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If you’ve experienced success with social promotions-Facebook promotions, YouTube video contests, a photo-driven Twitter giveaway- its time to graduate to the next level of social marketing. We are laser focused on adding the features that help you turn your promotion into a complete campaign.
With that, here are 5 Steps for Turning Your Promotion Into A Social Campaign- plus which Votigo features you should count on at each step. Think of the promotion as the core of your campaign.  Come up with a compelling theme, a great prize, awesome design and crystal-clear calls to action.
Now you’ve run a successful Social Campaign, anchored by an audience-engaging, participant-rewarding, customer-generating promotion, but supported by a host of useful tools and features that give you a more comprehensive result.
This entry was posted in Announcements, Audience, Features, Promotions, Strategy, Uncategorized by Jeff. Today when so much investments are dependent on the outcome of a marketing plan, the same needs to be scrutinized very deeply so as to minimize the risks of non-performance. Basically, it encompasses all the activities in details that needs to be done to ensure that a campaign is successful. For a marketing plan to be successful, the primary importance is understanding whether its adherence to the main marketing mix (4 Ps) is done in a well planned manner. If you are focusing on extensive usage of technology, are you having ample focus on how you are leveraging the usage of technology vis-a-vis the competencies within your team?
Last, not the least, does it go hand in hand with the internal competencies of the team that will be implementing your strategy?

Vehicles for generating brand buzz, making an announcement, introducing a product, extending an offer. Earlier this week, we released expanded Campaign Analytics into our Standard Apps editions. If you’re just getting into social marketing, or a new social channel (Pinterest for example), begin by inviting people to follow you there. We continue to introduce innovative, viral features to make our promotions apps more effective (check out our Twitter Sweepstakes). Customize the confirmation page for sweeps and contest entrants- sharing a coupon code or sending them directly to a special landing page.
How many people entered and voted?  Who engaged the most new participants by sharing their entry or your sweeps?  What are the basic demos and geos of your participating audience? Better knowledge of your audience.  More clarity about what works best for your social brand. One such way is to ensure the proper implementation using a marketing strategy plan or a blue-print of implementation for your strategy. If your objective is to deliver a service, then the 7Ps of Services Marketing needs to be checked out for planned adherence.
Is there a structured sequential blueprint to your Marketing Plan which you are planning to operationalize? A great strategy may fall flat without due importance given to the implementation and the competencies of the team.

They have drawn a lot of attention from readers of similar articles as this one and had been shared extensively in professional networks like LinkedIn.
Our authors are educators from top QS ranked universities and practitioners from multinational enterprises. They are the single best tool for converting social followers to customers, getting them to take action. Your email list, your in-store customers, your website visitors.  Then, engage them for a while.
Power users:  Ask our Premium Promotions team about integrating your ads services, from AdWords to Facebook Ads, into your promotion.
Power users: Premium Promotions offer the capability to integrate with virtual any third-party data source, from your social ads provider to Analytics to other leading data services to your CRM system.
Countless research efforts have shown that about two-thirds of your audience follows brands on social channels mostly to receive some kind of an offer.
Post top submissions in a Photo or Video Gallery.  Or build an iFrame app to announce your winner, thank your participants, and share an offer for all entrants.
Do it from day one of your campaign, and treat these new social contacts as the potential customers they are.

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