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As you're probably aware, Google is preparing to launch an algorithm change that includes a signal telling Google sites that are mobile-friendly should get a rankings boost.
For one, if it were not important, Google probably wouldn't have taken the time to pre-announce it on multiple occasions. So you have less than two months to make sure your site is ready to go before the update starts to roll out. If your URL is not deemed mobile-friendly, Google will tell you specific reasons, as well as info about how Googlebot sees it, and resources to help you fix issues.
To make sure a custom theme is mobile-friendly, view the theme from the admin panel of your CMS and look for words like "mobile" or "responsive" in the documentation, and if there's a demo template available, put the URL into Google's mobile-friendly test tool. To get into the technical details of making a site mobile-friendly, you're going to want to take a look at the documentation on Google's Web Fundamentals site. The Web Starter Kit section is broken into three parts: Set Up Web Starter Kit, Development Phases, and How to Use the Style Guide. Of course even though these documents are long, you're probably still going to want to read them. The "Choose your mobile configuration" section deals with understanding different devices and key points in going mobile, selecting mobile configuration, and answers frequently asked questions.
The "common mistakes" part talks about blocking JavaScript, CSS and image files, unplayable content, faulty redirects, mobile-only 404s, app download interstitials, irrelevant cross-links, and slow mobile pages. This whole mobile SEO guide is far too extensive to get into here, but you do need to know about it, and you're going to want to go through it and make sure you're not overlooking anything. Google has additional resources available with its Mobile Playbook, Think with Google for the Mobile Platform, and its Multi-Screen Success Stories. Having a mobile-friendly website is now more important than ever with the dominance of smartphones.
The following are some basic ways for self-hosted WordPress users to improve their website’s mobile-friendliness. A responsive theme is designed to adjust the site’s layout to the width of the browser. While these plugins are useful, users of the WP Super Cache plugin will want to prevent plugin conflicts.
Speaking of administration, it’s possible to administer a WordPress account through a mobile device. I chose a responsive theme the last time I re-branded my blog but I understand not wanting to go through all of the work to switch everything to a new theme.
You know, Google AdSense have made a lot of bloggers be their own boss and still helping bloggers make the most out of their platforms.

Taking advantage on situations like this is just the best option… and the Google AdSense team has come up with a way that can help you earn flawlessly with your mobile site. Google AdSense recently introduced Page-Level ads to help bloggers make more money by showing their mobile visitors a whole new ad format. I would have advice you to place the code directly to your theme, but you might end up destroying your blog.
This ad format has helped increase my mobile earning and I am sure that anybody who have enable this on their blog will testify to this.
Looks like I have said so much about so much on this post, now it’s time to pass the keyboard to your guys. Programmatic is like that difficult teenager that’s finally grown up and matured into a fine adult. Spam referrers are most common issue and almost all google analytics account users suffering. Have you been trying out ways on how to increase Google AdSense earning but always seems fruitless? Here we have an interesting inforgraphic sharing 5 simple steps to increase online influence. This will remain just one of many signals Google takes into account when ranking content, but it's going to be an important one. It probably also wouldn't be sending webmasters messages about their sites when they're not mobile friendly.
As more people use mobile devices to access the internet, our algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns," Google says.
Reasons a page isn't mobile friendly might include things like: "content wider than screen," "uses incompatible plugins," "links too close together," "text too small to read," "mobile viewport not set," etc.
Google provides a dedicated guide for each one of these platforms for making your site mobile-friendly. Google also suggests making sure the template is fast by checking the Speed section of PageSpeed Insights and making sure the Speed section has no issues marked as "should fix". Here, you'll find options for your first multi-device site and starting your site with the Web Starter kit. The "Signal your configuration to search engine" section talks about responsive web design, dynamic serving, and separate URLs.
That last part talks about configuring for tablets and feature phones (when Google says mobile, it's referring to smartphones). This is the case if you have skills required to implement the steps from Google's guides discussed above or if you are able to use a responsive theme.

It's good for your site visitors, and could mean the difference in getting a conversion or not. The easiest way is to install the iOS or Android WordPress app, which provide a mobile-friendly interface. I just bought a theme that is mobile friendly, but before that I was so worried about how to make my site mobile friendly so that Google wouldn’t start passing me up.
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Believe it or not, mobile users surfing the internet is way higher than users surfing the web using their PC.
If you are using Google AdSense to make money online like I do, then activating yours might just be the best ideas. This minimal, uncluttered theme is the perfect platform to create a beautiful yet powerful online presence for any individual, product or brand. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we'll receive an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you.
Even forgetting Google's own messaging, it's just common sense that this is an important signal. While Google elaborates here, it recommends asking to see your developer's references and portfolio of mobile sites, making sure they understand your mobile customer, asking them to make a commitment to speed, having them install web analytics, making sure they're aware of Google's Webmaster Guidelines, and making sure the contract includes improving the mobile site after the initial launch.
Things can get more expensive if you have to hire the developer, so some sites are going to have to make a big choice. The search visibility will also help in that area, and it's also likely that it will end up helping you in other search engines besides Google. Mobile-friendly sites not only make usability on mobile devices easier, but it’s also a courteous gesture to your visitors. Many, many people spend the majority of their Internet time on their mobile devices, and many others still spend some of it that way. They say it will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide, and have "a significant impact" in search results. If you have a basic template that's used for the majority of your site's content, that will probably help a great deal, but use it to test as much of your site as is realistic. If your site isn't mobile-friendly, you're doing yourself and your potential customers a disservice, regardless of how Google is ranking your content.

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