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Use these free, printable calendar templates and you can make your own calendars for this year many others. Most people are aware you can make your own calendar using software on computer… You simply put in the year want and creates it for you. Make your own customized photo calendar with personalized dates, events and photos at MyPublisher. Change the layout, add your own design elements and backgrounds - you are free to a Calendar that is personal you! Custom Calendar Maker allows you to make printable calendars that can be customized with your own photos and special dates. Create photo calendars online calendar creator software, Create custom photo calendars online offline.

This tutorial shows you how to make your own custom calendar and save it to a pdf file using Custom Calendar Maker you can download the software here for free. Once you run Custom Calendar Maker you are asked to either create a blank document or pick a calendar template. If the calendar page you are working on has multiple months on it, just repeat this step for each one.
You can now customize the calendar to make it look differently, you can add any number of months to the page and also photos, text, and your own calendar events to remember special dates.
You can also change colors, text fonts, borders, size and position of any month, picture or text in your calendar. Try Custom Calendar Maker for free and make your own calendar into pdf for printing and sharing.

More options are available in the Advanced Customizer for greater choices customizing calendar. 2015 printable calendar page – template haven, The 2015 printable calendar one page template is the perfect planning tool. To do so you just have to move the mouse over your calendar document and click on any given month which you want its date to be changed, two buttons will show up to move the month’s date backward and forward. You can add 2014 holidays of any country and the week number to your calendar while generating it.

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