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Movie Maker is a product of Microsoft, and most of us are aware about this software as it comes in-built with many versions of Windows. Another benefit with this software is that its interface resembles other Microsoft tools, like MS Word, Windows Live Writer, etc.
You can add different animations to each image in the slideshow, and anytime see a preview of the slideshow.
If you are creating any professional slideshow, then I’d highly recommend using Movie Maker, as it gives you the options add images, add videos, and a narration with them to make your slideshow more effective.
Ainishare Slideshow Video Maker is another free slideshow maker. It gives you options to add animations (transition effects) with each image, music, themes, and a lot more. Being loaded with so many features, its interface is not easy to understand for the beginners.
Every time you launch this program, it will inform you that PhotoStage Slideshow Producer has a paid version as well. If you can manage with these little tweaks, then PhotoStage Slideshow Producer is certainly a fantastic option to choose. Flash Slideshow Maker is a free software that converts the collections of photos to some amazing web slideshows. Flash Slideshow Maker offer a simple 3-step process, in which you can add photos, then add effects and them to them, and finally publish it in the SWF format. However, a limitation with this slideshow maker is that is gives a title slide at the end of slideshow which shows a message that the slideshow was prepared by Flash Slideshow Maker.
It has got all the basic options like adding music, animations, and has some HTML control options as well, where you can easily set the page background color, controller position, and a lot more.
Certainly the list of free slideshow makers can go on for more, but I  have tried to bring in that are easy to use and give most useful features.
I want to create a slide show that can be put (burned) onto an autoplay CD so that when the CD is inserted, the slide show is launched totally automatically, without any mouse clicks or keyborad keystrokes. Create slideshows of your favorite photos, add special effects and background with music that match the occasions.
PhotoSnack is an online picture slideshow maker that allows you to create and share photos online for free.

Slideroll is a photo slideshow maker that allows you to publish your own photo and video gallery easily. Animoto is a web application that generates custom, professional-looking slideshows from user-uploaded music and photos. Kizoa is an easy to use free online slideshow maker which allows you to create slideshows and edit photos with fun effects, animations, music and more. PhotoPeach is a web application that allows you to make your own social slide show in seconds.
Pixzor is a tool which allows you to create moving slideshows that you can publish to the net and email to friends. Flixtime is an online tool that offers a quick, simple, and free way of creating video slideshows.
Smilebox is a web-based or downloadable program that lets you create funny cards and slideshows with your own photos. Scrapblog is a free online slideshow generator which lets you create your own digital scrapbooks and slideshows within minutes. PrettySlide is a web application that lets you create beautiful slideshows using your facebook photos. Photodex is a tool which allows you to create amazing slide shows that play on your PC or TV.
Monoslideshow is a great piece of software for creating slideshows, animated banner in a flash and flash gallery. This software is full of features to create really stunning slideshows from a collection of photos. Even with so many options, the best part of this freeware is that its interface is very easy to understand.
But if you are aware of using other Slideshow makers, then you would not take much time to master this one.
It is simple in use. Your slideshow video is prepared in SWF format that can be posted online or played with any Flash player. Main USP of Visual Slideshow is that it can create web slideshows, and that too in a very easy manner.

Those are the few features that you can do from these free slideshow tools that we are showcasing in today’s post.
These softwares will make your photos more interesting to watch and could add up an exciting way in presenting your collection of digital photos to others.
I shall certainly check out the options you’ve provided above– thank you, Ebrian! Some of these freeware work with both photos as well as videos, so you can have a slideshow with photos and videos.
What makes it even more useful is that you can also add a webcam recorded video, and audio narrations in the slideshow. You can also choose the preset format for different formats, like: Apple and Windows Phone.
This freeware also generates an HTML code file of the slideshow that you can use to post the video online.
If you want to get rid of that, you can use a software like this to convert final SWF to video, then edit video with one of these video cutters to remove the final slide.
But reviewing it I found that Moblyng is not available anymore and Flash Slideshow Maker is a desktop software. Most of the tools to create professional looking business presentation require you to install the software in your computer but there are also that allows you to create slideshows online. In addition to that, some also let you add transition effects to images, as well as add background audio to your slideshows.
What makes it more amazing is that you can control the transitions effects with timeline in this freeware. Some are completely free to use while others require you to purchase their software in order to display one picture after another, in sequence at the pace you choose.
You can simply create slideshow HTML file, upload it on a webpage, publish it to FTP server, or create Joomla Module.

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