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Kim Grundy is a mom, writer, expert laundry folder and sandwich maker, not necessarily in that order. Create your movie tickets by cutting them out of construction paper or card stock using serrated scissors for a fun edge. Perforated business cards are another great way to make movie tickets because they are the perfect size and the perforation makes them easy to detach and use. Make movie night extra fun by having guests or family members redeem their ticket by getting it punched with a hole punch or stamped with a colorful stamp. Take pictures of each member of your family and print them out on card stock using a colored printer. Another fun idea is to customize your movie tickets by cutting them into fun shapes that go along with the movie. After several years' faithful service in supporting roles, Jack Carson was awarded his first Warner Bros. Facebook Timeline changes how you present your life-story on the Web; some treat it like an online diary while others can create a simple yet beautiful collage of real-life stories. What if you can change the experience, make your Timeline move on its own or better yet, turn it into a movie? Preparing your Timeline movie is easy, and even after the movie is completed, you can change the background music as well as the photos that appear in the movie. Right after you have logged in with Facebook and allowed the access to your Timeline, the Timeline Movie Maker will process and prepare your movies.
The storyboard used for every video made in Timeline Movie Maker is the same: every video will have the same length, structure and timeframe from the start to the end. An Exclusive Limited Edition "Slime Pack" Will Be Available at All Walmart Stores in the US on March 12th, 2013. We made more slime for all the kids to play with with a few simple ingredients -- Elmer's Glue, Borax, water and food coloring (optional for colored slime).Once you have all these ingredients, there are only a couple of steps, and then you will have slime the kids will go crazy for.
August 1, 2015 admin 1 Comment In an attempt to get a break from their strict schedule on the farm, Shaun the Sheep and his flock orchestrate a carefully laid plan to lull the farmer to sleep so they can put their feet up for the day. Just when you thought summer movie season was over, Shaun the Sheep delivers the ultimate summer family film. They actually liked it so much that they wanted to see it again, but since that wasn’t possible, I decided to do one better – a Shaun the Sheep craft! Step 3 – Using a foam or paint brush, coat the outside of the toilet paper tube with school glue and then cover in cotton balls.

Step 5 – Cover the ends of the toilet paper roll with cotton balls (this will require a good bit of glue) and then hot glue the face on to one of the ends.
Once you’ve made your own Shaun the Sheep, share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!
Not only is this a fun family activity, but homemade movie tickets are a great keepsake item.
You can also search online for other printable movie ticket templates to invite friends and family over for movie night.
For instance, for a Twilight movie night, you could print them on red paper and sprinkle with glitter so they look like Edward's "sparkling" face. Type out the date, time and place on a separate piece of paper, then cut it out and glue it to your movie ticket.
For instance, if you are watching How to Train Your Dragon, cut the tickets into a dragon on green construction paper, and use gems for the eyes and along the back of the dragon. Cut one long rectangle out of construction paper to make the waist of the karate belt and two shorter pieces to make the ties.
Write one word on the back of the ticket that you know will be used frequently in the movie (for instance, the word Hogwarts for Harry Potter), and have your kids count how many times that word is used in the movie. But Timeline still uses the classic web view — you still have to do plenty of scrolling to see the rest of the story. Add a little background music for that extra feel and experience, and let the story of your life roll out frame by frame. In other words, you will see a similarity of the movie presentation between yours and others.
This kit contains everything you need to get started - all you need is a digital camera, a computer and some imagination! From easy printable options to customized tickets, check out our DIY ideas for making your own movie night tickets.
Decorate the ticket with movie-themed stickers, then punch a hole with a hole punch and add some decorative ribbon for a little embellishment. On the ticket, include the name of the movie, time, date and address of your house or location where you will be showing the movie.
Add their name to the movie ticket using markers or rubber stamps, then decorate it with craft supplies (stickers, gems, ribbons) and write the name, date and location of the movie.
Glue the ties onto the waist piece, then cut out a circle to form the knot of the karate belt.

Carson's costar is the pert Jane Wyman, with whom he'd previously been felicitously teamed in Princess O'Rourke. Nevertheless, it is still very exciting to see a movie made out of your own real-life story. Includes a 64-page book, Clay Animation DVD containing software that will allow you to convert still digital photographs into an animated movie, a backdrop for your movie's background, and a clay modelling starter kit. Get your kids involved by taking them with you to the craft store to help you pick out items for the movie tickets. Flash cards also work well for making movie tickets, and they are usually available in a variety of fun colors. Glue the knot piece on top of the ties, then use a marker to write the name of the movie onto the movie ticket. The nonsensical story is set in motion by wealthy industrialist Walter Whirtle (Alan Hale), who believes himself to be the target of a Nazi spy ring. Other ticket shape ideas include cars, trains, animals, food or even a magic wand for Harry Potter fans. To keep Jerry working, Walter sends the threatening letters to himself and hires actors to play the spies.
Whirtle hires private detective Jerry Curtis (Carson) to protect him-intending to get full "value for money" by having Curtis double as the family butler. It soon becomes apparent that Susan cannot cook and Jerry could not find a spy if he tripped over him. Coming along for the ride is Jerry's girlfriend Susan Courtney (Jane Wyman), who agrees to pose as Whirtle's maid. The problem is that Jerry and Susan are assumed to be a married couple, leading to all sorts of risque complications. Meanwhile, Whirtle's scatterbrained wife Vivian (Irene Manning) allows herself to be swept off her feet by obnoxious house guest Boris Murphy (George Tobias).
After several slaptick setpieces, the plot rushes to a conclusion when the Whirtle household is invaded by those pesky Nazi spies (remember?) The film's level of humor can be ascertained by the fact that the comedy highlight occurs when practically everybody in the cast is bound and gagged.
Relentlessly silly, Make Your Own Bed nonetheless served its purpose in establishing Jack Carson as a bankable leading man.

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