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Please feel free to use the form opposite or the contact details below to get in touch. I typically (but not always) work with businesses in London and the South East area. That being said, there are obviously some wider benefits to having a marketing plan in place. This ‘menu’ approach creates a grid of marketing activity options that can be chosen from as you progress through the year.
The benefit of a marketing menu is that it’s short, but unlike a marketing plan, is not a formal document with a rigid list of activities that must be delivered at specific times. As you would expect, you can also add new activities, messages and target audiences to your marketing menu as you progress through the year so it remains an evolving document that still ensures there is a structure to your marketing activity. About the Author: Andrew Huggett is a professional marketer who helps businesses gain greater results from their marketing.
My marketing methods are not sales tactics or telemarketing campaigns - from experience, those activities are not the way to generate good quality enquiries.

I am also specific about the use of the word 'enquiries' rather than using terms such as 'leads' or 'opportunities'.
For every client that I run ongoing marketing work for, they make a significant return on their investment in us. A plan forces you to consider all the options, including who you will target, with what messages, and what your range of marketing activities will be. Instead, the marketing menu acts as a guide that you refer to either monthly or three-monthly and you choose from the menu the activities that are best delivered next.
If you are concerned about how to grow your business through marketing, contact me for a free chat. In other words, I manage marketing activity for my clients that generates enquiries for them which in turn enables them to grow. I use online and offline marketing activities that grab the customer's attention and motivates them to want to know more.

This is because I specifically concentrate on running marketing activity that results in your target customers contacting you to enquire. Often, smaller businesses are by definition small enough for everyone to know what each other is doing, and budgets may not be allocated in lump sums, but instead agreed on a per-project basis.
This means that you still have a coherent list of marketing activities to use, but you aren’t forced into making a decision now about what activity you might deliver in 10 months time. Using this approach means the quality of the enquiries is far better than the typical 'leads' that some marketing activities can generate. So for a smaller business, it’s very possible that a plan wouldn’t even be read, even if it was written.

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