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Some visitors visit a lead page and leave without interacting with the page, either by typing in another URL, clicking the back button or closing the browser tab. As opposed to visitors who bounce, some visitors who view the landing page and actively navigate to another site may have interacted with the site.
This is the percentage of visitors viewing the lead page who click on a specific campaign element on that page. The measure of the number of potential customers that perform the desired action is referred to as the conversion rate of the landing page.
MORE ABOUT BRANDONAfter being physically and mentally disabled by a brain tumor, Brandon overcame the odds to regain his health to help his pregnant wife in her fight against stage 3 breast cancer. Lo mas seguro es  que a estas alturas entiendas la importancia de las Landing pages en una estrategia de Inbound Marketing y conozcas los elementos fundamentales para crear una de forma correcta. Sin embargo, conseguir los mejores resultados de conversion con una landing page a la primera no es facil.
Debemos utilizar una tipografia que resulte sencilla de leer y transmitir un mensaje claro en el que vayan incluidas las palabras claves de nuestra oferta. Ser capaces de generar una mayor confianza en tu empresa es uno de los aspectos que mas puede hacer mejorar en gran las conversiones de ti Landing Page.
Por lo tanto incluye algun testimonio en tu landing page, a ser posible con fotografia e identificacion clara del autor, para resaltar la autenticidad del testimonio.
Siguiendo la linea de los Testimonios, se puede incluir otros elementos para generar aun mas seguridad en los visitantes sobre la empresa. Tambien podemos anadir logotipos de empresas con las que hayamos trabajado y que tengan una buena reputacion o incluso los logotipos de los medios de comunicacion en donde ha sido mencionada la empresa. Los formularios deben ser lo mas cortos posibles, asi que solicita los datos justos y necesarios para poder mantener un seguimiento sobre el lead. Ya he comentado el tema de la impaciencia de los visitantes, que no leen,  sino que escanean. Como con todos los aspectos de la estrategia de Inbound Marketing testar es la mejor manera de optimizar y mejorar los resultados. Concretamente yo le atribuyo mucha importancia al diseno, que sea creativo a la vez que se cuiden los detalles.
Also known as the value proposition, this is where you present your core description of what the page is about.
Your USP is a high-level term for a collection of statements that you use to explain what your offering is.
As a direct extension of the headline, where it follows the primary headline in such a way that it’s like finishing a sentence.
To extend the message by applying an additional persuasive message to support the primary one. If people can’t determine the purpose of your page from the main headline (and subhead) you’re doing something wrong. As your landing page comes to a close, you have one final chance to communicate the benefit of your offering. It’s common practice on long landing pages, to repeat your call-to-action in several places. This is where you present test subjects (people) with your landing page for 5 seconds, then hide it from view. You will learn all about how to write effective headlines in part 5 of the course on landing page copywriting. The hero shot is the best photograph or graphical image of your product or service, designed to make it stand out as something worth attaining. Notice how the main headline, supporting headline and hero shot combine together to show exactly what the page is about.
Your hero shot should dominate the page, making it immediately clear what the page is about. People are more likely to understand your product or service if you can demonstrate it in action.
Following the other elements on your page, you should by now have the attention of your visitor.
Your benefit statements should attach directly to the pain felt by people seeking out what you are offering. To support your brief benefit statements you want to extend the bullet point descriptions into a more detailed overview of their purpose and benefit. The important point to remember here is that you need to communicate the benefit of your offering first.
You often want to include imagery here that shows how each feature will look when being used, such as screenshots, where applicable.
To a visitor, this is presented in the form of a Call-To-Action (CTA), which can either be a standalone button on a click-through page, or as part of a lead gen form.
Your CTA is critical to conversions as it’s the target of your pages’ conversion goal – in other words, it’s what you want people to interact with on your landing page. On your landing pages, the call-to-action represents the tipping point between bounce and conversion. Both these elements have direct impact on conversions; however, they play two different roles in the conversion scenario. Button design is a visual cue that helps attract prospects’ attention to the call-to-action. Often, the best way to understand the design of CTAs is to look at examples for inspiration. A simple guiding principle for CTAs is that the copy (text) on your button, should describe exactly what will happen when it’s clicked. There are lots of incentives you can give away to prospects in exchange for their personal data.
A fair exchange for a newsletter registration would be an email address and perhaps a first name.
Always try to balance the “size of the prize” (what you are giving away) with the level of information you are asking a prospect to provide. Your confirmation page is the first thing a new customer or lead sees after they have completed your conversion goal.

