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Turn your photos into stunning 3D flash photo galleries with full of interactivity and fun. The evaluation version can only convert the first 5 minutes of every file, and only half of the file will be processed if a given file is less than 5 minutes.
3D flash banner, web thumbnail gallery and 3D photo gallery, complete with background music and playbackA controls. A perfect way for photographers to present their photos in an interactive 3D flash gallery.
Exporting a creation is as simple as opening your place in Studio, then going to File > Export Place. Whether it’s Blender (which is free) or 3D Studio Max, you can now use your favorite 3D software to add flourishes and effects. What if someone were to say, create a program for something like blender, that re-converted those files back into .rblx files?

I did actually try to import Crossroads to Sonic Generations, but the geometry was invisible at most angles and had the wrong textures at a few angles. Mai gawd, I totally need to do that, with like dominus and voidstar even SPARKLE TIME FEDORA! Please can somebody help me insert my file into blender – I cannot find it in my files!!!
As of now, this seems useless, unless we have a way to re-import models we export and tamper with. I saw a thread in the forums not long ago by a developer hoping to bring back user meshes with the help of an in-studio editor and a moderation system (the same moderation system that helped bring back user sounds and custom animations). The OBJ Exporter exports all level geometry, textures, and materials of any place you create inside Studio. If you want to just export specific aspects of your game, double click the object you want to open it in the Explorer window.

Then in theory, wouldn’t we then be able to import as well after making some changes?
You can then load that file in a variety of 3D software platforms to refine, tweak, and enhance your virtual creation. WhiteClouds is a great place to start, though remember that when you export an OBJ file, it was also create an MTL file, which tells the OBJ which JPG to pull color from. Show us your best and most detailed ROBLOX scene, enhanced by your favorite visual software — you now have complete control.

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