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It wasn’t until a few weeks or so ago when I received an email message from a fellow small business owner and blogger that a light bulb went off.  His email signature was one of the first things that jumped out at me. It included all of the basics – yet it had one key ingredient that my email signature did not – a very clear “Call-to-Action”. After seeing his call to action in his email signature, I immediately started drafted up a new one using Wisestamp a very effective email signature branding tool that allowed me to add my picture, a call to action beneath all of my contact information — and links back to my Twitter and Facebook pages.
It is compatible with the majority of the major web based email programs such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and even MS Outlook.
There are some great email signature templates to choose from to create an email signature that in a matter of minutes. It is one of the least expensive small business resources  that you can use to market and brand your business and build your online presence with ease! Step 3:  Under Signature Details, choose a template and color palette to match your brand, then start adding your business details. Step 7:  Under Signature Settings, add the email address that you want to link to your Wisestamp Signature.
I hope that these examples serve as inspiration that you can use to update your current email signature. I would also love for you to share this post with your friends and other fellow small business owners and entrepreneurs on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Amazingly, this is the 2nd time I’ve heard of harnessing the power of the email signature as a marketing tool, in the last two days alone. I am having a tough time using icons for Facebook, Twitter, etc… it turns to HTML when sent or replied.
Welcome to Small Business Sense!Feel free to browse around to check out our latest and greatest articles from the site. We read about how to turn happy customers into brand advocates, but what about the unhappy ones? There is always a chance that things slip out of control for even the best-managed companies, but the strategy to deal with the social media mistakes can make the difference between a marketing nightmare and an opportunity to win new fans. The Retail Consumer Report concluded that of the consumers who received a reply in response to their negative review 33 percent turned around and posted a positive review and 34 percent deleted their original negative review.
It is my belief that you can turn the more vocal negative consumers into loyal customers – it is all in how you handle it.
Many large companies such as Gatorade, Dell, the NFL, and the Red Cross have social media command centers to monitor perception of their brands in real time, follow trends, conduct conversations, and resolve complaints. Tip: Even if you are a small business, make sure you spend time monitoring the digital conversations about your brand and understand the public perception. Even more important than the technology behind those command centers is the attitude companies take towards social media.
It’s all too easy to post something on the wrong account, or to post something publicly that should be in a private message, but sometimes a social media mistake can cause serious red faces all round. Tip: By responding quickly and professionally to social media mistakes you demonstrate the qualities that earn loyalty from your existing customers, Focusing on the happiness of your current customers draws new customers through recommendations, positive word of mouth, and true passion toward your brand.
Ekaterina Walter is the Co-founder and CMO of Branderati, a firm building influencer advocate networks. Andrew grew up in Lanarkshire and studied at St Andrews and Strathclyde Universities before beginning his career as a Civil Servant with the Government Economic Service.
He then joined the Royal Bank of Scotland as a business economist before being elected as a Member of the first Scottish Parliament in 1999.
From 2003 Andrew held a number of posts at RBS Group including Deputy Chief Economist and through the banking crisis as Head of Group Communications.
Andrew is a Trustee of The John Smith Memorial Trust and a Director of Motherwell Football Club.

