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Great kids birthday parties take a bit of planning and on this page you will find everything you need for a fantastic Disney Cars birthday party, from invitations to party favors and everything in between. Kids love the Disney Cars movies, especially the Cars characters including Lightning McQueen and Mater. Imagine the delight when your young guests receive their "super cool" Disney Cars birthday party invitations and find out they are going to race like Lightning McQueen!
Find your child's favorite Cars character picture online (like picture above) and print on white card-stock paper, cut and turn it into your Disney Cars birthday party invitation.
Want to make the Cars VIP PASS invitation above? Click here to download Cars invitation template. How about a License Plate Invitation?Make these right on your computer using "license plate" font.
The possibilities are endless!Have fun creating a unique and personalized invitation for your child's special day! It's easy to make your own invitation envelopes for your Disney Cars birthday party like the one above. Purchase ready-made invitations for your Disney Cars birthday party at your local party store. If you want more personalized birthday invitations for your Disney Cars birthday party and don't have the time to do them yourself, there are many online companies that make custom invitations.
If you are looking for something different, something unique, below are 4 creative ideas for "extra cool" invitations for your Disney Cars birthday party.
This Disney Lightning McQueen car and Disney Tow Mater truck are actually 3D free printable crafts from Disney, which you can turn into invitations. Note: The bottom of the Lightning McQueen car has a space that you can either insert an invitation or use as a party favor by filling it with treats. Here are some "theme related" words and phrases to help you write your Disney Cars birthday party invitations. Great kids birthday parties don't have to be expensive but they do need an element of "cool".
Write in your State in the top rectangle and either put the child's picture (maybe from the school yearbook) or a Disney Cars image. Kids word searches are a fun activity for children, especially if the word search is a party themed word search.

Want to have this cool ready-to-go board game at your next Disney Cars Birthday party?Kids love to play board games, especially when they are easy and familiar.
This cool printable board game can be colored online or printed in black and white and then colored by the children. Look at this beautiful table setting for a Disney Cars 2 birthday party done by Treasures and Tiaras. If you look at the photos of the Disney Cars birthday party shown above, you'll notice that a Lightning McQueen party pinata was actually used as the table centerpiece.
You'll be able to spot a good number of ways to cut costs while still carrying your Cars theme out loud and strong.
The Lightning McQueen car sitting on the plate in the picture above is the Disney Cars paper craft we showed you above in "unique Disney Cars Invitations" and it can double as a party favor by putting treats inside. If your feeling crafty, these colored hubcap flowers below would definitely brighten any child's birthday party and go perfectly with a Cars theme.
Remember to coordinate with solid colored items for that professional look while keeing cost down (see above picture).
Watch this video where she uses 1 sheet of cake to make the car, then puts buttercream icing, then the fondant icing on top. Think about the kind of party you want to have (sit-down, buffet, kids meal pre-made boxes) and the ages of your guests. Race Car Sandwiches - These sandwiches are perfect for a Disney Cars party theme and easy to make. Race Car Family Sandwiches It's amazing how putting some buns and hot dogs together in just the right way will equal race car family sandwiches. Traffic Light Sandwiches - Everyone will be making a pit stop at your food table with these cool sandwiches.
Lightning McQueen Cupcakes - These cute cars cupcakes are easy to make, using M & M's for the tires and headlights.
Disney Cars Cupcakes - Buy or make these red-icing cupcakes, place cars cupcake toppers and sprinkle with confetti sprinkles. Open a word processing program such as MS Word (open office is a great free alternative) and insert the image 3 times. When a birthday party rolls around I add a little message to the back and we're good to go.

Want to make your own?  This simple template will help you get those diagonal cuts at the right angle. 25 quiet book patterns that are sure to keep your children's brains active and their hands happy. And the beauty is that YOU can create it yourself.There are many software programs where you can make this invitation, including "Pages", if you have a Mac computer. This is a great project to do with your child and gives them an opportunity to be involved in the planning (not to mention what it does for their self-esteem). You can easily tell that it is a Disney Cars party theme but did you notice how a lot of the decorations and paper goods including the plates, cups, tablecloths, table runner, balloons, bunting, party favor boxes and chair decorations are generic solid colors? Solid color supplies are less expensive (and found at dollar stores) than the themed supplies and with the right combination you can make a beautiful and fun table setting.
There are SO many different and creative ways to decorate with a Disney Cars themed party, that it's wise to plan ahead before you begin buying party supplies. No one deserves a homemade gift certificate more than your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. You could make gift certificates for a lesson in something they've wanted to learn from you. Pic Monkey is a new website where you can create just about anything (with ZERO experience) and it's what I used to make the invitation above. Upload any picture and play around with it for a little while and you will get the hang of it. Once downloaded, you can customize the fonts by changing the size, color, boldness and direction. Make about 10 hubcaps or so and you can use them as a backdrop for your cake table or around the party area.

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