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Yet, according to a recent study from MarketingProfs, 87% of B2B marketers use social media platforms in their content marketing efforts. So the question stands: how can a B2B marketer ensure that his or her social media inbound campaigns are the most effective they can be? Take a close look at the nexus of B2B business models and the primary function and benefits of social media. For many marketers, the relationship between social media and inbound marketing is not 100% clear.
Most would say that the purpose of inbound marketing is to create great content and promote it through various channels. So, when we talk about the relationship between social media and inbound marketing campaigns in the B2B context, we need to be clear that it’s both a primary channel and a secondary tool. A recent Content Marketing Institute study gave a clear picture of what a successful B2B social media marketer would look like.
Conveying these factors through social media is compounded by the reality that social channels are highly personal venues. An example of #1 would be communicating with a buyer within your target market from your brand’s Twitter account. Are our offers encouraging them to sign up for more information and become part of our email subscriber base?
Are they including us in their research process (and thereby building our brand authority) by downloading our white papers or reading case studies? Have they self-identified as a lead by reaching out, opting in for specific information, or signing up for a demo?
Did they opt in for a nurturing track to stay connected to us for a specific product suite or practice area?
Did specific social interactions help us promote content that improves our conversion rate or average sale amount during the sales process? Instead, understanding the bigger dynamics of how to craft a campaign, how to measure its success, and where to place social media in the B2B marketing landscape will give you the foundation to make those choices yourself.
Google authorship will play an increasingly important role in getting eyes on your content. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23.
MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. This Kenshoo Guide is intended to help marketers discover the key components of a third party social advertising technology platform and what to look for in a partner, and provide quick tips for a successful evaluation process.
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There are 3 key B2B marketing points that you need to consider before you move too far ahead with your overall B2B marketing plan. You can’t get by in a B2B social media marketing context simply by existing and waiting for people to come to you. Building your B2B marketing strategy on placing ads, such as Google Adwords, Twitter Ads, or Facebook Ads, is a great way to drive people to your website – but it comes at a price. The problem with all of these online ad campaign is that you set a certain budget to spend per month.
This is why continuing to create and share useful information in your industry is so important as it creates impressions over and over again. The two most popular places for creating B2B marketing impression are LinkedIn and Twitter. It’s a feel good story and they got right on top of it in real time – they didn’t wait to address it in an email or through the media. This is for a free ebook that will appeal specifically to the type of businesses they want to attract. The difference between LinkedIn and Twitter is, as you can guess, the number of impressions and their lasting effect on those who see them. Showcasing your brand as one which is in touch with your industry has many obvious bonuses. Remember that you’re using social media to make impressions, and to build real relationships with other businesses who may buy your products. Direct response: In the chat groups and discussion you join you will come across people in the group asking direct questions. Women who are owning those qualities, and taking that passion and God-given characteristic and bringing it into their businesses are absolutely killing it – literally making millions of dollars doing what they were born to do, and loving every minute of it. Why are some women still playing small, day in and day out, trying to make money and keep their business alive?

The one thing that makes some women successful — is the same thing that makes other women fail.
This might sound strange, but the same thing that makes some women great in business is the same thing that’s killing yours.
And so having a soft heart is one of the best things a woman in business today can have going for her. They’ve got a point of view, a purpose and a clear, solid message and they stick with it.
Well how many of you have watched a video, read a Facebook post, read a sales page, learned about a program, or read a blog from another successful business woman, and when you read their words, your heart just went pitter pat? But you have your own business, with your own purpose, and you have something that’s uniquely yours.
Many women let their soft hearts lead them astray day after day as you witness other successful women around you. Robin enjoys coaching purposeful entrepreneurs with big missions through startups, product launches, massive growth, visibility and lead generation that has resulted in multimillion dollar successes. In fact, of 13 tactics proposed from the content marketing arsenal, social media was the most popular.
