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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Learn my simple trick to get more value from every one of the subscribers to your list and how to get more subscribers easily! In the first part of the series we learnt about the user journey every new subscriber goes through. At the moment we are just using the default confirmation & thank you pages that Aweber provides. This is the page where we are going to ask the user to take action and continue their journey. The first thing we need to do is edit the form we created in Aweber with the URL of our confirmation page. To do that just go to Sign up forms, find the form you created in part 1 of the series & on edit. If you used the official plugin or Javascript code though you don’t need to change anything. There are lots of different ways to do that but I’m going to show you a few simple tricks you can integrate today! The first thing you should do is make sure you have placed opt in forms in key areas of your site. If you take a look at my about me page for example you will see the entire page is setup with one goal in mind. Heck if you watch the first 27 seconds of this video I even have optin forms popup in videos using LeadPlayer. So spend time going through your site placing opt in forms where they will get the most attention. With this Zapier tutorial I’ll show you how to use Zapier, WordPress and Sezion to automatically promote your blog posts with videos.
If you use WordPress, you can do so much more to promote your blog posts by connecting it to the other apps you use like Twitter, Facebook Pages and, if we are talking about making a video from our content, Sezion. How can we automate the workflow between WordPress and Sezion to skyrocket your content marketing strategy with video?
We created a video tutorial that shows you how to automatically make a personalized video for every new blog post using two free tools: Zapier and Sezion. You can also add filters based on other WordPress fields to only allow some items, in order to make videos whenever you want. By connecting WordPress to Sezion with Zapier, Sezion helps you automatically generate thousands of personalized videos from any content feed in minutes, to help you improve your SEO, get blog trafic and promote your content via YouTube or any other video hosting provider. Personalized Videos, Sezion, Zapier get blog traffic, how to, improve seo, promote blog posts, video, wordpress triggers, wordpress zaps, zapier tutorial.
Personalized Video SolutionsSezion helps marketers increase their engagment and sales by automatically creating a Personalized Video for every customer, content and occasion. Equipment maintenance for mechanical production engineering, machinery service maintenance.
During my tenure on the Customer Success Team here at WordStream, I consulted for hundreds of marketing teams.
The reality is, the more cross-functional communication you have, the stronger your marketing programs become.
Set up an email address form fill, sometimes known as a squeeze page, as your primary conversion goal. Your emails may have incredible open rates, but if they don’t include a compelling call to action (CTA), you’ve wasted a great headline.
At this point we’re pretty good with the predictions, but there are definitely times that we miss the mark. A few years ago, our go-to CTA was “sign up for a free trial of WordStream Advisor.” Definitely not the most star-studded offer, but we felt like it was getting the job done just fine.
We were pretty confident that “Get Your FREE Report Today” would be a more compelling CTA, since the offer was directly in-line with the help most people were looking for, but plenty of people were skeptical of the change. If you’re currently running email marketing campaigns, you’ve probably already segmented them into specific groupings based on their stage of the purchase journey.
As tempting as it is to pummel your prospects’ inboxes with offers, it usually just earns you an “unsubscribe” or an “automatically move to junk mail” label. If you rely on remarketing for branding purposes, it’s safe to reduce your email frequency. If you’re a WordStream fan, you’re probably very familiar with the squadron of “PPC kids” featured on our website and in many of our ads and our email communications. Nowadays, when we use imagery in emails (we only do it for a select few), we only use images that have proven to resonate with our audience through Facebook, Twitter and Google Display Network ads. Ads for GSPs have two components, a teaser “collapsed” ad and an expanded ad unit, which is similar to an image ad. Since the teaser line is similar to a closed email, our team turns to email headlines that have yielded high open rates for inspiration.

