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Insights Local News Sites Present Opportunities For Local Entrepreneurs Local News Sites Present Opportunities For Local Entrepreneurs 4 years ago by Editor Comments Off on Local News Sites Present Opportunities For Local Entrepreneurs Award-winning journalist, Robert Niles wrote an insightful story today about local journalism. I believe that his point is correct and that it opens up opportunities for local entrepreneurs. I shared this information with my brother who is an insurance agent in a suburb of Chicago. Advocacy is becoming a useful marketing tool and more organisations are starting to run an advocate program.
For advocate marketing to be truly effective, earned advocates need to be signed up as quickly as possible and encouraged to continually engage with your organisation.
More importantly, they are signed up to an advocate program – that means they are keen to engage with the business in a constructive manner and guide future decision making. What’s more, engaging our advocates in market research will benefit the advocate program by making them feel less like customers and more like partners. As our earned advocates probably have a positive view of our products and services, they represent a research group which have a greater depth of knowledge about our business than a lay person.
Our advocates are also groups of people with different levels of experience with our products and services. Long term advocates will be able tell us what we need to improve our product and guide how we develop it further.

Our advocates can be encouraged to pass back information regarding responses to our marketing strategies which they participate in. Granted, advocate programs are not for all organisations, but if the marketing team in your business run one, you should try and see how your market research can fit in.
ATF comprises the ASEAN Tourism Ministers’ Meeting, ASEAN Tourism Ministers and Dialogue Partners Meetings, TRAVEX (Travel Exchange) and ASEAN Tourism Conference. Each year, the hosting of ATF is rotated among the member states: Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. ATF is a cooperative regional effort to promote the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region as a single tourism destination where Asian hospitality and cultural diversity are at its best. Disclaimers: The news items are provided “as is” and “as available” basis, without warranty of any kind, implied, express or statutory and no warrant is provided on accuracy, adequacy or completeness of the items and furthermore liability for errors or omissions are expressly disclaimed. New online tools are emerging to get the best out of this technique; they can really turn your advocacy marketing into a strategy that pays.
These are essentially satisfied people and organisations that want to engage with your brand. This makes them perfect for asking questions about specific features, ideas and tools in our product. Fresh advocates will be able to represent the people with good first impressions of the product and can tell us what we are doing right when it comes to attracting new customers.

If not, you should at least find out why; it could be a powerful marketing and market research tool your business is missing out on. The ASEAN Tourism Ministers’ Meeting is preceded by the official level meetings of the ASEAN National Tourism Organizations.
All content made available here represents opinions and judgements of the respective writers and information providers from various news platforms. The gist of his article is that many national news organizations have tried to penetrate local news markets but are usually unsuccessful.
Earned advocates have already had a good experience with our company and in all likelihood are existing customers.
Ong Hong Peng received the award from the Minister of Hotels and Tourism, Republic of the Union of Myanmar, His Excellency U Htay Aung. This can work and you have the advantages of working close to home while using your local advantage to beat your distant competitors to your market.

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