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As one of the country’s largest quick service chains, the company was convinced there were certain myths and misconceptions surrounding its packaging, product launches, the quality of its food and the way in which that food was prepared.
It was a courageous and savvy move that recognizes the importance of creating a kinship with consumers, says Alex Sevigny, director of the McMaster-Syracuse Master of Communications Management program. It was the open, honest kind of approach that can silence the harshest of critics, turn a fence-sitter into a fan or, if it backfires, risk alienating consumers unsatisfied with the answers.
Remaining relevant is particularly important for fast food brands facing intense competition for market share and increased skepticism from consumers who are demonstrating their preferences for healthy food.
It is becoming increasingly important for McDonald’s to focus on its food quality message and the other unique attributes that it believes set it apart from competitors, especially with the popularity of high-end burger shops on the rise, and the introduction of breakfast sandwiches from rival shops like Tim Hortons. This past year, McDonald’s made several pushes to raise quality, such as with McCafe Premium Roast take home coffee (see “Bean there, doing that,” pg. The project was born from a conversation around QR codes, but the idea quickly evolved and became “a conversation engine,” says Andrew McCartney, managing director of Tribal DDB, the Toronto agency that developed “Our Food.
One of the opportunities was to introduce a full-blown digital campaign that allowed McDonald’s to have interactive, one-to-one conversations with consumers to help resolve any misunderstanding surrounding the brand or its food practices, says Michelle Mcilmoyle, senior national marketing manager at McDonald’s. Visitors to the site can look through other questions and use their own social channels to share questions and receive notifications once McDonald’s answers them. As a global food service retailer, McDonald’s had the advantage of drawing from campaigns and product launches that have been successful in other markets. The company also benefited from its marketing independence in going for something tailored to a Canadian audience. In August, McDonald’s promoted the digital project with a four-week “offline” advertising campaign that included a 30-second television commercial, wild postings, video projections on buildings and transit dominations in key markets across Canada.

Case in point: a recent Rocky Mountaineer TV spot in which a series of the Canadian train company’s riders are asked to describe the experience. Rather than cave in to today’s travel industry trend of discounting, Rocky Mountaineer made the bold move to maintain its position as a luxury experience—a strategy that has paid off.
Add the fact that the Canadian Tourism Commission has had its budget cut by roughly half in the last three years and Vancouver-based Rocky Mountaineer had to up its marketing game. Rocky Mountaineer is working with a budget that’s “single digits in terms of the millions.” Still, the privately owned company ran roughly 1,350 ads globally last year, and did the lion’s share of its marketing work in-house with a team of eight. Rather than join the discount trend, it boldly pushed its top-of-the-line GoldLeaf service.
If you are an existing print subscriber and you have not yet created an account and password for your digital access, please select “Create an Account”. Research established that a lot of these myths were seeded and growing within the social space. Your Questions.” digital platform, consumers were encouraged to ask their toughest questions. The bigger challenge was getting that message through to consumers, especially to those who were spreading the wrong message in the social sphere.
McDonald’s had seen an opportunity to use QR codes on its packaging to drive consumers online to a series of FAQs on its food quality. Your Questions.” launched in the spring with a YouTube video directing visitors to a dedicated website where they could submit questions about the brand by logging in through their Twitter or Facebook account. Experiences to draw on included the 2006 pre-social era rudimentary McDonald’s UK website titled, “Make up your own mind,” which was part of an ambitious brand revitalization that invited consumers to ask any questions they may have about the brand.

Your Questions.” through its Twitter and Facebook accounts, the company positioned the project as a responsive rather than proactive approach.
So that’s where McDonald’s decided to direct a bold campaign to face these misconceptions head on and use transparency to put any negative rumours to rest.
Your Questions.” digital platform was a way of staying relevant in a day and age where business practices are constantly called into question for all brands in all categories. Not long after Tribal won digital agency of record, Joel Yashinsky, McDonald’s Canada SVP and chief marketing officer, sat down with the team and invited them to share any and all big ideas they felt the chain should take advantage of, explains McCartney.
One of the most memorable and talked about videos features Hope Bagozzi, creative and national marketing director at McDonald’s Canada, explaining why a hamburger looks different in advertising than it does when purchased from the restaurant. Complemented by shots of gorgeous scenery, perfectly presented food and cheerful staff, it’s a stellar example of “show, don’t tell” storytelling. Instead, Rocky Mountaineer educated and created awareness around the brand’s superior service, impeccable food and remarkable scenery, through things like in-market consumer shows that let potential guests get a taste of a day in the life of a Rocky Mountaineer traveller through presentations by train managers. And McDonald’s says visitors are spending an average of four and a half minutes and reading approximately 12 questions.

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