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Your online repository for free printable templates, stationery, tickets, recipe cards, and more DIY printable goodies to download for free and print at home.
A set of free vintage coffee stained personalized printable coupons, perfect for Mother\'s Day and birthdays. Photovisi is a cool online collage maker to make collages, in a few seconds, from photos on your computer or those shot using the webcam! Photovisi has an intuitive interface and even a computer novice may use it to create beautiful collages with his photo collection. You could also use Hockeyizer to make a collage or use Picasa, a brilliant free collage maker! With less than a week to go before Halloween, this is the final weekend for many to carve their pumpkins into impressive Jack-o-Lanterns. The big three search engines of Google, Yahoo and Bing are of course a great resource for pumpkin carving templates and patterns that can be found online.
The online pumpkin templates are available in a wide variety of styles with everything from traditional pumpkin faces, to pumpkins that are funny, or a template or pattern for a really spooky jack-o-lantern. Be sure to cut open the top and scoop out all of the pumpkin seeds and pulp before you carve it into a jack-o-lantern.
AllThingsChristmas offers its collection of free, beautiful Victorian Christmas cards in pdf format for you to print from your computer, as well as free Internet Greeting Cards you may send via email. For more printing projects, visit our Christmas Printable page which features Victorian Gift Tags & Lists, our Printable Coloring Pages, and our North Pole Gift Tags.
The tradition of sending Christmas cards begun in 1843 – about the same time as the first Christmas seal was published. Today, Christmas cards come in all shapes and sizes — from small and simple to big and colorful.
Since the Internet became widespread in the middle of the 90’s, sending electronic Christmas cards became the trend.

Many homepages offer easy-to-use digital cards which simple require the user to write an email address, a traditional Christmas greeting wishing for many nice Christmas presents, and finish by clicking “send”.
In 2004, the German post office gave away 20 million scented stickers for free to make Christmas cards smell like a fir Christmas tree, cinnamon, gingerbread, or a honey-wax candle. An average household in America will mail out 28 Christmas cards each year and see 28 cards arrive in their place.
Print them by the tonnes to save yourself from missed birthday guilt trips (carry blanks in your wallet, make an excuse to go to the toilet, and pop back with one magically filled out free dinner card).
What is good about Photovisi is the choice of templates that it has in store.There is a variety of beautiful templates and you can choose any one of them for your photo collage. You can even forward it to an email address.Check out a few great photo collages made with this free online picture collage maker. We design and implement custom wall murals for customers, sometimes they want to use family collages and we re-create them as wallpaper for front rooms kitchens or bedrooms.
As such, the internet is ablaze with people searching for free online pumpkin carving templates, stencils, and patterns – as well as tips on the “how-to” of pumpkin carving. Also, the internet is a great online resource for the best tools to carve your pumpkin into a great looking jack-o-lantern, and a great place to find the best pumpkin carving designs and ideas online. Once you have found and downloaded the perfect patterns or stencils, size the template to fit your pumpkins and then print it out. There are some great online pumpkin seed recipes which show you how to prepare and bake the pumpkins seeds for a delicious and very nutritious snack.
These lovely Santas look beautiful when printed on 8? x 11 inch cream or white cardstock from your color printer; after printing, just cut in half and fold!
The first Christmas card was produced in England, and the idea was well-received, because the following year, more than 25,000 Christmas cards were sold. The big American producer of Christmas cards, Hallmark, employs a whole army of Christmas card designers who produce new Christmas cards every season.

The card arrives in the receiver’s inbox, and the old Christmas greeting tradition is carried on albeit in a modern way.
Friends and family, far away fighting, received cards with patriotic messages and symbols, like Uncle Sam.
The most famous of these enterprises is probably the UNICEF Christmas card program, launched in 1949. Cut out the template and either trace the outline lightly on your pumpkin with a pencil, or tape the stencil and follow its pattern as you cut. However, the first Christmas card provoked controversy in certain circles in England, because the Christmas card pictured a company of people touching glasses and saying “Merry Christmas”.
The most popular cards are the old fashioned and nostalgic ones with sledges and pixies, and a big, chubby Santa Clause in a red and white coat. Putting them together simulates the look of a Christmas tree, especially if you add a small star sticker or cut-out on the top. Cut out Christmas motifs from magazines, preferably colorful ones, and glue them together on a piece of paper (e.g.
Putting alcohol and holy Christmas in one picture did not please the English citizens then.
If a new window doesn’t open after clicking the picture, you will need Adobe Reader which you may download free from the Adobe Website.

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