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Are you creating a mobile app landing page on your website in hopes to increase app downloads? One common theme with these mobile app landing pages is the use of text messaging, making it uber-simple to send the app download link directly to a mobile phone. Give the text message marketing experts at Tatango a call at (206) 274-6599, or drop us an email to figure out how you can build your own mobile app landing page with text-to-download functionality for your mobile app.
Need a link shortener that can re-direct customers to the right app store based on the mobile phone they’re using? Subscribe by EmailSubscribe to Tatango's SMS Marketing Blog to receive great SMS marketing content delivered right to your inbox. It’s not enough to create your app and make sure its content is up-to-date, now it’s time to spread the word about it and reach a wider audience!
That’s why we have decided to implement our platform with a whole new set of features and promotional tools to help you boost your app popularity: fully customizable app landing pages, mailing lists, promotional pop-ups, facebook tabs and much more! We also decided to get closer to your needs by offering 3 new pricing plans – Starter, Pro and Premium. Thanks to native maps, it will be possible for your users to view your custom map right in your native app and enjoy a more fluid user experience.
Customize your maps with markers to help users locate your premises, branch offices and landmarks in the surounding area.
This way you will not only promote your business facilitating its location, but you will also enhance customer support for a more satisfying user experience!
In order to come closer to your needs, we have devised 3 more scalable pricing plans - Starter, Pro and Premium – to help you build your mobile presence from your first steps to more advanced features. Choose the plan that best fits your needs, and if you are undecided you can always try each plan for free for 14 days! All monthly plans previously subscribed will remain active for the next 3 months; while your yearly plan will last until its regular expiration.
Thanks to promotional pop-ups you will be able to send out customizable messages to your users upon opening your app. You can use promotional pop-ups to promote events, announce releases and keep your users updated on the latest news about your services.

You can also schedule and geotarget your messages to reach your audience when you most need it. You can now invite your app users to join your mailing list in order to be constantly updated on discounts, promotions and the latest news about your services. It consists of a pop up appearing on your users’ home page upon opening your app for the first time.
This is the  most cost-effective way to keep in touch with your users and engage them in your brand life! An app landing page is a stand-alone web page that aims at advertising your application and showcasing its main functionalities to potential users. In other words, it’s an instant magnet to capture more customers online.
Whether you have already published your app on the store or not, a glossy professional-looking landing page can help you advertise your application in an interactive way. All you have to do is pick the template that best fits your app’s style, select the features you wish to introduce to your potential users, edit descriptions to match your app’s functionality and go live! Now you’re ready to spread the voice about your app: post the link to your app landing page on your social profiles, send it by email, connect it to your website or even link it to dedicated online marketing campaigns.
This feature allows you to display your application content in a dedicated tab on your facebook page. Free estash App Landing Page Template PSD for you to download and use in web design or graphic design, created by alooky. About TitanUIOne of the best places to download Free Vectors, Free Icons, Free PSDs, Free web & Mobile UI Kits, Free Textures, Free Fonts,and other free stuffs for web & graphic designers everyday.
DISCLAIMER: All of the design resources are gathered by users and public sources on the internet. Appandaway is another good resource when it comes to discovering mobile apps on iOS and android. Most mobile app developers have an accompanying site that introduces and describes what their mobile app can do. Today, I have collected 20 of these gorgeous mobile app landing pages that keeps readers informed in very creative and unexpected ways. To help you envision how you can use text messaging to increase app downloads, we’ve scoured the internet and found 29 brands already using text messaging on their mobile app landing pages.

You’ll see they are much more scalable, to help you build your mobile presence from your first steps to more advanced features.
This feature allows you to create forms and surveys within your app and customize them with the information you need. This way you will be able to integrate your app inside your profile and make it easily accessible to all your friends, still in a non-intrusive way (as your friends will have to actually click on the tab to see your extra content).
The .EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) extension is for the illustration software such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Photoshop, etc.
If our design resources have violated your copyright, please through Feedback to us so that we can delete a timely manner to protect you!
Create you a remarkable app landing page, you can upload your image, logo or screenshot and be sure to include social media profiles in sharing and to connect with your valued audience. We going through reviews in the Google Play and in the App Store to offer you recent updates and up-to-date information on different applications.
Note that all these sites do is inform users about what their app can do, and the fact that some designers bend over backwards with the site design to make you pay attention means that they are real serious about their mobile application. Some of the worlds largest brands have created mobile app landing pages on their websites to increase the amount of people that download their app. By creating your own custom forms you will be able to collect your users’ details and feedback  to improve customer support and generate new leads for your business. Interact to your social media pages and raise your identity then track all your supporters. While certain sites use beautiful background photography, others optimize the use of bold colors, typography, extra-large icons and white space to make an impression with visitors.
If you mention it somewhere else, please always link to this page instead of download link.

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