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What we're using to play a game is starting to change, but what fascinates me as a designer, and what isn't being focused on because of all the noise on the new hardware, is the really huge difference that online gaming is now a reality. I'm not saying this because we've just been acquired, but Microsoft has done a fantastic job of making it simple for me to play against my friends. For me, massively multiplayer is a way to make friends, but what I'm interested in is playing with my group of existing friends all around the world. I'll be brutally honest here, it was getting very tough being an independent developer and to live up to your ideals. For me it was the incredibly close relationship that Lionhead and Microsoft had when we developed Fable. What is starting to happen, and I'm a real evangelist for this, is that computer gaming is a unique form of entertainment the world has never seen before.
That's what Will Wright's talking about with Spore, it's what we've tried to talk about with The Movies, and there's going to be a lot more experimentation with this. If you were to ask someone with one of those huge movie cameras back in 1910 whether they would change the world, they could have never imaged that every home in the Western world would have a television set. You have to as a designer accept the fact that the clarity of the message you're trying to get out is all part of the design process.
Was the problem that the studio wanted to make a movie-making title but that it needed to offer a game component to make it palatable to today's market? I can't concentrate on any features because I want those to be a surprise when we unveil them. I think it is a fantastic idea to bring the gaming industry into the homes of people, giving them something to relate to. Comments that are offensive, defamatory, unsuitable or that breach other aspects of the terms will be deleted.
Video game information, credits, reviews, box covers, screenshots and more for 168 video game platforms from 1971 to date! Despite what you moaning journalists say, there is little pockets of innovation out there which I really find fascinating. Its no longer just on the PC, its no longer a technie-thing that people struggle to do, its now on every console and even handheld as well, and its going to radically change what we play, the way we play and who we play with.
For me, the emotional moment came when I turned on my 360 and I saw what my friends were doing and what they were playing. This was the reason I started Lionhead in the first place, to have the freedom to create games and to innovate.
You can see out there on the show floor different controllers, different ways of connecting up your consoles, there's a lot of things up for grabs.
It's connecting people together, and something that we definitely wanted to do with Fable, let people be themselves, not someone else's hero. Walking to the show and seeing a huge Gears of War poster, I turned to my friend and told him that we have to realise that what we are creating is a cultural phenomenon.

No, I don't think it is because I really truly believe that us as a games industry is still failing to live up to its real potential. The real reason people play games as you said is to escape the reality they are in and get as close to experiencing the thrill of leading an army into battle or fighting an arch enemy.
If we approach it that you've already got a group of friends there's some very interesting things you can do online and really fascinating things you can do with episodic content and making worlds customisable. It is tough because its far more than just the money necessary to make a game, its much more about this huge massive effort to create anything, especially something that's unique and original. You can see it with public statements that companies like Electronic Arts are making that the normal licensed route, maybe there has to be something else other than that. There are people in Poland and Czechoslovakia and Paraguay and outer Bolivia that are actually checking the Internet at this very moment and waiting for every word that we say and every piece of entertainment that we make. Its real potential is not a few million playing a game, its entertaining and enabling people in a way that they've never been enabled before and that being tens if not hundreds of millions of people. I think it is also good to look into co-op options as many people love to share these experiences, and we as people in most cases enjoy being sociable, why else would we play online with millions of other people, almost all of witch have the options for i??friendsi??. I hope this website will help you develop a love for the brain and behavioral sciences, just like Star Trek did for me. There's some real shifts in design, interfaces are going off, games are becoming much more cinematic. In crude terms, it meant that I as a gamer don't want to just play my game in my world anymore, I want to play in friends games and friends worlds.
The idea of having worlds that are partly generated by us designers and influenced by the communities that play on them.
What I was finding was that the challenge of surviving as an independent developer was starting to influence the way we made games.
If you want to be an independent developer and work on licensed IP or work on conversions or do work for hire, you can make money out of it and be reasonably successful. They have to innovate because there are new ways of playing games, new resolutions, new quality, new connectibility. Pretty much everyone I've spoken to really enjoyed it, but the lesson I learned is to make sure you've got your message right. I think what people like Jason are bringing to the gaming industry and plan to bring to the game industry is fantastic, and I can only wait in anticipation for the next release.
So why have books and comics successfully made the leap into cinema while games remain so stunted? I saw the Wii and I'd love to try that, it seems like the kind of perfect device for my fiance to play with.
Creating our own original stuff is what Microsoft is trying to do, and I think they're doing a good job.
It shows the small glimpse that something is starting to work, where it is a personal piece of entertainment to you and your friends.

Does any one know how to go about getting a job as a game worker, I would like to get into the industry but I doni??t know where to start.
The independent developers that do struggle are the ones that want to create their original IP and in that sense I agree with you that it is a very challenging time.
I want you to have this enormous sense of wonder and think "Wow, this is incredible", but I want you to feel emotions that you haven't often felt playing games. Various characters, each defined by their costumes and catchphrases, meet in an alternate dimension to fight to the death in a mystical tournament. In his own weird way, Anderson was paying tribute to the game that he loved so much by making a moronic movie. These games don't even pretend to have stories and their appeal is never derived from storytelling, so doing a remotely faithful version adaptation of them just means you get a lousy movie. Although the series' twisted and complicated stories are definitely a little silly, the presentation of the games are as cinematic as you get. The player must wander through a smoky husk of a town, dodging and fighting nightmarish monsters.
Weapons are scarce, so the game demands that you flee when you can and save your precious bullets.
The real horror, the real meat, of the Silent Hill games take place between the story-driven cutscenes.
When you're making decisions in the moment, you are the author of the drama that is unfolding. Once you have been removed from making decisions, from interacting with this world, the standard tropes take over. Even if you were engaging in typical horror movie behavior while playing the game, at least you were making the choice to do so. The real reason the vast majority of video game movies stink is that the writers, directors and producers involved don't want to take the time and energy to figure out how to transform the inherent joys of a particular game into an agreeable and cinematic form. All they care about is getting a movie in theaters that shares a title with a popular game. The artists and directors who play games, who grew up with them and can rattle off the Konami code at a moment's notice, are now directing movies. The people who didn't get video games will move on and the people who can do them justice will become the biggest names in Hollywood. It took Hollywood decades to start getting superhero movies right and look where those are now. The video game movie revolution will begin soon and it will be carried out by the same people who have been so disappointed by the past twenty years of game adaptations.

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