Here’s a closer look at some of the lessons I have learned consulting for social media on behalf of clients in the last few years. By understanding where these two most effectively connect, it becomes easier to see where marketers can invest their time to get the best results in B2B social campaigns. Content marketing allows for businesses to connect to the target market and provide content that’s relevant to their stage in the buying cycle. The deeper and more compelling your customer profile, the more successful you will be in terms of reaching them. The first is at the organizational level: what’s the most pressing problem that the company is facing and how does your product or service solve that? An example of #2 would be communicating with a buyer from your own personal Twitter account, or via your LinkedIn account, while identifying yourself as a representative of your company. Each social media engagement is a chance to impart helpful information to the right person at the right time, and to create a positive brand impression. So for each marketing effort, it’s important to have a series of goals that take into account the potential universe of conversions. But social media has the potential to drive the hundreds of small actions along the way that result in the sale. It’s hard to measure impact in a way that makes people comfortable with marketing metrics.
They’re also incredibly useful for helping you identify what content is successful, and this information helps you understand your target market as well as refine and optimize your strategy and content. Every content marketing strategy should include a secondary dissemination loop, and social media needs to play a key role in that. Images (think Pinterest and Instagram), video, and the rise of micro video are opening whole new content avenues.
Each one will help you further refine your goals, reach your customers, and build a sustainable campaign. It hasn’t worked in the real world, you’ve had an advertising budget since you started, and it won’t work on social media. We’re all obsessed with getting clicks to our website, I still remember click counters from the early 90s being displayed as a point of pride. This is ideal in a B2B marketing setting as there are very, very few ‘impulse buys’ when compared to the B2C setting. You can do it for TV shows, movie releases, events, industry conferences, anything that’s happening NOW. They were right there on Twitter with someone who may not be a B2B lead, but who is definitely a part of their brand story and overall impressions. This type of content does not succeed as often on Twitter where people want their updates in 140 characters or less, but is perfect for someone who is looking for something more involved on LinkedIn. It’s certainly much more than a place where people go to have marketing impressions placed on them too. All you have to do is join in on relevant Twitter chats, join popular Facebook and LinkedIn groups, or just share these pieces of content through your regular updates.
Not only is this the polite thing to do, but it can also earn you some interaction with that expert. The important thing to remember is that they don’t need you …unless you make yourself needed.
Having a strategy for your direct marketing messages and links to your sales landing pages is just as important as any of the above points.
The setting is informal, loose, and frequently about information sharing – you’re not selling to random people, you’re selling to your friends.
You’ve been schmoozing and building relationships, now’s the time to get those clicks and make some sales. This is where you will work in content, about 20% of the time, that is directly related to your brand and your sales efforts.

If those questions relate to your products or services in any way it is your chance to show your expertise and link to these products. All the while you’re still free to share your blog posts, video marketing efforts, and new website pages which don’t directly market, but which do lead to a landing page. But on the flip side, it’s the one thing that can literally suck the life and profitability right out of your business if you let it. There’s no doubt you keep up to date on your competitors, you follow mentors, you listen to training and get advice from business coaches all day long, right? Smart marketing turns down all the noise out there and uses LEVERAGE and highly focused efforts to produce insane results without spreading yourself too thin. We want to empower people with the knowledge and tools to know they can play big, and they can do it now, today, and keep up with the big guys in easy, creative, fun and LEVERAGED ways to get success while truly bootstrapping and having your biz fund itself along the way. Be moved, get inspired, let it resonate, agree with them, cheer them on… but stay clear on your message, don’t be moved.
A common example of this would be promoting a recent blog post via social media channels in order to raise awareness of the blog post. Subsequently sharing links to that content on Twitter and Facebook is using those channels to amplify it.
The second is at the buyer level: what is going to make the decision maker(s) behind the purchase choose your solution over others on the market?
Map your B2B social strategy so that it’s possible to strategically push on these levers and to measure their impact when they happen.
As mobile technology continues to outpace more traditional computer use, even in the business context, B2B companies with a mobile-visual strategy will be positioned to come out ahead of their competitors. