakeholders is: what is the impact on our business results?
ROI is the financial benefits of the programme less the costs and expressed as a percentage. An emerging market industrial company, in response to changes in its political system and increasing globalization, wanted to develop the leadership capability of its identified change agents. Good news indeed, but how effective are these individual efforts?  Are they making a measurable impact that you can see on your bottomline? My Barcelona colleague Guy Bigwood, MCI’s Group Director of Sustainability Services, offers some compelling ideas and proven practices for helping associations draft and implement green meeting strategies with measurable outcomes.

You must use an effective framework integrating sustainability into every part of the event management lifecycle. Here’s an example of an implementation plan methodology he has used for European Wind Energy Council, World Business Climate Change Summit, Copenhagen, UAE Environmental Ministry, Conama Environmental Congress, Madrid, and others. If you have colleagues or volunteer leaders who still need a reason to consider such a strategy.  Here is a great presentation he gave in Lisbon at ExpoEvents recently. So now you have at least two excellent resources for developing a green meeting strategy for your association or a sustainable business strategy for your meeting industry business.  Reach out to Guy and Michael to learn more.
As MCI's Senior Advisor, Global Development Strategy, I help associations build and execute global growth strategies.
Sometimes there are postings on intranet discussion forums where people say “I’ve been asked to write an intranet strategy and was hoping I could have a look at somebody else’s”.
To me that’s a little like saying “I’m planning to have a really enjoyable holiday and was hoping I could come on yours”. So while I can’t give you a template for an intranet strategy, there are certain questions that a good strategy should answer.
This innocuous question can be hard to answer, but if you can get all your stakeholders to agree on this, then it stops an intranet programme being pulled in multiple directions. Many strategies seem to state the blandly obvious, such as “To help Anyco communicate, collaborate, and work more effectively”.
Some goals may be more inward-looking, such as ensuring 99% of employees can access the intranet.
A great part of creating a successful intranet is making it a place for people to get the work that matters done, and to streamline daily admin.
Take control of your intranet, with Sam Marshall’s Intranet Success full-day masterclasses. VM templates contain the complete technology stack necessary to run the server: operating system, database, web server and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne tools and applications. You will have the option of implementing a pilot site, leveraging our Global Template approach, before rolling it across other sites. MCE’s experienced Senior Associates are ready to help you by analysing, designing and delivering solutions that are entirely custom-made for your organization.
People may learn new things but there is little knowledge of whether this has been applied to the job or if it is leading to improved performance.
It gives everyone involved in the process a real business target for improvement – the sponsors, the designers, the target group and their bosses. We look at your business performance metrics, and help you decide what can be improved through capability development. With our Talent Analytics or with your own performance data and assessments, we can help you to identify capability gaps, so that you invest in developing the most critical areas that will lead to business success. Both of them will need to see the “business case” for the programme if they are going to support it fully.Senior manager support is needed throughout the process, not only at the beginning. We will explore with you to determine how we ensure together that the up front groundwork is done, rather than jumping to deliver a solution off the shelf. It can include coaching, preparatory work, business projects and assignments, and one or more face to face workshops. Key performance measures the programme is targeted to improve, strategic objectives, pre-programme assessments, or a management briefing of issues.
Participants can be tested, observed or interviewed in terms of acquired new knowledge, skills, or attitudes. It can be measured with a follow-up questionnaire, multi-rater feedback, observation, interviews, self-reporting or even coaching.
An effective green meeting strategy includes:  education, supply chain management, measurement, marketing, certification and community action.

Although seeing what somebody else does can be useful to get ideas, it is unlikely to be a good fit to your particular requirements. The acid test is: given two otherwise equal options, does the vision guide you on which route to take? As with the whole strategy, return to your vision statement frequently and make sure that every stakeholder is aware that it’s directing your actions. Will you choose to try to get all your people using the intranet some of the time, or focus on core users directly involved with the goals? In expertly led workshops, groups of managers in your organization can discuss issues, build skills and gain insights in a confidential, supportive environment. You can benefit from all of the associated services, such as coaching and assessments, which normally accompany these workshops. Development needs to be designed in clear alignment to a strategy; otherwise the investment can be wasted. People may learn the new capabilities but they will be unable or unwilling to implement them.
Senior managers know the business issues that need to be addressed and the results they want to see and can keep the programme focused on that. MCE Senior Associates are not trainers or consultants – they can talk with senior management and business line managers on a peer level. This helps them see the value of what they are learning, it makes the learning stick, and it allows real-life problems to come up and be addressed in the programme. MCE Senior Associates can support you with between-module coaching, or other types of implementation support, depending on the workshop.
They can generate quantitative “scores” and qualitative feedback and suggestions form participants.
It is not easy to determine how much of the result was due to the programme and how much due to other factors. They have been responsible for large numbers of employees and understand the challenges in developing them to perform. When managers are only taught in the abstract, or do exercises or games outside of the business context, they can have a lot of fun but it’s difficult for them to connect the learning back to the real world. However, when you set clear business targets for a strategy implementation programme from the beginning, the link from the programme to changes in mind-set and behaviour and finally business results are easier to follow.Well-designed strategy implementation programmes will have both tangible business outcomes and more intangible “capability” outcomes.
As a simple example, classical “sales training” in transactional sales can be harmful to those who need to learn to sell more complex products or solutions.
It also ensures participants all fully understand the strategy they are working toward and can channel their new capabilities in this direction. This type of “Level 1” evaluation typically measures “satisfaction” with the programme – did they like it, was it interesting. Even if participants “loved” the programme, it does not necessarily mean the programme was a good investment for the company.
When they are not involved, programmes tend to stray from the business focus and they are often disappointed in the end results. More utilitarian questions on the reaction survey can give a better indicator – what did participants find value or relevant to their jobs, how will this impact their business results?
An ultimate, “net promoter” score can be assigned on whether participants would recommend the programme to a colleague.
For that, they need to understand first how organizational performance will be improved, what needs to be changed and why. They need to know changes will be made in the processes and structure to support them t change.

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