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To broadcast their request, 6S Marketing has placed a billboard in Times Square, as well as a mobile billboard in front of Apple’s iconic glass cube New York store, with a simple message — “Dear Apple, Please call it the iPhone 7. This press release has been published here with the permission of Chris Breikss, President, 6S Marketing. My VanCity is a community portal to Vancouver's lifestyle brought to you by Valerie van der Gracht our dazzling editor.
These notions are silly to you because shortly before or after you were born, you were given a name.
One of the reasons organization is so important for PPC campaigns, is because it saves you valuable time. If you smell smoke in a room with crap everywhere, you’re going to have a hard time identifying the source of it without some major digging.
Let’s say you want to see all your Dynamic Remarketing visits split out by city to determine if there are any cities you want filtered from all Dynamic Remarketing campaigns. Now that you are renaming all your campaigns to be awesomely synchronized, you can unleash the full power of Adwords Advanced Segments on your Google Analytics data. Let’s say you want to see which cities are sending the lowest quality traffic for all your Display Campaigns.
If you break out some Bing campaigns into separate devices (shout out to Bing Ads for the ability to still do this!), it can be helpful to see those campaigns specifically filtered by name.
The concern in the past has been that changing your Adwords campaign names means you will have to keep track of a million different campaign names in Analytics. This has nothing to do with the rest of this post, but as I was doing some naming research, I ran across these GIFs.
It is important to create a separate ad group for each of these top movers, because your optimization strategy rests in this.
But wait, what about if someone types in [green sweater] and doesn’t note the specific size, then what do you do? Incidentally, you can see now why (if you were wondering) the Shopping Campaigns originally not allowing for ad group level negatives was such a problem for me (and many others)! So, create a campaign like Shopping – Categories – USA, then get creative with categories and product variations! Then, similar to your Top Products Campaign, add negatives to direct traffic in these ad groups. I will say, make sure you set your individual product campaign bids higher to make sure those top sellers get displayed to the correct campaign. Building an efficient Paid Search account structure across different search engines and market is not an easy task, especially working in a team that don’t think the same way. Web-based management bidding platform such as Kenshoo, Marin or DoubleClick Search includes all Search Engines account details. Campaign naming are the information that will helps you to track from the analytic platform such as Omniture or GA: Campaign name is integrated in the keyword URL when using bidding platform. Inserting those convention naming for ad group helps to build up your ad copies, especially the headline, using excel formulas such as Find & Replace or Concatenate. I hope it’s helpful for everyone reading this page and don’t hesitate to leave a comment!
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From Adreessen Horowitz- Nothing is more critical to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business than pricing strategy. From TheNexWeb: Its the perennial problem faced by companies across the media spectrum, from music-streaming platforms to eons-old newspapers.

From FastCompany: Even at the best of times, naming is a contentious and emotional business. Setting up an email marketing campaign can feel overwhelming when you are just getting started.
One thing that it is great to get in the habit of is to name your campaigns something memorable.
For example, I have two courses named Best Darn Email Marketing Campaign Ever and Amazing Email Newsletters. The very next thing that you have to do to make sure you have a successful campaign is to know what the actual outcome you are trying to achieve is!
If you are catering to a younger demographic (say under 40), then you can assume most of your messages need to be brief and get to the point right away. You are teaching something in which case the recipient probably knows that the messages will be longer and more involved. I tend to like to keep mine under about 12 and then encourage them to join a different campaign at the end or just put them on my regular weekly email list.
There are all different kinds of emails that you might want to send and your frequency should depend on the campaign type and sort of clients you have.
There is a much higher chance of them marketing your message spam or them unsubscribing if they only hear from you this sporadically.
It has never been more important to segregate your list according to what your customers and prospects like. Using tags in your email campaigns will let you send special messages to each type of subscriber. Make sure you are tagging not just that they are in a specific campaign, but also any additional info that they might share as they go through the campaign! Okay, now that we have gone through the nuts and bolts of the campaign, lets look at the emails themselves and how to get them set up. It is tempting to just think that you can sit down and write out 12 glorious emails in a row without having to rearrange them or getting stuck, but that is rarely the case for me! One of the best ideas for making your emails make sense (to you and your readers) is to put them into patters.
This way instead of just having real estate message after real estate message, she can mix them up with things that her audience would still like, but which make the series less boring and keep her readers wanting more!
Well this is all very well and good, but how do you functionally scope it out and then track your progress through development? This guide, video and worksheet will walk you through all the steps of building and launching a successful email marketing campaign!
Tara’s “tell it like it is” personality combined with her 100 miles per hour presentations have earned her the title “The Queen of Marketing Ahhh’s” from her raving fans.
Never did they imagine that one of the biggest companies in the world would start using a variation of their name.
For over 15 years, the company has been helping clients embrace the digital world and the technological change that is revolutionizing their businesses by connecting data and storytelling to help make brands profitable, shareable, and ultimately more valuable. In a room where everything is organized and in its proper place, its far easier to determine the source of the smoke and put out the fire. Having an individual product per ad group allows you to utilize bids, ad promo copy, and negative keywords in each ad group for optimizing to that specific product. Maybe you are staring at a blank piece of paper with no idea how to begin or you have an idea but no way to organize all your thoughts. If you don’t, you can wind up with similar sounding campaigns that are hard to differentiate in your email marketing program.

While I did make different names, different content and different sales funnels, in my email provider I didn’t use them in full. For example, on paid courses I have MMC (for Mini Marketing Course) and then the initials of the course.
If you don’t know the reason for doing your campaign, then you have no hope of succeeding.
If you are prospecting young, hip 18 year olds, your campaign should probably look a little different than if you are prospecting Baby Boomers who need hearing aids. But more than that you need to know if they are going to be reading most of your messages on the phone or a computer. I think it is super important to know whether the majority of your messages are going to be read on a mobile phone or on an iPad, Laptop or Computer. There is no time for beautiful newsletter templates or L-O-N-G messages that are just going to get opened and deleted. While people might not be willing to take 5 minutes to read your email, they might well be willing to watch a 2-3 minute video if it is interesting and entertaining.
Just remember that you have to have GREAT emails or your response rate will drop the more you send. So if you tell them they will get a daily email and then they get one, they are going to be okay with it! I have found that my peeps like when I send them messages once a week (a few liked two times per week, but I got more spam comments and unsubscribes when I went over 1X per week). For example, all my Realtor specific emails go out on Monday, Email Marketing Tuesday, etc. If you are ONLY contacting them via email (no calls or direct mail) then there is a chance they will forget you if you mail them once a month.
For example, I am getting ready to do a bunch of emails for marketing campaign selling my SEO products. This is not the final list (that is when you move them over to the pattern area) at this point you just want to think about different themes you could use when writing or recording your messages. Check out her marketing courses and products at the Marketing Artfully Shop or visit her Etsy Store, Paperly People.
At first we were all so excited to get free discounts but then they started spamming us with all kinds of things that we didn’t want. Just at this point I want you to keep in mind that there are different things that you can send to your list that they might sincerely like to receive!
This way as I go through the process of developing my emails I have lots of different content ideas to work with! While this may seem like a bit of overkill now, I guarantee you that you will be happy when you get ready to start writing your messages and putting them into your email system! It is often one of the first things I do or change in an account for a campaign (with the rest of the campaign settings).
Make sure to set the campaign priority to a higher level, Medium or High, since you are going to always want these top products in this campaign to show over your other more generally categorized campaigns.

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