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In this 130-minute video tutorial I will show you different retouching techniques and tricks that will help you transform regular people into eye-popping characters. In this 50 minute VIDEO tutorial, we will start with an unretouched portrait of a girl, a photo anyone can take at home with their camera and transform it into some sort of fantasy character.
With the techniques you’ll master after completing this Photoshop tutorial, you will be able to create many different looks for your portraits, whether you just want a subtle enhancement or you really want to push it and transform your portrait into something that is out of this world!
In this 87-minute video tutorial I will show you how to use the photo of a person and transform him or her into an eye-popping real-life looking Disney character! In this Photoshop tutorial, we will cover many aspects of photo editing which will surely help you make your photos ”pop” and attract attention! In this detailed 3-hour Video Tutorial, I will show you step by step how you can turn an average Joe into a surreal eye-popping character using advanced retouching techniques. This Photoshop tutorial will benefit anyone who wants to take their game to the next level when it comes to creative portrait retouching!
Video games these days are more and more realistic and a lot of attention is put on the esthetics of their 3D characters. In this 2 hour video tutorial we will take this photo of a little girl standing in the woods, transform it into a fairytale-like scene and make her pop out of the photo!
If you are looking to make your photos ‘pop’ more by improving the look of the background and foreground, this tutorial is for you!
In this 55-minute video tutorial we will use advanced color grading techniques to transform a photo that desperately needs more punch into an high impact image that could be used in a magazine ad for example. ALSO, because we dramatically enhances the contrast and details of the photo, this technique becomes perfect for anyone who wants to create stunning Black & White photos.
In this tutorial, we will explore different editing techniques that will allow us to bring out the details in our image, improve contrast and adjust the colors to give us the look you see above. Ipoenk starts off with a photo he took himself and by using advanced color grading techniques and a bit of photomanipulation, he turns a snapshot of rural life into a breathtaking award-winning image.
If you are a professional photographer, you absolutely need to learn the art of photomanipulation as this simple skill will allow you to offer much more than simple photos to your clients, you could offer them, for example, a trip back in time! In this 57-Minute Video Tutorial I take a RAW photo and transform it into something much more interesting by pushing the color grading to the max.
Shooting RAW is so essential in my opinion to really get the most out of your photos, to be able to bring back the details in the shadows and highlights but also to be able to bring back colors that could have been lost if you shot JPEGs. In this MASSIVE 2 hour VIDEO tutorial, we will digitally transform a model into a Supermodel using advanced retouching techniques.
I believe that anyone with basic skills in Photoshop can do this tutorial and once you’ll master this extreme transformation technique, you’ll be able to not only do wild transformations like this one but also more subtle ones that your subject will certainly appreciate and be amazed by!
In this 52-minute video tutorial we will use advanced color grading techniques to create a tone mapping effect without the use of any plugins or 3rd party software, we’ll only be using Photoshop and what comes with it.
This tutorial will be really helpful to anyone who wants to give their photos a professional look with richer colors and higher contrasts. In this 110-minute Video Tutorial, we will be transforming an unretouched photo of two models into a slicker and flashier image that will look like some poster ad used to promote products such as soft drinks or candies!

In this 115-minute Video Tutorial, we will transform this photo taken in Old Montreal and turn it into a night scene where we will focus on accentuating the details, add elements to spice up the image and work on the highlights and shadows to make everything pop more! In this 45-minute video tutorial I will show you how you can get the most out of a RAW photo especially when your subject or the sky couldn’t be properly exposed.
In this 3-hour video tutorial I’ll show you how you can take retouching to the next level by mastering digital painting. Digital painting can really be difficult, it usually requires a digital tablet and if you are not a great painter to begin with, you are looking at a steep learning curve. In this Photoshop tutorial, I used compositing to create a burning city with crumbling buildings that served as a backdrop for my post-apocalyptic scene and then I used photomanipulation to transform regular people into the flesh-eating zombies you see in the foreground! The entire goal of this tutorial was to build the cheapest lightbox possible that would also give you professional results for photos of products you are selling, photos of food for your blog, stock photography, photos for your design business, etc… All the lights used were bought at the dollar store and at my local hardware store for barely any money.
Perhaps the most popular NLE is not the best NLE, but tutorials are something not to overlook. All of them seem to be flattening out in terms of interest, but you can see the top three are Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas Pro. In this Photoshop tutorial, we will enhance the facial features of the man and the woman giving them a funny cartoonish look perfect for our artwork.
We will go through every step I took to get the final result, from working on the skin, color grading, lighting and finishing with the background. We will first use a pretty neat technique to retouch the model, the skin and then we will use photomanipulation methods to transform the girl into someone with pretty wacky proportions which will give us a very cool and surreal result! We will also be working on adding light effects to the image, adding a rim light around our character and then color grading our scene to make it look rather creepy. In this 2 hour+ Video Tutorial, we will transform a portrait of a regular guy into something that look straight out of the latest video game. Starting with a generic picture of a business man, we will layer by layer improve the details, contrasts and colors until we get something that will really get people’s attention! In this tutorial, he will show you step by step how he was able to achieve such a transformation. In a Video Tutorial that last just about 2 hours, I will recreate his fantastic image and will explain to you step by step how Rivo created it.
I start off in the Photoshop RAW photo editor (Camera Raw) and go through my usual workflow to prepare the photo for an extreme transformation in Photoshop. This Photoshop tutorialwill focus on just that where we will start with a generic photo of an old man and then using different techniques we will transform the photo into something much more eye-catching. We will add colors to a very grayish, nearly black and white photo and then we will bring back the details from the shadows resulting in a drastically changed and more pleasing look.
Simply desaturating your photos to create a black & white image will only give you basic results – and who just wants basic results?
11 objects were photographed using different lighting setups and I will demonstrate in details how each were done on video. There are some really good reasons to stick with the most popular NLE out there, the biggest reason is YouTube tutorials, like for that time you knew your NLE could do something but you couldn’t figure it out how.

And of course, if you want something that looks a little more realistic, we can easily tone down the effects while keeping a very original look! If you want to take your photography to another level, this tutorial will show show step by step how to edit your photos like the pros. The knowledge you’ll gain after completing this tutorial will allow you to transform your own photos into magical works of art!
Then I show you all the steps I took and techniques I used to achieve the image you see right above!
This tutorial was actually inspired by the way he edited and transformed that same exact photo. Taking a photo while using an additional fill-light or reflectors helps us retain a lot of details in the shadows and highlights which make it easier in post-production to really push the color grading. In this tutorial, I will show you step-by-step how I turned an old man into an alien creature.
If you want to create awesome B&W photos that will stand out from the rest, this tutorial is for you!
For instance not many of my audience uses Avid, which totally makes sense since I hear that one is for high-end professional that might not be watching my videos. In this case, I choose a background that would give the impression that those two were in an insane asylum! And if you are a graphic designer, the knowledge you will learn in this Photoshop tutorial will further help you to create eye-popping art! In this Photoshop tutorial, you will not only learn about photomanipulation but also different color grading techniques.
I tried to somewhat recreate what he did and this is my version and I’ll show you exactly, step by step, how I did it!
You can however with Photoshop correct that problem, bring out hidden details in the shadows and highlights as well as colors you didn’t think were there. Now you get what you pay for because I will admit I did a terrible job administrating this survey. Aside from being a fun thing to do, photo manipulations are especially usefull for creating ads or high impact images for your blog. Google Moderator was the wrong tool because people could vote on each one up or down, where it should have been just one vote. That said I think we have somewhat accurate results, and I promise to revisit this next year I’ll make sure I do a better job.

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