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If there’s one consistent misunderstanding that I encounter in business, it’s that people don’t differentiate between marketing and sales within an organization. There are many functions in these operations that these basic definitions seem to gloss over, but I feel these capture the over-arching goals of the two roles within the company. Now that we have some basic definitions in place, let’s discuss the distinct roles within the company that marketing and sales should fulfill.
I hope this helps you keep the two straight as you build your business plan for the future. I also suggest a differentiation between Sales and Business Development (in most places they are assumed to be the same thing) as well as sales and product management and Market Development vs. About Patric Fransko“Patric has over 16 years experience in the window film industry. Publisher does not accept responsibility for statements or claims made by advertising placed on this website. Signed articles represent the opinions of the writer and not necessarily those of the publisher. The goal of marketing is to determine the target audience for the product, then create awareness and stimulate interest. Notice I said “should” as even when the definitions are understood, the fulfilling of the roles is often where the confusion sets in. It encompasses everything from increasing brand awareness to stimulating a particular action from a target audience through campaigns.

Often, the sales team is a terrific source of information from the field and can help marketing fine-tune their plan.
It involves activities even before the product is conceptualized and starts from the research stage until close of sales leaving customers satisfied.
I also agree with you Rafiq that Sales and Business Development often gets mixed together as well. Marketing should determine who, in wich environment will represent Product & service to existing und potential costumers.
That time has been spent in a variety of positions from field representative to managing a sales team. The team is tasked with contacting clients and prospects, making sure they have the information they need to make a purchase decision and then closing, or attempting to close, the sale. Marketing has a more long-term focus on generating interest in your brand, product or service. Also, a prospect that the sales team couldn’t close can be recycled back into the marketing plan so the sales department can have another opportunity to close that sale in the future. Instead of creating effective branding or building product awareness, marketing efforts are used to blast out sales messages. Each one needs the other to be fulfilling its distinct role in order to increase your sales and create happy customers. He also spent time working directly with some of the largest retail companies in the World to specify and project manage window film applications in their facilities.

Whether it’s through nurturing a lead that was generated by the marketing or cold calling on a prospect, sales is all about closing transactions. The sales department’s job is to move the client or prospect through the sales cycle with the tools available to them.
If the department is operating effectively, it should be helping the sales department by creating interest in the product or service within the target audience. The role of marketing is not to make the sale, but to tee up the sales department to make the sale. And sale set focus on tarning interested prospects into the customers – as you mentioned. In addition, Patric has built some of the largest installation tool companies in the window film industry and founded the Window Film Professionals Group on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter that now boasts over 8,000 total members. When you use marketing to try and make the sale, you’ll end up with an irritated client or prospect that will tune you out. Additionally, the marketing department is also responsible for providing the sales team with the tools they need to fully inform the prospect on the product or service.
In this case, not only have you not made the sale, but you’ve also seriously impacted your ability to close a sale with this client or prospect in the future.

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