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The discussion of the intersection between independent musician and entrepreneur is not a new one.
And rightfully so… whether you are a solo artist working on your own, or have a band that you can share the responsibilities with, the amount of time it takes to get through the never-ending task-load can very quickly surpass the number of hours in a day, week or year.
Below are 5 tactics that have been an immense help for me personally to manage my time effectively. Mapping out your plan isn’t just essential, it is literally the answer to effective time management. Whether it is at the top of the year, quarter, month, week or day, you should have a plan of attack. Content schedule for social media content (tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, blog posts, newsletters, etc.), new music releases, show dates, etc. In a recent interview for NPR, Clifford Nass, a communications professor at Stanford studied the contrary effects of multitasking vs.
By holding off on checking my inbox, and carving out time for just email, I was able to get through my inbox in an hour or so, instead of the 3 that it would take me checking it off-and-on throughout the day. There are many small tasks that we have in our daily lives that we simply must do to maintain our vision, presence, brand, schedule, etc.
In other words, If [a new blog is published to my WordPress blog], Than [share the link on my Facebook Fan Page]. On Hypebot, Clyde Smith recently published a fantastic walkthrough of IFTTT which I highly suggest you read and get yourself set up with. If you feel like you are procrastinating more than average, and it’s holding you back from accomplishing your goals, I strongly suggest you read this book. The fact that an individual would take offense to any of these points just goes to show that a basic understanding and realistic perspective of the entertainment industry is completely lacking in said individual.

Both are responsible for shaping their own careers, building their own teams, setting their own goals and working towards the proper milestones that will turn dreams into reality. It is the foundation on which the rest of your time management strategies are built, so let’s discuss this one first. By treating all of your tasks as equally important, you are adding unnecessary stress to your day because while you work on one task, you will naturally feel as though there is something else you need to be doing or checking. I was not only making it a priority (a big mistake!) over other tasks, but I was constantly checking it while doing other things, which meant that my focus on any other task was consistently being interrupted. Most of these small tasks, such as sharing your most recent blog post to Facebook and Twitter, are harmless on their own, but when added up together can take a significant amount of time out of your day, and a significant amount of focus away from your prioritized task list. This platform allows you to batch and automate tasks through a very simple process of connecting your digital channels (at time of writing there are 79 channels available for you to connect) and answering the simple question: If ___ Than ___. It will help you, as it helped me, to identify the areas of my life that were causing resistance and how to remove (or correct) those issues so I could work at going pro. You won’t be mentally prepared to deal with all of the fame, fortune, and international attention. Critics and fans will eat you alive for every little misstep you do, crushing your soul and spirit in the process. You will spend most of your money while being consumed in the excitement and frenzy of your new-found celebrity… only to find yourself broke when your fame suddenly dries up overnight.
You won’t have the wisdom of past experiences to guide you through the confusing and often deceitful industry.
True success is all about the continuous journey of improvement and the satisfaction you get from enduring the tough times and accomplishing your dreams and visions through persistence and hard work.
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Your handlers will push you beyond the brink of what your body is able to physically endure in order to squeeze every last dollar out of your celebrity before it fades away. Having your life hit its peak overnight and then fade away as quickly as it appeared is a soul-crushing event and a recipe for severe mental depression, stress and anguish.
If you skip the process and the journey itself, your enjoyment will be short-lived, regardless of your riches. A person seeking to achieve and maintain real success in this business would take these ten points for what they are: observations by one who had the mind to actually contemplate such an issue and share it with others who might benefit from the insight.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Or interview a few that you know who lead those double lives very well and post an interview with them. Being new and unprepared is a formula for disaster.New artist need to keep in mind that you and your art are products to a major label. There's nothing wrong with getting a deal, but a good deal that will benefit both the label and artist is few and far between. You will be told everything you want to hear, see lots of shiny objects thrown at you and appear to be the next big thing. Brian Thompson, the more I think about it, the more I think that your advice is actually an utter failure.

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