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Rather than a long list of what you might do with your time, this three step system guarantees that you are focusing on what matters most. If you consistently add value to the people who read your ads, visit your site and buy what you sell (or recommend) you will create happy customers and a powerful business. Sharing actionable, helpful content is the best form of marketing possible in the 21st century. Most of today’s new online marketing millionaires are using the same thing you can use … content!
Whether through article publishing, videos, podcasts, books, reports or something completely different, make it your goal to add value with every contact you make with a potential customer.
I know some people want to openly share what they know and don’t want to bother with trying to set up a sales funnel. How much more could you share from your knowledge and research if you made an extra $200,000 in the next year?
How much more peace of mind, free time and just plain old fun would you have if you could stop worrying about paying the bills and start thinking about paying it forward? You can learn all these things, and actually master them, if you focus on doing fewer things. Instead, focus on Adding value, Building your list and Converting prospective customers into paying customers. Focus on the ABCs of online marketing, and watch your Internet business grow beyond your wildest dreams. Other than that, selective guest posting on authority blogs in your niche is the name of the game. But the posts stay on the blog forever so feel free to consume them on the timetable that best suits you.
These 3 areas provide the best stability to align sales and marketing based on a 2010 study by Aberdeen and lead to 20% sales increases year over year.
The best of breed have found these 3 areas provide a solid foundation for the alignment of sales and marketing to navigate the ups and downs of the marketplace. Discussing product or service features and benefits during the discovery phase is actually out of alignment with what the prospect is expecting in this phase of the buy-sell cycle. One of the major changes to capture better and higher quality Sales Ready Leads is to have conversations and dialogs with prospects in their language, not our own internal jargon.
A quick check of the language and messaging used today is to pull up current demand generation activities. During the creation of interest in a prospects mind, avoiding product and service details allows best of breed companies to focus on the business usage, value and the factors which influence prospects the most.. Aligning Sales and Marketing around how customers make decisions to buy your products and services is the second leg. Understanding the buying cycle is critical when building out the second leg of sales and marketing alignment to stay in tune with new prospects and existing customers as they are making buying decisions. The sales method is saved for last, because until we know how the customer makes decisions to buy your products and services.

Sales and Marketing need to mutually agree upon the stage and detailed step a marketing lead is transitioned to a sales ready lead. There is also a second important handoff when an opportunity stalls out in the sales funnel. Dramatic results are being achieved in this area by recycling stalled out sales ready leads back to marketing to be nurtured. Mobile marketing has become an integral part of any business plan, but knowing how to approach it effectively can be tricky.
If you put maps that are friendly to mobile phones on your site, you can attract local visitors.
Mobile marketing can propel your business forward, so it is important to understand the techniques to utilizing it properly.
This entry was posted in Business Method, Mobile Marketing and tagged Business Plan, Google Maps, Mobile Device, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Marketing Campaign, Mobile Phones. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and owner of The Directory of Ezines, Follow Up Selling Systems, Common Sense Blog Blueprint and other membership sites.
The Best of Breed have found a formula which works regardless of the size of company and the markets covered. Picture these 3 areas lined up with the 3 legs of an old milking stool which was built to be stable on uneven ground. However, during discovery, the prospect is focused on how the product or service can help them achieve their business needs based on value.
During discovery, the primary concern of an individual making a buying decision is their needs. Prospects expect to dialog around capabilities which can help them achieve their needs based on value during the discovery phase. Are the words used helping the prospects visualize how to use your products and services within their business to help achieve their needs based on value? These metrics from Marketing Sherpa demonstrate the factors which resonate the most with prospects while they are looking for content during discovery. It is no longer a sales cycle, it is an integrated buy-sell cycle focused on the appropriate concerns of the individuals making the buying decision.
It is difficult to create the proper sales stages and steps which line up with the buying cycle for the products and services offered. The main stages of the sales method, (middle of diagram below), line up with the buying methods of your customers. Prior to this sales step in the buy-sell cycle, marketing is nurturing the leads, not sales. During nurturing, it is important to use the proper content and tools which line up with where the opportunity is in the buy-sell cycle. Using a common language, how customers buy, and using a common sales method to help increase sales.

There are a lot of codes, formats and techniques that you will need to decipher and choose from when you are attempting mobile marketing. Should a prospect search for nearby businesses from their mobile device, the maps you put up can help them navigate to your store effortlessly. Your customers should be able to get access to the desired information with a minimum of clicks. Your audience will pay more attention to your campaign if it is perceived as a way to save money – and you will generate more sales thanks to the coupons.
The best news of all, the alignment of sales and marketing produces value for both the company, and the customers buying experience. They are the most interested in how  the capabilities offered can be used within their business. Prospects are looking for ways to achieve their needs, not trying to understand the features, specifications or the details of a product or service offering. Using common words and industry standards found within their vertical market or industry, not the sellers. The handoff of sales ready leads from marketing is where the race is won or lost in terms of creating higher quality leads.
Using recycling of sales ready leads back to marketing, companies are producing 50% more high quality sales ready leads at 33% less cost.
Send test messages to friends or family members and make sure they display properly before your campaign goes live.
You could send out an email a few days before the event, and then send a follow up email shortly before the sale is to start. Understanding the information and tips offered above is good way to take the first steps in launching a mobile marketing campaign. These items become a concern to the prospect during the evaluation phase, not during discovery. In the study, it was determined buyers have different levels of concern as they are making a buying decision. Best of breed use a common sales method across the company, and modify the details sales steps for the variances which exist within the product-service lines.
If the seller is not in tune with the buyers concerns and which phase they are in, the seller is out of alignment with the buyer.
You can accomplish this by using web forms or you can have the person sign up via text messaging.

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