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It’s that time again; the deadline for your upcoming email marketing newsletter is looming, and you just can’t find the energy or inspiration to even start. In fact, you find yourself staring at the screen with eyes slightly out of focus and fingers itching to type ‘w-w-w-dot-f-a-c-e-b-o-o…’ into your web browser.
Oh yeah when it comes to email marketing you got to have fun and you have to hit the passionate ideas. If your newsletter is a chore, not consistent, not working or if your company or division isn’t using one, it’s time to call clearcloud.
Because I help so many Realtors with their marketing efforts, I KNOW that generating a monthly newsletter can seem like an overwhelming task.
Your Real Estate Newsletter should be a tool to talk with current, past and potential real estate clients.
Market statistics – If you are doing a market area it is fine to use MLS wide statistics. An informative article – This is a big one in addition to statistics for making your readers feel they got a value for their time. An article or ads from an outside vendor – Per RESPA you cannot charge for space in your newsletter BUT you can get compensated for the exact amount of space they use on a print document. If you have a plan and a system for sending hard copy realtor newsletters, you can crank those babies out in a day!!!! Tara’s “tell it like it is” personality combined with her 100 miles per hour presentations have earned her the title “The Queen of Marketing Ahhh’s” from her raving fans. Writing Tips for Your Email Newsletter Three Girls MediaSpreading the Good News About You!
Make your subscribers feel that it’s worth being part of the relationship, adding to this value an incentive such as a promotional code with a discount offer to be used online or offline. To find more examples of newsletters, make a research using the keyword “coupon” in the benchmarking platform NewsletterMonitor. Find that person who’s always taking photos of team activities and projects and ask if they’ve got anything you can use.
See that grad student sitting and staring out the window or that guy whose project has just finished? Interview someone in the company who is considered (internally at least) an expert on a topic. Get creative and instead of writing an article, show or teach your recipients something using a presentation, webinar, infographic, photo album or video. Prior to this Kristin worked in Marketing and carried out email marketing campaigns in both agency and professional services companies. From design, technology, content, writing, imagery and integration with other digital marketing tools, clearcloud is an e-newsletter specialist.

It is actually amazing that we can send an email or two a month and let everyone know we care and are thinking about them or to mail a newsletter into an entire neighborhood and in one fell swoop let everyone know you are a neighborhood expert. These should be listings be similar in price to the area you are mailing to OR a good move up price OR show that you are a luxury lister. It can be about current local market trends, national real estate news, home related items like preparing for winter, what hurricane season means to your insurance needs or even house care tips. So you could feature a mortgage lender on one panel of a three panel piece and charge him one-sixth of the total cost of the mailing.
If you are using Top Producer or Wise Agent then you have the ability to generate lists of physical or email addresses. I’ve always found that attractive, informative realtor newsletters are a great way to keep your clients up to date and in the know.
Check out her marketing courses and products at the Marketing Artfully Shop or visit her Etsy Store, Paperly People.
Instead of procrastinating, shake off the cobwebs by going for a walk (depending on the neighbourhood), bouncing ideas around with a colleague, or drawing a mind map to organize your thoughts. Go and have a chat and ask them if they would like to help brainstorm or have a go at writing an article. Many company directors and team leaders often have messages or news they would like to share with clients but they just don’t have the time. Or re-introduce an existing team member that your audience really needs to know (or know better).
Nearly every industry from Engineering to Hospitality to Advertising has an industry association, so find out if they would like to contribute to your newsletter. Browse industry publications and websites and see what are the latest innovations, trends or scandals. It could be a staff competition that you take photos of and write an article about or it could be a competition for your readers. One of the best ways to demonstrate how great your company is without boasting is to let your successes speak for themselves.
Celebrate successes such as when your company wins a new client, completes a project, or organises a team bonding activity.
Clients are the ‘life blood’ of companies and an easy way to make them really happy is to give them a bit of free advertising. Start by searching for what other people are saying about your company and products and then branch out to other topics relating to your audience. Her role at Vision6 is to use integrated marketing communications to inform, educate and promote everything e-messaging to both clients and non-clients. We can get your business on track and show you how to manage this essential digital marketing tool.

Make sure you take into account all the costs of the newsletter including labor time to put it together, time to copy and prepare it, copier costs, postage, cost of the list if you have to buy it, etc.
Not only did I email my newsletter to my database, at least 4 times a year I would mail them a hard copy version. So help them out, and ask them if there is anything important they would like you to write about. Yes I’m sure there is quite a lot of talk about the latest Biggest Loser episode but what are people really getting passionate about? This is not only great for your team culture, but sharing these events with your clients helps them to feel like they know you.
Knowing what is going on at a company beyond the products and offerings can help your customers get to know and understand you better. To make it even more on the up and up, I had him make the check out to USPS to purchase postage, rather than having it made out to me.
Over 5 years after leaving the business, I would bet that some of them are still floating around in desk drawers! Next time you’re stuck coming up with ideas for your newsletter, here are a few writing tips to keep in mind.5 Email Newsletter Writing TipsStuck coming up with newsletter ideas? Here are 5 writing tips to get you started.Recycle your content! This is one of my top writing tips. Pull one of your recent blog posts, or an older one that’s still relevant, and add it to your newsletter.
Is there something going on in the news that relates to your business, such as a recent ruling or a popular topic?
Weigh in with your opinion, and ask your readers to reply with their thoughts or questions. Make a recommendation.
Remember to keep it brief and steer clear of sharing too much.Are you successful coming up with new ideas for your newsletter on a regular basis?
What writing tips do you recommend other business owners try?Special Offer: Complimentary ConsultationThree Girls Media, Inc.
We love working with small and emerging companies across the nation to raise their brand awareness and name recognition.

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