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In director Ron Scapello's humorous new spot for Kit Kat we see a band of cops chasing bank robbers until they corner them in an underground car park, they then all stop for a breather by unwrapping a bar of the well-known chocolate wafer which they share with the robbers. We've launched an all-new version of Coloribus.It's a brand new set of tools for the perfect workflow. The Brief: In Japan, Kit Kat, Sounding Similar To The Japanese Phrase kitto Katsu" (Will Surely Win), Has Been Considered For Many Years A Good Luck Charm For Students, Preparing For Entrance Exams.
The Strategy: Entrance Examinations Are Not About Competing With Others, But About The Students Facing Themselves. The Execution: Special Kit Kats, Sold At Post Offices Nationwide Before Entrance Exams, That People Can Hand Write Supportive Messages On And Send To Examinees, Living Far Away. Bogota, Colombia - With its high population density, traffic jams and crowded public transport system, Bogota is one of the most stressful and chaotic cities in Latin America.

They end their pleasant chat agreeing to give the robbers a head start, before resuming the chase. Kit Kat, the famous chocolate bar recently launched in Colombia, wanted to offer “a break” to its stressed-out citizen in the street.
Walter Thompson Colombia took over 20 billboards in bus shelters across the city and turned them into mini-massage parlours.
An Artist With Strong Relevancy To Students, Comes To Life As A 3d Hologram And Sings A Song To Cheer On The Examinees, Just By Setting This Screen On A Smart Phone And Playing The Designated Music Video On You Tube. Tiny motors activated a vibrating system that transferred pleasant vibrations to the lower and upper back of the user. All you had to do was to lean against the billboard, and it would give you a quick and comforting massage.

All the billboards could be found in Google maps and every time somebody in twitter typed the words “tired”, “stress” or their equivalent, an instant replie would show them a map with the location of the nearest Kit Kat Massage Billboard could be found.
Kit Kats Cheer On, And Give Courage And Energy To The Examinees Who Study Alone, In Place Of Their Many Supporters Who Are Far Away.

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