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A CV is a marketing tool that conveys your personal details in a way that presents you in the best possible light. As a recent Nursing School graduate, the client’s professional work experience was understandably lacking. Client has a 15-year business career, with a steady progression of sales and marketing positions, and increasing responsibilities. The first page packs a hard-hitting impression right out of the gate; strong profile, list of notable achievements and keys areas of focus.
Client was interested in a more technically challenging job in a larger organization, with increased responsibilities and compensation. Maintained contracts for planning and a placement of targeted online advertising campaigns using comScore and Double-Click for advertising campaign buys. Actively prospected and sold programs for agency clients to multiple targets in varied business sectors. Exceeded all quotas and plans achieving President’s Club in six of my seven years of tenure. Instructed agency partners on how to plan and buy online advertising programs with greater efficiency.
Creative digital asset for multiple advertising agencies across the United States and Canada.

Sold and created online marketing programs for businesses across a wide spectrum of disciplines through agency partners.
Created multiple social media programs to target prospects for increased client reach and sales. Devised and deployed both internal and conquest email programs for optimized client return. Managed multiple Google Adwords and Bing programs for clients in order to achieve high response rates. Devised and deployed both internal and conquest email programs for outstanding return on investment.
We utilized a hybrid functional resume structure to highlight educational and clinical rotation experience, recognition, and accomplishments.
To effectively present the client we used a chronological resume format with significant focus on accomplishments and results.
The reader might anticipate the next page to be weak by comparison, but it has more notable achievements quantified with dollar amounts, figures, and percentages. Because the client has a strong track record of work experience we used a chronological resume format with significant focus on accomplishments and results.
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In addition, we added a supporting quote from the Nursing School Director that significantly added professional credibility.
To add substance and credibility specific results were quantified to demonstrate the magnitude of the accomplishment and skills. To add substance and credibility, specific results were quantified to show the magnitude of the accomplishment and skill set. Includes an endorsement (LinkedIn) from a previous manager to demonstrate the candidate's positive reputation, and negate potential "red flag" concerns about reasons for leaving his most recent position.
In addition, we used an eye-catching feature, the shaded text box in the right hand column, to highlight awards and key achievements. Social media channels were added to provide a potential employer with further insight into his writing contributions, industry contacts, technical views, and skill level.

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