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In Today’s Global Marketplace, Technology has become a requirement in all marketing and sales systems. Chicago Technology Group has extensive experience in helping businesses reach new markets and new levels of effectiveness and efficiency using technology. We provide a range of IT Services, Computer Support and Network Consulting in Chicago throughout the Chicagoland and surrounding areas including: Chicago, Evanston, Skokie, Lincolnwood, Downers Grove, Schaumburg, Elk Grove Village, Morton Grove, Park Ridge, Rosemont and others.
Our full service area includes: Arlington Heights, Aurora, Chicago Heights, Des Plaines, Downers Grove, Elgin, Elk Grove Village, Elmhurst, Evanston, Glenview, Hammond, Highland Park, Hoffman Estates, Lake Forest, Lansing, Libertyville, Munster, Naperville, North Chicago, Northbrook, Oak Brook, Oak Lawn, Orland Park, Park Ridge, Rosemont, Schaumburg, Skokie, Tinley Park, Waukegan and Wheaton. Elizabeth is a Marketing Gunslinger, Business Detective, collaborator, consultant, and speaker who focuses on understanding the customer perspective.
Additionally, she enjoys coaching small businesses through their marketing concerns and speaking at various events. Positive, people-oriented, and performance-driven Business Detective, Marketing Gunslinger, collaborator, consultant, and speaker who focuses on understanding the customer perspective. With broad-base experience in multiple industries including both aerospace and IT industries, an expert communicator who can effectively explain complex concepts in understandable terms. Over 5 years of experience in the aerospace industry; worked on a software project that impacts all the Jet Propulsion Laboratory space exploration missions.
Finished an MBA program at UT-Austin which allowed me to develop additional skills to define what makes a project successful while focusing on understanding, measuring, improving individual, team, and organizational performance all while understanding customer and market needs. Passionate about solving problems with great teams and software while on schedule and on budget. Additionally, actively involved in the community with interests ranging from both the technical and business arenas. Our company has been very successful and I’m going to tell you my four secrets to making your marketing work these days as well as let you in on what I did to increase my own clientele over 200% in three months. How using an Internet Marketing Consultant can increase your income and traffic by 30%… Keep reading. An internet marketing consultant is a professional who works with business owners to develop strategies for increasing their website presence in order to boost sales. The fundamental goal of an internet consultant is to develop a marketing plan for a business website.
Our Consultant service is designed to provide you with a clear understanding of how Internet marketing works, how the concepts apply to your site and how to turn them into revenue.
Everything should be in accordance to your type of business, your target market and your market place. When deciding on the right Consultant for your next marketing campaign, trust someone who’s authored a book, spoken at dozens of conferences – and helped thousands of businesses like yours achieve success.
For almost five years, we have worked behind-the-scenes to help create exposure, traffic, leads – and sales through major search engines like Google, Yahoo! Since this is a relatively new field it’s unlikely that an individual with an older business marketing degree was schooled in the skills required at all.
Using the proper internet marketing techniques and the services of a qualified internet marketing consultant will help drive those visitors to your website: those visitors who end up becoming your best customers. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.