For a click-through landing page, the confirmation page is encountered further down the sales funnel, often after the prospect has become a customer by purchasing something from you. The opportunity for more subtle follow-up marketing: keeping people within the sphere of marketing influence if they follow or share on social media. If you completed “Landing Page 101” you should already have a free account to build your pages.
Watch this video to see how to build a landing page from a blank canvas, adding each page element to create a fully designed landing page. Offering up valuable content like eBooks and whitepapers for your prospects is of optimum importance to keep your sales pipeline full, but how you position those offers is really what could make or break all that hard work. Button: How you design a killer call to action button, where you place it, and what it says are all very important to your conversion goal. The hot topic issue in creating successful landing pages usually circles around the form and the fear of that form. Asking for an email address is likely the most used form field, but some offers ask for visitors to pay with a social share on Twitter or Facebook. Try Before You Buy- If visitors know there is a way to ensure the value before paying anything up front, then they will be harder to scare away during the form completion stage. The best way to tie up this post is to learn from other landing page examples out there today.
Creating a landing page that converts isn’t as simple as an image plus a download form. About Us Pinpointe's cloud-based email marketing platform helps business marketers get better results with their permission-based email communications. Highly optimized, these landing pages typically serve as response pages to an advertisement promoting one particular product or service. As part of an online store’s advertising campaign, a typical landing page might contain the announcement of an upcoming special sale, most likely time limited, or for one particular product or a group of products. By closely monitoring the click through rate to the landing page and the conversion rate of the attached funnel you can establish the success of your campaign. How much or how little information is present on a landing page largely depends on the desired goal, the individual product or service, and the intended audience. The creation of a perfect landing page requires a lot of testing; as subtle and sometimes minor changes can have a huge impact on the conversion rate.
Split testing and other testing methods are invaluable tools in the conversion optimization process. For additional features like real-time UPS or FexEx integration, please contact us so we can learn about your requirements and create a custom quote for you! The percentage of those who leave with respect to the number of entire visitors is referred to as the bounce rate. It is an analysis of different segments and the conversion rates of the different segments. Gaille is one of the top business bloggers in the world, and he has founded several multi-million dollar companies.
Si no es el caso, puedes consultar nuestro “Checklist fundamental para crear tu proxima landing page”.
Existen muchos factores que pueden influir y casi en el 100% de los casos deberemos hacer pequenas modificaciones que nos ayuden a mejorar. Por otro lado, es necesario destacar los elementos mas  importantes para que llamen mas la atencion. Los visitantes son impacientes, no quieren esperar y apenas leen el contenido de la pagina. Uno de los elemento mas habituales para generar confianza es el uso de testimonios de clientes. Incorpora en algun lugar de la landing page algun logotipo de garantia que genere confianza en los visitantes.
Aunque parezca mentira, todavia se da mucha credibilidad a una empresa simplemente por haber sido mencionada en los medios de comunicacion tradicionales como TV, radio y prensa escrita.
La mision de una landing page es que los visitantes rellenen el formulario y pasen a convertirse en leads.
Esta es la razon de incluir mensajes cortos y destacados que transmitan los beneficios de la oferta de manera rapida y clara.
Desde el titular principal, el tipo de letra, los colores, la ubicacion de los elementos, el tipo de formulario, y todo aquello que podamos variar debe ser testeado de forma que podamos analizar los diferentes resultados. Today we’re going to take a look at the different landing page elements that go together to build your pages. It’s critical that it very clearly describes what a visitor will get from the page (its goal) and that the message match is strong enough to show the visitor that they are in the right place. An example (for a dishwasher) being “Saves you hours every week by cleaning your dishes for you”.
Ask yourself “What do my potential customers need?”, then write down one sentence solutions to those needs. A good way to approach this is to expand upon the benefits first, and then if needed, add some feature details below.
Then, and only then, do you start to add features – which are typically directed towards those who require more detail in order to make a decision.
It’s purely a label intended to keep you focused on this page element when designing your page.
When you ask someone to do something online, they have to go through your call-to-action in order to do it – regardless of whether you’re asking them to download a PDF, fill out a form, buy a product, or even just click through to another page.
This classic post from Smashing Magazine has a large collection of call-to-action examples. Examples of this would include: “Get my free ebook now”, “Take the 5 minute tour”, “Start my 30-day free trial”.
The important lesson for lead gen is to strike a balance between what you are giving away, and what you are asking for in return.
