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Ever wonder what it would require to take your organizationa€™s marketing efforts to the next level?  With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can provide your marketers with a powerful CRM solution that works the way they do. Pinpoint Segmentation  Identify high-probability prospects and instantly create targeted marketing lists with powerful segmentation tools and conditional formatting rules. Simplified Communications  Simplify your communications with built-in mail-merge capability, email templates, and one-click conversion of email messages.
Holistic Response Tracking  Drive closed-loop campaign execution by easily tracking responses and converting email responses to leads or opportunities with just a click. Powerful segmentation tools allow for the identification of high-probability prospects and instant creation of targeted marketing lists. Holistic campaign management capabilities allow users to define and track campaign budgets, tasks, activities, and collateral. Uncover new leads, identify influencers, and better understand social trends with the Connections feature and the Social Connector. Access campaign information, marketing budgets, and other information using any web-enabled mobile device or through the built-in offline capability. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers competitive pricing for fully functioning customer relationship management software.
If you are considering using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2011, or you recently became a CRM Online 2011 subscriber, then your marketing team is probably fairly excited (and with good reason to boot).
Leads –In CRM Online 2011, Leads are individuals that might be interested in a product or service that you offer. Contacts – A Contact represents a person that your business has a relationship with, such a customer, a supplier, or a colleague.
Accounts – An Account represents a company that your business has a relationship with, and is usually full of child Contacts. Campaigns – A Campaign holds all the information about a real-world advertising or marketing campaign.
Marketing List – Marketing Lists are lists of people that you want to send marketing materials to.
Dashboards – Dashboards are top-down overviews featuring Charts, Graphs, and Lists that dynamically update without any intervention.
Improvements to Marketing with CRM Online 2011 – As we mentioned earlier, not all of these entities were included in earlier versions of Dynamics CRM but were later added as the product evolved.
Most marketers can’t wait to dive into CRM Online 2011, as the default features are robust and easy to use. A panel of Microsoft Dynamics CRM experts provide reviews and opinions to aid professionals with the CRM selection process. Dynamics CRM automates many aspects of list management; for example, when opportunities are closed and marked as "won", Dynamics CRM can automatically update accounts from prospects to customers.
The CData Excel Add-In for Dynamics CRM enables you to create spreadsheets linked to Dynamics CRM, solving the problem of working with Dynamics CRM from Microsoft Excel, without losing the relationships among your data. One way to keep marketing lists clean is to start from scratch, rather than repurposing another list.

As you select tables and columns you want to import in the CData Data Selection wizard, the add-in builds the SQL query to be executed against Dynamics CRM.
In my next blog, I’ll take this example further by using the Marketing List just created to achieve the goal of contacting all leads the following morning after the Trade Show through the use of an Email Template. Marketing is one of the strongest and most underrated features in CRM Online 2011, being integral to the sales and revenue generation process.
Leads are very similar to Contacts; however, a lead is someone who has not been qualified as a potential customer.
Included in this entity are professional, personal, and family information, as well as multiple addresses. Information that is included in an Account is all relevant contact information, company information, category, relationship type, and address information. Campaigns are embarked upon with a specific goal in mind, usually introducing a new product or driving up sales.
Marketing Lists are targeted lists of Leads, Contacts, or Accounts that are filtered by various criteria, such as location, status, area of interest, etc. Want to see which of your marketing campaigns has been the most successful at generating new leads? Microsoft has added more than just new entities with CRM Online 2011, they’ve built powerful new marketing automation. The add-in adds a CData ribbon to Excel that makes it easy to pull lists into a spreadsheet, search, make edits, and push the changes back to Dynamics CRM. Before you attach the spreadsheet in an email, simply refresh to get any changes to the contacts. BCG Systems also has a special program for Dynamics support that gives you access to a team of Dynamics CRM experts that handle CRM application administration duties and allow you to better allocate your resources. Marketing has been built into Microsoft Dynamics CRM since the beginning, with real-world metaphors such as Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Campaigns being incorporated into system objects known as “entities”.
Let’s say that you are running a marketing booth at a convention, and 25 people let you know that they are interested in more information about your product, and leave their contact information with you. A Contact is usually an individual person, and can only have one Account set as its parent. Did your company just introduce a pricing point change for all of your Californian customers?
One of the most popular charts for marketing is a bar chart that groups leads by the source campaign that generated them.
The Dialog feature is new with CRM Online 2011, allowing you to qualify a lead as a potential customer by answering some default questions that are relevant to leads and your sales representatives. Many marketers are also choosing to extend their system by installing a third-party solution such as Constant Contact and Microsoft CRM Integration. For example, when your business development team closes accounts, Dynamics CRM will automatically remove the contacts and companies from your list. You need a little more control over the automation to be able to make decisions based on email events like Invalid Recipient and Bounce.

The add-in makes it easy to automate day-to-day tasks like generating spreadsheets based on a search, for example, getting all contacts from New York.
As Dynamics CRM continued to evolve, its marketing capabilities quickly progressed with each new version, gaining Marketing Lists, Dashboards, and powerful workflow automation. At first you are unsure as to the depth of their interest, and will need to add them to CRM Online as Leads. Campaigns empower you with the ability to e-mail a Marketing List of Californian Leads with any relevant information, such as the pricing point change, enmass. That means the members of the marketing list are adjusted automatically (dynamically) over time.
Many users have a pie chart loaded on their Dashboard that separates Leads into their current status, whether they have been successfully converted yet to an opportunity, or even a customer. The relationships between entities make it easy to keep your contact lists clean: Dynamics CRM can automatically propagate updates to related entities. With the CData add-in, you can use Excel macros to transfer spreadsheet data into Dynamics CRM: Simply enter a formula that references the cells in your other sheet, and drag the selection across the matching columns.
I’ll quickly go over each of these entities and you can see how they operate inside of the CRM Online 2011 system, and how you can utilize some of the powerful and new automation options available in CRM Online 2011. Once they have been added, you are free to follow up with them and qualify them before sending them to a sales representative.
Any e-mails and any responses are tracked inside of CRM Online 2011, and connected to the Campaign you used to initiate communication. There is no need to update a dynamic marketing list manually as any new leads you enter into the system are automatically added to any dynamic marketing lists they match the filter criteria of.
You can include more than one chart in your dashboard, mix and match and see what’s right for you!
Do you have that list of 25 people in a digital format, such as in a Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet or a text file? Want to send another e-mail to all of your Californian leads that’s similar to the previous e-mail? CRM Online 2011 makes it easy to work as a marketing manager; files can be imported directly into CRM Online using a wizard and the relevant Leads are automatically created and added to your system.
For marketers who find themselves repeating their campaigns on a consistent basis, dynamic marketing lists are invaluable. Also new in CRM Online 2011, once a Lead has been qualified an automatic Workflow can assign the qualified lead to a sales representative based off of certain criteria such as location (very similar to the way Marketing Lists work). In previous versions of Dynamics CRM, leads had to be qualified individually, but with CRM Online 2011 leads can be bulk qualified and assigned automatically.

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