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Local SEO is a specialist technique that aims at getting your business name and website in front of people that are physically located near it. The first thing you will need to do when launching a website is submit the site to search engines; Google and Bing are the major search engines to focus on. Tip: There are local search engines that can be of more benefit such as Yandex (for Russians), Baidu (for Chinese), and Kvasir (for Norwegians). Before marketing your website through various online channels, make sure that your meta data is accurate and follows the Google Webmaster guidelines. Tip: Search for competitors in your area to see keywords they are using to attract Web traffic. Web host providers will often try and bundle analytics and data packages, but the best, free analytics tool on the Web is Google Analytics.
Tip: Once your account starts collecting Web traffic data, map out goals on your website and begin tracking. If you are moving your business online, a great way to spread the word about your website launch is through social networks.
Tip: Get your family, and friends to become the first to “like” or “follow” your business, and stay away from buying friends from third-parties. Tip: When you create your campaign, make sure you use Ad Extensions that include local information, phone number, and Google + page.
Get listed in local directories and increase the number of trusted inbound links to your website. Within two days of adding a small business to local directories, Web traffic from mobile grew from 0 percent to 18 percent of total traffic, and 30 percent of total traffic was referral. Although claiming business citations is listed at number seven on this list, BrightLocal ran a survey in 2011 that found the top five most important local search ranking factors. This continues to bring home to Google the relevance of your business to a specific area, especially if you’re able to include links to your website (be very careful not to spam social communities, though). If there are local forums in your field, then it’s a great idea to get your business actively participating in them. Tip: Try not to spam the forums or websites with links to your online business as this will only get you banned. The smartphone is the new yellow pages and mobile search, as a percentage of total Web traffic increases each month.
In the footer of your website, make sure you add a link your Google+ Local page along with other social sharing buttons. Tip: Make sure your email address and phone number is listed on each and every page of your footer.
Implementing both tools is relatively straight forward, and your web developer should be able to support you with this.
Tip: When adding your website to Bing Webmaster tools, you will receive $50 in market funds (US only). Research shows that having at least five reviews in Google+ Local is the magic number where the reviews may start to help with rankings. Tip: Link your Facebook page and blog by adding the RSS reader application in Facebook, making sure that your blog posts will show up on your Facebook page each time a new post is published.
Each time you add your website and business information to a local directory, social network, or forum, make sure you be consistent with your business name, address, telephone number, email address, website link, and business description. Tip: Create a file that you can use to copy and paste the information from to make sure all listings are the same.
Small businesses cannot afford to spend a great deal of money for online marketing, but using the marketing techniques above will help lower the cost and support the launch of your local business online.

Envision Media 360 was created to help small businesses achieve their online marketing goals without breaking the bank.
When it comes to digital marketing and SEO for your business, it’s important to look beyond just your website. Local Business Search Optimization: Our Local Search Engine Marketing experts will get your website in front of local consumers searching for your products. Call (805) 966-3339 to speak with an SEO consultant today for an overview on our full-spectrum of proven SEO marketing solutions.  After all, it’s your business and you should focus on managing it, and we’ll take care of the Search Engine Marketing. Local search results have become a critical decision making tool both for businesses and consumers alike.
Social Media MarketingRPM Services can take over your Social Media Marketing and not only make you look like a rock star, but drive traffic to your website and through your door.
BlogWe'll help your brand develop a voice, all while getting the word out about your products, services, and events. Video ProductionWe'll take less than an hour of your time to film a strategic video of you and key aspects of your business.
Direct MailAlthough we're a Digital company, we offer all you need for success in a Marketing Campaign. Onsite signals are carrying so much weight right now, so you need to pay attention on your local optimization. Fortunately, any business can benefit from search engine optimization (SEO), which can make a small investment go a long way, as well as making sure that local buyers find their websites.
Search engines are the modern-day yellow pages, and your potential customers are looking to find you where you and your products and services are located. Furthermore, more than half (57 percent) use Yellow Pages directories with 49 percent using local directories. It takes less than two minutes to sign up and implement the code, and you can start collecting Web traffic data immediately. More people search for businesses online than anywhere else, and adding your website and business information to the Google local business directory can help. Sign up to the business pages of Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Foursquare to promote your business to your friends and network. Google AdWords allows you to select keywords, write for online marketing ads, and attract visitors to your website based on what customers search for. In fact, you can start with $15 per week, giving you a chance to decide on whether bookings increase. Most directories are free and by adding your business, you will see an increase in Web visits from potential customers. By creating a profile and adding value to the forums, this continues to add relevance of your business to Google. By fixing these issues, you will ensure that both search engines have no issues crawling (finding) your website when a local search is made.
However, since the recent Google Places move to Google+ Local, reviewers are required to have a  Google+ account. Blogging not only helps increase awareness of your business, but it also improves your writing. Local listings and SEO have always been important for small business online marketing efforts, but now they’re even more essential.
This is the process of optimizing your website and content to rank higher for local searches. Together we will go over our recommendations, give you a quote with no add-ons or upselling-we keep it simple and straightforward.

Responsive Design, Custom Graphics, Professional Photography, Mobile, and SEO Optimization. Well, if you are interested in doing your local SEO business with more success, we have asked experts from Neueseo about some basic tips and tricks regarding this Internet marketing service. Having a ton of citations won’t be useful and helpful, if your website does not include local signals expected by Google.
Page titles should include your business name and one or two keywords that you want Web visitors to find you with. Data includes number of Web visitors, how long they browse your site, where the visitors are located, and how they arrived at your site. Each time your ad is clicked, you will pay Google (you set the highest amount before your campaign goes live). A benefit of using Google AdWords is that you can be very targeted to where your ads show, whether it be state or town. Local business thrive on mobile searches as conversion rates searching on local terms tend to be higher.
They don’t need to be of a professional quality but they will represent your business, so make sure they are decent. Customer reviews, whether good or bad, make your business more credible to future customers. You will learn more within your field (become an expert!), and it is a great way to acquire new links to your website. If for example you only type in “restaurant”, Google guesses your location based on “restaurants” in your IP address area and displays local “restaurants”. When clients are searching, they are ready to buy, if they don’t find your company they will find your competition and buy from them-it is that simple. We let our clients know that SEO is an ongoing job, not done once, but a task that takes upkeep to maintain your results.
Therefore, it’s important to remember those old-school basics and to apply them on our local SEO campaign. If they are too long, not only will you look desperate, but it will also be truncated when displayed in search results.
The following blog post provides 15(!) low-cost marketing techniques to help drive traffic and sales to your website. This is great data for promoting your business and the most effective channel (and geographic location). When consumers want to find doctors, plumbers, electricians, restaurants, hair salons, or real estate specialists they look in their local area.
We help build your business through local search engine visibility, increasing your website traffic, while building loyal relationships with your clients, enhancing customer retention, and helping your company grow. If your website appears cluttered and loads slow to a searcher, they will most likely move on to your competitor. Let Two Degrees Marketing help you get found with Local search by improving your local SEO. And, when it comes to content, be sure your home page content will present you in a good way; at least potential clients and customers should know what to expect from you.

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