In this instance, asking for a phone number and the size of your company would create an imbalance that could hurt your conversion rates.
There is a fine line between being too greedy and not asking for enough to satisfy your marketing needs.

For a lead generation landing page your prospect submitted your form turning them into a lead and they are now typically faced with a page that either says “thank you” or provides the link to download content.
Take advantage of post-conversion opportunities to extend your marketing potential and reach.
Today we start from a blank slate and add all of the elements you just learned about until we have a super awesome, fully functioning landing page. If not, you can open a free Unbounce account (60 seconds to sign up – no credit card required). But similar to the Jedi force, some landing pages have the power to convert and some simply don’t. You’ve done your research and designed a beautiful and informative piece of marketing content…now what? Before you even start the format of your landing page, you need to define the goals of your offer.
Showing quotes from others who have already benefitted from your offer is a great way to prove the validity and value that offer can provide.
The shorter the form, the lower the quality of your leads but the likelihood of converting more of them. If the prospect gets to your landing page, likes what they see, and starts filling out the form only to find it difficult and time-consuming, conversion rates can plummet. Creating a sense of urgency, offering a try before you buy option, or providing social proof are all tested and proven ways to improve conversion rates on your landing page. Countdown timers, like the one in the example below, have been known to increase conversions by up to 147%. We also take your privacy very seriously so have added transparent procedures we follow, hoping to develop trust with our readers even more.
A lot more goes into creating a page that will inform, engage, and entice your visitors to act. The creation and optimization of your landing page need to be addressed on a case by case basis. Anadir un mensaje sobre la politica de privacidad en el formulario tambien puede ayudar a dar fiabilidad a la landing page. Por lo tanto, el formulario debe ser perfecto para esta mision y cualquier fallo puede implicar el abandono de la pagina.
Debe ser grande, con un color que resalte sobre el resto de elementos, que parezca un boton clicable (utilizando bordes y sobras) y que el texto refleje exactamente lo que ocurre al pulsarlo (descargar un ebook, suscribirse a una newsletter, enviar una solicitud,etc). Incluir elementos visuales como imagenes o videos es muy util a la hora de expresar un mensaje de forma rapida. Solo de esta manera lograremos ajustar la landing page y lograr aumentar de forma significativa la tasa de conversion.
Often, hearing someone else communicate it will strengthen your own understanding and to help you craft an effective USP. It sits about halfway down your page, and serves to add a mid-experience message that you want to communicate to your visitors. Albeit cheesy, the Slap Chop or Sham Wow infomercials you see on TV do a great job of doing this. The concept being that you are more likely to convert if you see that others before you have, and were glad they did. You’ll often see people checking out reviews on their phone while in an electronics store or when considering a restaurant. It’s often the beginning of the marketing process, where the email address gathered is used to send follow up correspondence to try and convert the new leads into customers. I won’t claim to be Yoda in this scenario, but I do have a few basics-and-beyond principals to share in this post that can help your landing page convert more visitors into leads. Instead of simply taking a screenshot of the front page, think about giving it some dimension, like this example. If your offer has a hashtag, even think about having a live feed of others using that hashtag.
Below the fold, it gets even better with a clear three step process any visitor can follow and appreciate. The basics of a landing page are essential, but we hope this blog will cause you to push the envelope a bit further.
Por lo general, es recomendable utilizar fondos blancos con textos oscuros, de esta manera los ojos del visitante iran directos a leer tu mensaje. Utilizar un buen servidor y utilizar solamente los elementos visuales fundamentales te ayudara con esta tarea. Por lo general, los videos captan mas la atencion de los visitantes, siempre que sean de corta duracion, ya que si se exceden los 2 minutos los usuarios abandonaran la landing page. This proof makes it easier for visitors to trust you and respect the work that you do and the offers you provide.
En muchos casos hemos visto incrementar hasta un 5% la tasa de conversion solo mejorando este aspecto, ?Que supondria un 5% mas de conversion para tu empresa? Pero debemos tener cuidado de no saturar la pagina con imagenes y videos, ya que esto podria afectar a la velocidad de carga. Testar mucho elemento al mismo tiempo es muy caotico y es mas complicado sacar conclusiones. Those prospects who download a longer piece of content are more vested in you and the information you offer. You’ve spent all that time creating the content, why not make your landing page equally as great? Those quality leads will be more apt to give you their contact details plus some and are ultimately further along in the sales cycle.

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