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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. 9 Easy Steps to Success: A Sample Internet Marketing PlanIt really is a signal that something in your life needs to alter. Marketing plan outline - quickmba, Template for a basic marketing plan, including situation analysis, market segmentation, alternatives, recommended strategy, and implications of that strategy..
How write marketing plan business easily, Get clear steps on how to write a marketing plan for your business in quick time. Marketing plan information, sample marketing plan , Marketing plan outline sample -tos: learn increase effectiveness business marketing plans, online marketing strategies, marketing promotion . Marketing plan template - download free forms & samples, Download marketing plan template free. XYZ Company provides Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to improve affordability, mobility and efficiency. We will fund our company by selling our proprietary software that manages traffic volume, allocation of resources and data encryption.
Our company’s vision is to provide quality, low cost services to businesses that may not otherwise have the start-up capital.
Our company has recruited some of the brightest IT specialists to set up and maintain our hosting site. Our focus is on small businesses with revenue between $500,000 and $10 million per year, as well as, larger firms with revenue over $10 million per year. This sample marketing plan will address our customer, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) or an equivalent position, in a medium to large organization that is seeking an affordable solution for mobile employees. XYZ Company targets: Organizations needing affordable, mobile IT solutions and their employees. There are several types of customers that may fall within our demographic for organizations with mobile employees: Any organization with a sales force, a call center or with global operations. The sample marketing plan also addresses the CIO that desires to keep company expenses low, while providing as many innovative resources to its employees as possible.
XYZ Company strategy focuses on securing state-of-the-art server technology and software to host applications for our customers. Our SaaS solutions are scalable and are deployed within a fraction of the time traditional software installation requires. Numerous startups and other companies have yet to take advantage of innovative SaaS solutions.
With SaaS, businesses can access the same information and applications from any location in the world.
XYZ Company will use email marketing campaigns and leverage social media for a vast majority of our marketing. XYZ Company intends to establish a website customer inquiry form to capture information about customers who reach the site through search engine results. Our company will focus on improving productivity of mobile employees in a safe and secure virtual environment.
We do not expect any changes in staff or marketing that will significantly affect our budget for the coming year.
As the company grows, we anticipate the marketing budget to increase in the second and third year. Our sample marketing plan establishes key marketing metrics to ensure that we meet our goals and objectives. We estimate that every 1 in 100 customers will express a sincere interest in our product and request a free consultation. Lema Lalo, VP Marketing has developed numerous marketing plans and been involved in numerous product launches in other organizations.

If you’re creating a document to present your business to someone else, you can use it as a sample marketing plan and make adjustments as necessary. This sample marketing plan demonstrates the strategies employed to convert sales and create steady streams of revenue. Within the first three years of business, the company expects to become profitable and expand.
By hosting and maintaining applications on our servers, we significantly lower the associated costs. Our specialists work around the clock to ensure that business applications are running 99.9% of the time.
Our focus will remain on small businesses with mobile employees that have difficulty raising capital and businesses that are resistant to change due to data security. These segments require customers who are computer savvy and recognize the need to increase sales conversions through efficient business operations and applications. The distinguishing factor between these customers lies in the department where the budget expense will be deducted. CIOs seek solutions that will help their business run efficiently, while retaining their employees and customers. Companies have improved employee productivity, employee satisfaction, sales conversions and lowered costs with the use of Software as a Service. Seamless customer service is offered when data and applications are uniform despite location. XYZ Company uses this information to allocate their marketing dollars more effectively and improve sales conversions.
Emails for direct marketing campaign and search engine optimization will be completed by our in-house by our staff and IT professionals. Our sample marketing plan indicates that the total marketing and sales expenses will increase to approximately 15% of total sales. Other metrics will include sales conversions, monthly subscription price, sales of software and IT services. Our team is comprised of one professional with a background in software development, one individual with a background in IT and an individual with a background in business and marketing. Prior to joining XYZ, he was the Vice President of Software Development at a major wireless telecommunications provider for three years.
She brings her expertise and wealth of knowledge from her previous experience with a software development company.
Expedia CouponCodes - Learn How to Book Your Dream ???, Tracfone Promo Codes - What Are They? It is based on the Systems Thinking Approach, and guides the development of the strategic marketing and sales plan in the context of the bigger picture corporate strategies.
However, we don’t recommend using it as your main marketing plan as it’s heavy on assumptions and light on actions. XYZ Company is challenged to gain visibility for our company in the marketplace and demonstrate our competitive advantage.
They may also have problems funding IT professionals, limited knowledge of information technology, trouble predicting future server needs and a limited budget. XYZ Company intends to communicate with our customers through social media applications and email marketing to receive continual input regarding our services. We have a fast and responsive team that will minimize application downtime and lost revenue. Many organizations spend millions of dollars on server equipment, software and IT professionals. Our solutions will target the demographic that needs improvement in these areas, while providing a more cost effective, more secure and faster service. Organizations who desire to cater to companies with mobile employees recognize that this group wields a significant amount of spending power.

By providing a quality solution, our company will not only improve the efficiency of the business, but we will also develop a rapport with the CIO. Though the competition is great, our competitive advantage lies in our proprietary encryption software and competitive pricing structure. Our team works with numerous professionals that help us deliver solutions to businesses worldwide.
Using this template will allow the user to follow a rigorous process in developing the marketing plan, that takes into consideration the external business environment, and the internal corporate strategies and goals, then develops clear marketing goals, strategies and action plans to implement effective marketing. XYZ Company provides businesses with solutions that are scalable and environmentally friendly. We aim to accomplish this by employing social media, email marketing and search engine optimization strategies.
We will also market fast and affordable IT services to companies who already have their own servers. Applications may be accessed from any computer that has a web browser and an Internet connection. CIOs recognize the importance of this demographic and want to reach the market before it is saturated. Our aim is to gain some their marketshare and also reach startups that cannot afford their services.
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The solutions also reduce maintenance costs, equipment costs and other costs associated with hosting new data-intensive applications.
As people recognize our value and responsiveness, word of mouth advertising will propel us into the forefront of our industry. This is a significant savings and a unique selling point to companies seeking IT solutions. Organizations must demonstrate a competitive advantage over other companies offering similar services.
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