Duncan Maclennan is Director of the Scottish Cities Knowledge Centre and the Centre for Housing Research at the University of St Andrews. He has an extensive record of advising public policymakers (advising OECD on Urban Affairs from 1984 to 1996, the World Bank between 1980and 2000 and the EU in the 1990’s). He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (Scotland’s national academy) and was awarded a CBE for services to housing research and policy in Britain in 1997. Robin McAlpine is Director of the Jimmy Reid Foundation, Editor of the Scottish Left Review and author of 'No Idea: Control, Liberation and the Social Imagination'. Iain studied politics at Edinburgh University and was researching a PhD in regionalism and nationalism when he started working for the BBC as a political researcher. Jacqueline Lamb joined Children in Scotland in February 2009 as Director of Corporate Services from Stirling Council where she worked on strategy development and implementation of Enterprise Education and Curriculum for Excellence. Prior to that, in partnership, she ran an independent children's services company providing training, software, events and consultancy to the children's services sector across the UK, with a subsidiary company providing out of school care in the West of Scotland.
During this time, she worked closely with Scottish Enterprise being a mentor for small businesses on their BIG Mentoring programme, as well as being a member of the Lanarkshire Local Advisory Board for Careers Scotland. This combined with her corporate experience with Scottish Power PLC and an Honours Degree in Education from Glasgow University has led to a broad ranging career across children's services  in private, public and voluntary sector organisations. He is rich in practical knowledge and also deeply interested in economic development theory and policy. Robert has spent the last year in a senior operational and advisory role at the States of Jersey as that entity re-organises itself to meet the challenges of growing global competition. An experienced business and communications specialist, Peter knows the benefits for any business or organisation in bringing together a focused message and consistent application of the communications plan. After 15 years in family-run and corporate business environments, Peter was elected a Member of Parliament, and later appointed as shadow to the Secretary of State for Scotland. In politics, he gained extensive campaign management experience, and thereafter five years’ background of message development and communication, for clients in the UK and Canada.
Small Business Sense shares small business ideas, tips and resources for independent Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners. There’s no point in investing time and effort into a brand advocacy program to activate your current customers when you still have detractors focusing on service or product issues that need to be resolved.
In addition, 85 percent of these consumers said they would be willing to pay more (anywhere between 5-25 percent over the standard price) to ensure a superior customer experience.
Smart companies, small and large, also invest heavily in reputation management strategies, realizing that it only takes five minutes to ruin a reputation they have been building for years.
And most importantly, please hire an experienced community manager who knows your brand, your community, and how to engage your customers.
But rather than apologize, their initial response was to blame somebody else and said their account had been compromised, which just made the error look worse. People want to know that brands are human and that there are real people behind those cold corporate logos.
The charity’s quick-thinking actions helped to turn a marketing slip into a fund-raising opportunity, thanks to a generous brewery! A seemingly horrible situation can be turned into a great engagement opportunity (if executed tastefully). Respond to them in a genuine way, and others will see that good customer service really matters to you. She is the author of Think Like Zuck and lists chocolate, books, fashion, and travel among her interests. During his time in Parliament, Andrew served as the Shadow Minister for Finance, Economy, Transport and Lifelong learning. In 2012, Andrew joined WPP in a client strategy role before launching Charlotte Street Partners in 2014.

He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers Scotland and a Member of the Institute of Fiscal Studies, the Institute of Directors and the David Hume Institute. He is the political commentator for the Herald and Sunday Herald and writes regularly for other publications.
In 1987 he became the BBC’s Scottish Political Correspondent and covered the key debates over the poll tax and devolution.
As Rector he campaigned against the reintroduction of university tuition fees in Scotland, and the £7,000 minimum income guarantee which was subsequently introduced by the Scottish Government.
He has three lovely children from a previous marriage, drives a campervan and walks the hills. He started work for Kleinwort Benson in London and then joined Noble Group, the UK investment bank, in 1990.
He is also Chairman of Inverleith LLP, a Scottish-based merchant bank; and Chairman of Barrington Stoke, a Scottish publishing company that publishes books for reluctant readers.
He was a Scottish international athlete, and enjoys most sports, especially skiing and triathlon. Examples of his pioneering work - such as combining trade and inward investment functions - have now been adopted elsewhere. Comm (Hons) degree from the University of Birmingham and an MBA from Manchester Business School. Bracken, his springer spaniel, is a regular companion on walks across the South of Scotland.
Customers complain, staff screws up, a joke at your expense goes viral … But the way brands handle these disasters can make all the difference.
A sensitive, well-explained post on their official blog finally addressed the issue, but there’s a lesson there about admitting to human error – and about ensuring that official and personal accounts are never able to be mixed up.
Zappos responds to customers in a human and friendly way, and even when someone has a complaint, they are able to address it on the spot – and win more love from their fans.
I would love to hear about your best examples of brands who are skilfull at turning problems into opportunities.
From 1999to 2003 he worked as full time policy adviser to the First Minister(s) of Scotland ( leading the transfer of Glasgow’s public housing stock to the third sector), as chief economist in the State of Victoria ( Australia (2003-5) and then as Chief Economist for Infrastructure and Cities in the Federal Government of Canada (2005-2008) before resuming his university career. Iain has been a regular contributor to publications as diverse as the Big Issue and Public Finance magazine and has contributed to numerous books and journals.
He was a member of the Scottish Governments Review of High Education Governance, which led to the 2012 Prondzynski Report.
He was appointed as Chief Executive of Noble Group in 1997 and became Chairman in 2007, until its merger with Execution Limited in 2010. Some brand have made their image worse via a response, but many have shown a capability of turning the situation around to their advantage – and win fans and positive publicity at the same time. The brand takes customer care to the next level, and addresses any issues publicly and speedily. It will stretch your mind, connect you to fascinating people, and provide some fun along the way.
Iain has presented programmes for Radio 4, in recent years has been an external examiner for a post-graduate journalism course in Strathclyde University, and is on the Policy Advisory Council of the IPPR.
By showing their company commitment to service consistently and in the moment, they demonstrate the qualities that have earned them raving fans.

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