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We want you to design the character from top to bottom, integrate a class into your design, be creative and have FUN WITH IT ~ !
ANYWAY, we're giving you til SEPTEMBER 1ST to create, design, color, and scan or upload your own personal SAO character avatar into this thread~ ! You can draw any gender character you want, because in an online game, or even real life, does that really matter ? Are video game developers even allowed to make an RPG without a character creation system anymore? Summary about self: shy, timid, not very social and can sing, but can't play any instrument. Summary about self: Hi, I'm Clara, preferably Cerci after my dead guinea pig (boy, I miss him). This is the character that you will LIVE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AS IN THE WORLD OF SWORD ART ONLINE, SLAVING AWAY IN THE LEVELS OF AINCRAD. Amazing detail and an almost villainous glare, most of our CR Ambassadors voted for this entry ~ !

This really took the instructions to the next level, as she included lots of detailed sketches ~ !
You know, sometimes I don’t have a problem with playing as a fully fleshed-out protagonist that character artists create with a vision in mind. This is Captain Amu, saying, you can all now officially make your very own Shugo Chara character!
Not many people talk to me, so currently my best friend is my book, my skates, and my music, and of course LEELEE! Monolith Soft., though, is letting you do its work by allowing players to design their own custom protagonist. I sound like im Amu!!But im nothing like,sort of.I dont trust people to much,they always seem to hurt me.
A new video shows off the character customization tool, and the results are actually kind of creepy. My Character Change phrase is, "Glow, Sparkle, Shine!" I'm very sporty and I love music and literature, mostly guitar, piano, violin, reading, and writing.

I was raised in a time when anime was still a mystery to Americans, so anime eyes really stuck out whenever they popped up on TV or in a magazine.
The results aren’t all horrible, and I bet I can make something I can stand looking at for hours on end. Xenoblade Chronicles X and its character creation have a real Phantasy Star Online feeling to them, meaning I approve with three thumbs up. I still think I prefer FemShep and the incoming Dragon Ball Xenoverse character customizer though. Xenoblade Chronicles X will launch exclusively for the Wii U this year, but no exact date has been set yet.

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