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We at Anregen, aspire to work closely with developing companies in the Pharmerging regions and help them with enhanced  knowledge and innovation to enhance their capability. Innotech: A program that will promote commercialization of research based projects through co-development or in-licensing. Before you even consider undertaking marketing activities such as advertising, the publication of press releases, SEO and online marketing, you should focus on market research. As with any piece of research it requires several elements, from designing the study, to collecting, analysing and interpreting the data. If you haven’t undertaken market research before, it can be difficult to know where to start.
Making yourself aware of your competitors and their strengths and weaknesses can allow you to find a niche market to cater to. Once you’ve completed your market research, this can give you the insight you need to begin with any SEO company and marketing campaigns. The following shows a typical example of how we’d go about approaching market research. Market Research is essential for companies to determine their target customers’ wants and needs.
With people showing greater interest and demand in marketing efforts from new companies whether be it online or offline, marketing leaders are now more pressured to have a better understanding of their potential market, customers, and competitors.
Outsourced Market Research professionals have up-to-date knowledge of tools for research and analysis. When a Market Research department is outsourced, it can effectively minimize costs while maximizing value. Having an outsourced Market Research group will open up the research to a higher volume of customers for a more accurate data. Partnering with a trusted Market Research outsourcing company will assure a quick turnaround of reports. Companies that outsource Market Research should see to it that they partner with an outsourcing company that can help them find, hire, and train capable experts in the field. Having accurate research is crucial in devising various marketing and advertising materials for your target market, while taking into account their needs as well as the advantage of your competitors.
Al, having almost a decade of experience in the outsourcing industry, brings to the company an expertise in handling and implementing strategies for corporate and resource development.
Many of us have sighed at The Apprentice contestants disregarding the opinions of their hastily put together market research groups and losing the task in the boardroom as a result.
Is your chosen price point giving you the optimum balance between profit and size of customer base?
Are you sure that any future developments you have planned for your business are going to be popular with your customers?

Have you already developed a strong brand and worked out how to consistently get your brand identity out there? If you haven’t yet decided on the direction your brand and visual identity will take, how do you decide which road to go down? The competitive arena is much larger than it used to be – it’s not just local businesses any more. If the answer to any of these questions is “No”, then it’s time to get out there, talk to your customers and potential customers, and do some market research!
Alice Broomhall is a freelance market research consultant specialising in helping start-ups and small businesses understand their customers and develop their services. It is said that a ruthless combination of Innovation, Knowledge and a smarter way of working will be the future hallmarks that will drive such organizations to the next higher levels. Without an understanding of your market, any attempts to sell your product or service will rely entirely on luck – research will give you the business insight you need to get the most out of your marketing efforts.
Try undertaking a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis, as it is a great place to start developing an understanding of the business environment in which your company operates. Ensuring that your offerings are different to (and better than!) others on the market gives you a huge competitive advantage. Having analysed the market, you should now have a better idea as to what consumers are looking for, and how best to cater to this.
This also helps businesses find out how customers behave according to their marketing efforts. As a result, outsourcing Market Research is being considered by companies because of the many benefits that it offers. According to Forbes marketing blogger, Roger Dooley, outsourcing market research services to a third-party eliminates the risk of jeopardizing the integrity of the investigative process. Market Research involves a lot of advanced technology for faster and extensive data acquisition, that’s why outsourcing it will be a positive way to meet your company’s standard in efficiency.
Plenty of opportunities will arise from having more people working for you for a lower cost than hiring them yourself. With a dedicated Market Research team by outsourcing, this will bring in innovation and help for you to stay ahead of the competition. With your company’s Market Research efforts out of your hands, you will have more time to focus on your existing clients or find more of them. Your in-house marketing department will be able to dedicate their full time on studying and creating strategies for the company. We can help you come up with comprehensive strategies through our extensive research services, which are carefully tailored for your immediate business concerns. Al started his participation in the industry as a Customer Support agent for international BPO company in 2003 and continued to stay in the field of outsourcing, learning its ins and outs.

And with busy lives to lead, it is easy to get frustrated with being phoned or stopped in the street to answer market research questionnaires promising “this will only take five minutes”. This month’s guest blogger – small business market research consultant, Alice Broomhall, gives us the low down.
How satisfied are they with your product or service, and what improvements would they like to see? It doesn’t have to be expensive or particularly time consuming, but it can help make the difference between a good business idea and a great business. Next week we will be sharing top tips on cost-effective market research options that you can carry out yourself.
Before going solo she spent twelve years working for large, international market research agencies, covering everything from helping banks to develop new business banking services, to testing car insurance advertisements, to evaluating how parents choose toys for their children. This means that your research should provide clarification of variables such as market size, market trends, pricing and demand.
Consider which political, economic, ecological, social, legal and technological factors should influence your decision making at each level of the business. Because Market Research requires very specific data, which focuses more on the target market of a business, companies tend to outsource the service more. Market Research is usually done more frequently by established companies, and it can be very time-consuming and expensive. Al’s extensive experience has a major contribution in paving the way for Infinit-O to offer Research services to its clients. From research design to implementation, to research and management, to processing and reporting, our advanced approach helps companies and business owners to make intelligent business decisions and achieve success in their own fields. She loves being out in the park with her two daughters and in her spare time likes to buy, and renovate, properties. Al was awarded a Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Scholarship, which is one of the prestigious scholarships in the Philippines, upon entering the University of the Philippines.
Outsourcing your Data and Market Research requirements to Infinit Datum will allow you to focus on other essential aspects of your company's growth, and rest assured that your Data and Research requirements are being managed efficiently and securely.
Infinit Datum is made of highly qualified professionals, market research experts and data analysts with years of experience up their sleeves. For more information about our market research and data analysis outsourcing services, call us at (866) 727-2504 x410 or inquire through our contact form.

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