There was a time when dual merchandising (the siting of your product in a secondary location in a store, in addition to its usual place) was something that every trade marketer or shopper marketer targeted. The next part of the process is straightforward: identify parts of the store where the target shopper will go. To ensure we connect with shoppers, marketers must consider the shopping mission the shopper is engaged with at the time. A secondary location creates a different availability to the shopper, but that might not be enough to convert a sale. Secondary locations can be highly effective, especially when targeting shoppers who would not normally visit the category, but they are expensive and can lead to out of stocks on the home shelf, which might disappoint regular shoppers and persuade them to try a competitor. We will continue this series of blogs on in-store activity tactics over the next few months: if you would like us to focus on a specific area of in-store activity, please let us know in the comments section. She founded EQ Consultants Group, LLC and consults on a variety of topics, which include web technologies and strategies, social media and business, product management and marketing.
Consulting on a variety of topics, which include web technologies and strategies, social business and media, product management and marketing.
Recognized for strong interpersonal skills and delivering high-quality creative solutions to ensure product and customer success. Internet Marketing Consultants: Adding an Image, Info-graphic, Video and a download can increase your Press Releases and Articles views by 30% . Hiring a certified Consultant isn’t as much of an expense as it is a true investment for your business. You get the benefit of adding a world-renowned Consultant to your team without the expenses associated with hiring full-time staff or engaging an internet marketing firm.
What he can do is to show you how to manage all these tasks and take your local business to a higher level. The more effective business practice is to work with an Consultant that can carry out a long-term business website marketing campaigns and drive traffic, customers and return on investment to the business website. The best way to instantly drive people to specific pages of your website at controlled costs is through the PPC Management (Pay-Per-Click Advertising) Consultant services. While you can always study up on creating high-quality, high-conversion landing pages, it’s a lot quicker, easier and more reliable to let a seasoned Consultant create them for you. You may me hiring an old school marketer applying the wrong concepts to inbound Internet marketing. Qualified visitors are truly interested in what you sell and the services you provide, they will stay longer on your website, and even come back again and again. Over the years significant funds have been spent (and often wasted!) and wasted on getting products to another location in a store. Retailers (in their minds) are giving up more precious real estate without creating significant extra value for their shoppers (the range on offer hasn’t increased, so the shoppers haven’t any additional selection). It therefore stands to reason that a secondary location is going to be more effective against shoppers who would not normally visit the main category space. If you market steak sauce, and you are targeting shoppers who buy steak but don’t use the sauce, then logically those shoppers can be found at the meat counter. If all we had to do was put the product in the path of the shopper, the whole concept would be really simple.

The shopper is connected to their shopping, and to the consumption occasion that they are serving.
An effective shopper marketing mix needs to consider availability together with communication and offer. But by carefully considering which brands, in which stores might benefit from secondary locations; and by executing a considered marketing mix which overcomes all of the barriers to purchase that the target shopper might have, secondary locations can be one of the most effective shopper marketing tactics. A professional internet marketing consultant such as ours – are experienced in delivering the best online advertising benefits in a short period of time.
A certified SEO expert can get you noticed – optimize your marketing image and help you stay ahead of the competition. What have they done to upgrade or maintain their ongoing learning and mastery of their field? And whilst secondary locations can be a useful strategy under a certain set of circumstances, too often effort is wasted. If the goal is to put the product in front of the shopper, then if a marketer’s goal is to gain share, then they know that the shopper will almost certainly visit the category anyway – so why not market to them there? If the product was targeting vegetarians, then that might be the last place in the store to put your product. In the example below head-ache solutions are placed next to tonic water (I assume it isn’t allowed to place medicine into the alcohol section) – attempting to make a connection between the consumption of alcohol and the subsequent risk of a headache.
Consider which product to merchandise in the secondary location (if we are driving trial, then perhaps a small pack). We also have a very good understanding of the different business needs and requirements for hundreds of types of businesses. That’s pending you have any faith that a traditional marketer can straddle both sides of the fence. So when considering in-store activity,  how can shopper marketers decide if secondary locations in store would help their brand and if so, where should it be located? Loyal shoppers visiting the home shelf may find the brand out of stock, and that might be all that it takes to tempt them to try a competitor brand.
If this is built on an insight that driving this purchase will drive further consumption (because too many hangovers go untreated due to a lack of analgesics) then they may be on to a winner. And of course the very nature of secondary locations makes tracking sales hard: its difficult to know whether sales were made on the main shelf or the new location.
In the example here Sensodyne (a toothpaste for sensitive teeth) is nicely merchandised above the ice cream freezer – connecting a very visceral experience of sensitive teeth for many.
There are now specialized degrees specific to inbound Internet marketing so cover your butt and look for them. But the shopper marketing team seem to believe that in this market and channel (this is in Vietnam) shoppers will need further education on the benefits of Sensodyne and have therefore included more detailed communication.

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