Are you leveraging your paid advertising and email marketing data to boost each other’s success? We’ve partnered with Constant Contact to provide WordStream customers with access to Constant Contact’s industry-leading email marketing tools. Publishing a blog post and waiting for people to find it is not an effective method to build an audience, but you already know that. Well, Zapier is a big help here; it automates the tedious tasks in your workflow, it gives you the power to integrate WordPress with Sezion to make 1 or 400 videos and create better and more content marketing with the same amount of work. As with the Video Title, Zapier gives you the option to insert one or several fields coming from WordPress.
Video has the added ability to be personalized and hyper-focused; which only reinforces its position as the most engaging format. It helps your viewers understand what they’ll be watching and it gives the search engines an overview of the content inside the video. You can also create new Zaps to promote the new generated videos within Twitter, Facebook, Hootsuite… to automate your content marketing workflow with the CRM, CMS or Email Marketing tool you usually use. Sure, it also works on self-hosted WordPress to create personalized videos from any content.
One of the most common problems I saw was that each member of each team was working in a silo. Here at WordStream HQ, we’re making a conscious effort to enact this and it’s definitely paying off, particularly in the realm of email marketing and paid search. Luckily, paid search is the perfect way to re-fuel your funnel with brand new, qualified prospects. You can do something simple, like “sign up for more information,” or go the extra mile and offer an incentive like a whitepaper download, complimentary trial or free quote.
Because CTAs are the most crucial component in driving email conversions, our team here at WordStream has devoted a great deal of time and research to crafting persuasive CTAs. Then, we had the brilliant idea of building the AdWords Grader, a free tool that analyzes an AdWords account and spits out a report card showing the users exactly which sections of their account need a little extra love. We knew that rolling it out across the board was a risky move, so instead we opted to test the waters by running it in a paid search campaign.
In fact, now that it’s available on various networks, our founder Larry Kim goes as far as to say that it’s “the most important trend happening in PPC today.” I must admit, I’m inclined to agree. You can reuse these lists for your PPC campaigns and voila, you’ve cut a huge chunk of time out of the setup process!
In fact, I have refused to talk to sales guys who clutter my inbox, even if I was originally completely gung-ho about their product. Prospects will no longer be jaded by your incessant emails and will be more likely to read the few high-quality messages that you send. If the keywords you’re bidding on exist in their inboxes, your ad will be eligible to appear in their Gmail account. While we weren’t seeing great results with GSPs in the Wordstream account originally, we are seeing that our “tried and true” headlines have generated a lift in CTRs. Click here and sign up for a basic Constant Contact subscription, free on us, through June 2016!
Images and videos tend to go viral much easier than written content does, but how can you manage to make a video to promote every blog post and get blog traffic? A Zap combines triggers and actions — whenever the trigger event occurs, Zapier automatically completes the action for you. The common choice is YouTube, since customer acquisition relies mostly on one thing: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and YouTube is the second search engine out there. Depending on the template you choose, Zapier will automatically show you the Dynamic Media from Sezion that every template has. With bidirectional communication being an important aspect of our digital age, brands often receive high praise for personalized and localized messages.
We wrote an article about how to write effective YouTube description to improve SEO, so we got your back :-). Through PPC, you can display your ads to searchers who are actively looking for your products and services. You can include a secondary call to action on your landing page to solicit their email address for future nurtures. However, we don’t just guess whether or not they will be a slam dunk with our target audience – we test.
At a 5X conversion rate, results were so stellar that we had all of the data we needed to get the green light to offer it in our email campaigns. That said, data shows that people are more likely to follow through with a purchase if they see a brand’s name repeatedly. Rather than spamming their inboxes to stay fresh in prospects’ minds, run remarketing campaigns so your ads appear while they are browsing the internet (you can target anyone who has visited your site!).
When she’s able to take a break from paid search, you’ll find her practicing her hula-hooping skills or planning her next trip to Latin America.

Blog posts promotion can be hard, but there are a few ways you can automate the process and use one of the most powerful type of content out there: video. Dynamic Media within Sezion are the different elements (texts, images, audios, videos) in a template that are variable and can be different in every final video. I am truly amazed how to automatically make a personalized video for every new blog post using this free tool Zapier. This is the perfect way to create a list to target for upsells, cross-sells or replacement purchases in the future. Entice them to fill out the sign-up by offering to keep them in the loop on upcoming sales or providing free shipping on future orders.
Instead, we can monitor their behavior and pivot quickly if the test does not yield positive results. This creates a tough challenge for email marketers, who are desperate to keep their brands top-of-mind for prospects without driving them crazy. These ads had such a high interaction rate that we started including him in email promotions, too. As you can see below, the more someone sees these ads, the more likely he or she is to complete a conversion. Discovery communications invoicing organic customer service maintenance test engineer cover brief. Technical resumes technical reports for scope, multi-trade facilities engineering, mechanical engineering. We’re also curious about your view: what topics would you like us to cover on the blog this year?
Sigma, the two cover letters provide maintenance supervisors, operations maintenance skills. Scope, multi-trade facilities maintenance skills through phases, include resume, please click. Amazing cove letter will enjoy email in electrical engineering, machinery service engineer. Have you convinced yourself those Facebook integrations and WordPress signup forms are enough to get the job done?
Jobs engineer, this maintenance systems–their installation, operation, maintenance fitter. But instead, email matured into a safe haven from the storm of social media; a place where marketers can communicate with prospects with the background noise removed. Today, gaining inbox access is the ultimate sign of trust from an online customer.But before you can enjoy the fruits of email marketing, you need a good list.
And I’m not talking the dead-end ‘get one or two leads’ or ‘half the emails get returned’ kind of list.
I’m talking valuable warm email leads that are familiar with your products and have recently interacted with your brand.
They run on what’s known as “exit-intent technology.”Exit-intent technology uses a tracking algorithm to detect mouse gestures, resting moments, and other user movements. Marketers can incentivize the signupInboxes are crowded, and that means customers need a good reason to sign up for your updates.
Exit overlays maximize visibility, without being intrusiveExit overlays are much more visible than traditional signup widgets.
Exit overlays can be targeted at specific users and pagesAbandoning users are not all the same; they leave your site for all different reasons.
To accommodate different users, exit-intent technology allows marketers to target specific user groups such as first-time or repeat visitors, cart abandoners, referral traffic, and paid traffic.Targeting rules can also be applied to pages. You can target (or exclude) any page on your site—which comes in handy for appealing to different users who are at various stages of your conversion funnel.
Lavinia gleans its design inspiration from European fashion, and promotes products under the idea that feeling and looking great not only serves a function, but is also empowering.Lavinia homepageAfter identifying the value of emailing offers and updates to existing customers, Lavinia set out to rapidly increase their base of email subscribers. To accomplish this goal, Lavinia’s marketing team decided to try adding an exit overlay to the company homepage. The exit overlay incentivized abandoning users to sign up for email updates by offering an immediate 20% discount.Lavinia’s exit overlayGiven the company’s access to popular lingerie models, the imagery for the exit overlay was a no-brainer.
To convey the offer clearly, the marketing team used bold, high-contrast design— with the CTA clearly delineated from other elements on the page. With exit overlays, marketers can incentivize signups, capture addresses from uncommitted prospects, and target specific users and pages.

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