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Freelance Marketing provides experienced marketing support to help businesses grow, through an in-depth understanding of their marketplace, development of effective marketing strategies and implementation of targeted campaigns.
As a seamless and integral part of your team, we interpret what your customers and prospects really want,  monitor competitor activity and identify new market opportunities.
Truly effective marketing is driven by focused planning, built on a sound understanding of customers, competitors and markets. Lorraine Davidson is the lead Freelance Marketing consultant, who provides a hands-on, bespoke approach to any project, drawing on a wide network of specialist associates.
Lorraine has transformed our marketing performance, fostering a good relationship with all the relevant editors and media outlets. Over the years we have benefited greatly from Lorraine's expertise of marketing to the construction industry.
Lorraine is brilliant to work with - completely straightforward and with a great attention to detail. Freelance Marketing is a specialist consultancy which brings focus to your marketing activity, resulting in improved business performance. By knowing what your customers really want, what your competitors are doing and where new markets are emerging, you can optimise your marketing activity and achieve measurable improvements to your sales. Most viral marketing programs give away valuable products or services to attract attention. An e-course in viral marketing can teach you how to utilize word-of-mouth or the Internet in order to effectively reach your targeted audience. She tackles marketing in a way I really love, because I think it addresses the fears many freelance writers have about the actual act of selling their writing services. So to pick up on the topic Angela brought up--planning your marketing campaign--I'm going to give you a brief step-by-step you can follow if you haven't formally done this yet.
Before thinking about specific marketing campaigns, it's important that you have an overall marketing plan.
Think about your target market, and jot down a few specifics in your plan - what type of businesses, what size of business or publication, what niche or industry, etc.? Now you can think about tactics - the specific things you'll do within those strategies to reach your goals. Jot down a quick list of the products and services you'll be offering, how you intend to price them (even if not specifically), where you intend to sell them (such as through your own professional site), and your general value statement (what value will you be promoting to prospective buyers?).
When you have a yearly marketing plan to work with (an abbreviated one page marketing plan or a full marketing plan), it should serve as your guide in planning specific marketing campaigns. Now that you know that, you'll actually map out the specific tactics for that single campaign. First figure out how much of your budget will go towards the campaign--you'll need to know that before committing to paid marketing options.
Always keep your target market and your strengths in mind--that goes for your value proposition too.
List every marketing tactic that could work to reach your target market within your budget. Offer to write guest posts on finance blogs, or other blogs your audience might frequent (for example, you may write for a parenting blog to appeal to people about family budgeting).
Join several new communities, participate actively (without spamming), and put a link in your signature. Buy a few banner ads on relevant sites for the length of your campaign (and include tracking code so you know where the clicks are coming from).
Launch a podcast on the topic to bring people in for free, and promote the various products on the show. Make sure your tactics are measurable - you need to have some way to know if a tactic is working. So that's it in a nutshell--a simple step-by-step way to go from an idea to a real marketing campaign for your freelance writing services, informational products, or even your income-generating websites and blogs.
Jenn has over 15 years experience writing for others, over 11 years experience in blogging, and 9 years experience in indie e-book publishing. Subscribe to the All Indie Writers newsletter to get personal updates from Jenn in your inbox. As we’ve discussed in a previous post, structuring photographic fees on the basis of a day rate vs, space is customary for many national magazines and is generally the most equitable for both the photographer and the client.

