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Setting up a freelance business is one of the best ways to put your skills to work in an environment completely under your control.
The following is a letter I received from a dear client, John Douglas, who also happens to be a talented local photographer.
Accounting for inflation since 1974, building the Six Million Dollar Man would now cost $29,308,052. The Marketing Ideas Academy is a powerful online course, full of time-tested, proven marketing ideas that—when used daily—are GUARANTEED to achieve results for your business. Only $14.95 US for 336 power-packed, easy-to-read current and relevant small busines start-up information for the first-time entrepreneur. Click here for a sample chapter on business plans and look under Book Info for Table of Contents and success stories. Click here for a sample chapter on business growth and look under Book Info for Table of Contents. Frances has a lifetime of knowledge and information to share with you so enjoy this new and updated site. Frances McGuckin receives Special Achievement Award from the 2003 Surrey International Writers Conference! Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
With over 10 years experience in retail, B2B, small and large business, we can help you grow your business with appropriate marketing ideas to attract the right customers.
While Facebook and Twitter dominate the social media scene, some social networking sites have carved a special niche for themselves to offer their own subscribers a unique experience that distinguish them.
One of the most effective examples of digital marketing on these niche social networking sites is the mastery of Oreo on Vine.
This one is quite tricky and may not show an immediate benefit to your online marketing strategy. A friendlier example for engaging other businesses for promotion is Old Spice’s sassy Tweets to sometimes unsuspecting businesses.
Not only is participating in small business sites a learning experience, it is also a viable marketing strategy, especially if you are a small B2B business. With the internet, you don’t need to go to a publisher to submit a manuscript and print stacks of books that can take up useful inventory space in your warehouse.

Not only does it provide potential traffic and eventually conversion, publishing an ebook can also increase your credibility both online and offline. Starting a video channel can give you a digital marketing experience that is drastically different from the usual social media posting. It may be easy to just sign up for a YouTube or Vimeo account but continuing to upload videos in a scheduled manner can be tiring.
Giving back to the community is not only socially responsible, it can also be a great marketing tool. Basic SEO Concepts You Need To Start Paying Attention To Cool Zed Cards - Get FREE Comp Card Photoshop Templates for Actor Headshots and Model Promotion 20 Tasty Restaurant Menu Designs For Your Inspiration 5 Most Impressive Graphic Design Print Portfolios Hashtag 101: How Can Your Business "Own" a Hashtag? Whether you start your own business as a part-time enterprise or as the primary way to make a living, it helps to know the steps to successfully launch a new venture. An award-winning motivational small business speaker, consultant, columnist, and best-selling small business author, Frances' books are published globally.
Read ArticleFrances was interviewed for a small business article on buying a business, September 2004. Choose from our ThinkTank designs starting at just ?295 or go bespoke for that all important first impression.
You are not only fighting against your competitors in the industry but also against the deluge of marketing content from other industries that flood your consumers’ feeds.
Pinterest, for example, lets users create their own mood boards and collect images from the internet that fit their mood.
Granted, Oreo is the master of online marketing with a dozens of awards for their successful social media campaigns. For one, coordinating a marketing campaign with another business costs a lot of resources and may even result in bad publicity. Known for their viral humorous video advertisements, the manly brand does not shy away from engaging even the Mexican fast food giant, Taco Bell, and our favorite digital marketer, Oreo. Most entrepreneurs, especially young business owners, are always looking for tips and tactics that that can incorporate into their own business. The digital era provides an easier way to put your ideas and expertise out there to an even wider audience. If you’re looking for a place to publish it, you can check out Amazon Kindle self-publishing. Sharing visually appealing images and 6-second vines might be the quick road to virality and wider reach, but recently, content creators are not shying away from lengthy and in-depth videos.

Most of them are concerned about the businesses they patronize and put greater value in companies’ efforts to improve the community and the environment.
As a married father of four, it's usually about whose turn it is to pick out the story at bedtime. Enjoy sample chapters and a mine of small business information or look under For Meeting Planners for details of how to book Frances to speak at your next conference. Their portfolio that includes the 100 days of Daily Twist campaign and their infamous Super Bowl tweet can attest to that. But the young and growing social media platform gave Oreo the opportunity to add a new twist to their online presence, all in 6 seconds.
Even just liking their pages is a huge step to a mutual and beneficial online relationship.
In addition, you can include some links to your social accounts, blogs, or even your own business sites if they are relevant to the discussion.
You can even convert your manuscript into an ebook reader-friendly file and publish it on your business site and blog. Vine enables their subscribers to share and view brief  video clips, focusing on shareability and virality. If you haven’t done so yet, try researching for other niche social media sites that are a good fit to your business.
Contact them and agree to share some of their posts on each other’s walls or even partner in offering contests or deals together.
Traffic is always good, but an even better reason is the potential for optimization in search engines. Feature your brand’s social responsibility efforts within your digital marketing strategy.
Most of these sites can be integrated with your other social platforms and can serve as a compliment to your main social media accounts.
Even the occasional humorous content can provide a big boost to your channel and humanize your business.

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