For starters, it’s important that you don’t immediately jump into a budget discussion when a client first contacts you. Once you’ve heard the details of the shoot, ask the client if they have a contract or if they’d like to work with yours. When presented with a flat budget, it can be tempting to decide on the spot whether the rate is satisfactory for the time, skill, licensing and expenses involved. Figure out how you’re going to execute the job and then list all of the expenses you’ll incur—subtracting them from the total budget.
In another recent situation, we were presented with a contract from a custom publisher that specified that they could use all “works” created on the assignment for editorial use forever. COMPENSATION – The Client will pay the Photographer a flat fee, inclusive of all normal expenses, to be agreed upon per assignment, for a specified usage. Once the contract is in place, all you have to settle on for each assignment is the fee and the usage. There are a lot of limitations in the rest of the contract that you can negotiate to keep in or take out. AboutA Photo Editor (APE) is edited by Rob Haggart, the former Director of Photography for Men's Journal and Outside Magazine.
Resume Resources: We are glad to offer this free Product Marketing Manager resume sample free of charge. As a result we now have regular PR success, supported by a consistent advertising presence.
Her work is always carried out diligently to the highest standard with due regard to the brief and budget. As well as being an engaging and thorough qualitative researcher, Lorraine was excellent at building relationships within the business that really enhanced the actionability of the output. It’s been used since before the Internet existed, but the online world makes it far easier to spread ideas.
At the end of each article you can add a resource box containing your name, business name and website URL or newsletter subscription information. People can instantly see the value of a product that looks like for-purchase content but can actually be downloaded for free. An e-course in viral marketing can help students through step-by-step instructions, establish an e-commerce marketing plan that will increase profitability. See what the trends are in that target market - is everyone downsizing (could be good if it means hiring more freelancers; could be bad if publications are completely shutting their doors). A strategy for earning $50k per year, for example, might be to release several of your own informational products.
For example a tactic might be to release white papers or free reports to promote the sale of your information product. Everyone has weaknesses (less experience, no tested marketing ability, no funding for paid advertising, etc.).
Looking at your marketing tactics laid out monthly, you've established that January would be a good time to launch and promote the e-books, because people are thinking about getting out of debt, making more money, creating a family budget, etc. If you don't have an end date, where you'll start a new campaign, you'll have a difficult time measuring results and adapting the plan to improve sales.
Being a technical writer is such a niche market that I’ve got to figure out a way to get my name out there to people who would require my services. It can be disconcerting to a client, editorial or otherwise, if you show more interest in the money than the project.
Then, ask if they have a budget set for the shoot or would they would like to see an estimate. But in most cases, it’s prudent to call the client back after you’ve had a chance to run the numbers and review their contract.
We felt that the fee they were offering would be reasonable for their initial needs (which was four images), but that to have use of any or all of the images from the shoot was excessive.
We’re normally comfortable with a simple email from the client saying, for example, that for xxxx.xx including expenses they would use a full-page opener plus an additional half-page picture. But as with any contract, the main thing is to be clear about what you’re going to get and what they’re going to get.
Thank you so much Craig Oppenheimer for sharing this positive, including, transparent and informed attitude for conversations and negotiations on price and contract.

Review resume writing services, resume professionals, resume examples, resume objectives, resume tips, example resume formats, and helpful resume articles on this comprehensive site. In my opinion, e-books should be material people want to read, compared to the dense and usually boring white paper, which our buyers feel they should read but often don’t Set up an affiliate program. Links from trusted, popular sites help your site rank higher than links from lower traffic sites. You can also market your product by including your logo or marketing message with your download.
If your RSS feeds are of better quality, you have more chances of having it selected by webmasters. For example, a goal might be to earn $50k in your next full year freelancing or it might be to get published in two large women's magazines over the course of a year - note that there are numeric goals that can be measured, but that they can also be measured time-wise. Or you may market your services by pitching op-eds and letters to the editor to publications related to those trade mags you want to write for.
With that information, plus the general length of your campaign, you can choose what you feel will be the most effective marketing tactics to pursue. Being uncomfortable with one aspect doesn't mean there aren't plenty of others that you'll love (and that will prove wildly successful)! While working this way can keep the costs predictable for the client, it puts all the financial risk on the photographer.
Yes, it’s important to understand their budget, but save that conversation until after you’ve expressed an interest in the assignment and an understanding of the concept. Unlike a lot of commercial projects, most magazines have a pretty clear idea of what they expect to pay for a given assignment. What seems like a lot of money at first may be less impressive once you subtract off all your costs and account for the licensing.
The photo editor was sympathetic to our concerns, but her legal department wasn’t willing to modify their contract. We can also help you find CV experts who can develop an amazing curriculum vitae for this industry. In a nutshell, it’s any method of promoting a concept (message, product or “content”) in a manner that allows it to be self-propagating, or not far from it. On my one page marketing plan, I've broken down tactics monthly - think about what tactics work well seasonally (like giving something away for free during the holidays). And of course, be clear before you hang up the phone about what the “flat” rate covers and what it doesn’t. Then we saw that it was actually the assignment brief that defined what constituted the “works.” So the photo editor just rewrote the brief to define the “works” as just four images and specify that use of additional images would be negotiated separately (which they later were). Viral marketing is the latest buzzword in internet marketing that gives people a great platform of increasing brand awareness. Either it’s a flat creative fee plus photographic and travel expenses, or it’s a flat fee including photographic expenses plus travel expenses (like this assignment for Fast Company). This simple change was enough to satisfy the photographer, the photo editor and her legal folks too. Viral marketing gives people a great chance of multiplying the marketing opportunities of free products or services over the internet. Just as specializing in writing can lead to higher pay, so can specializing your marketing efforts. Then try to understand which items are important to your client and which aren’t, so that you can make an offer that satisfies their needs without giving away the farm.
These advertising and marketing necessities do lead to a bit more work needing to be done in the detailed planning, but that’s where working with an experienced advertising and marketing company can help. Other clients will have a strict limit on what they can spend and they will be more willing to negotiate the licensing. We were recently negotiating a contract with a casino whose legal department completely rewrote our contract. So rather than giving them limited licensing for a moderate fee, we gave them all the terms they wanted and simply raised the rate commensurately.

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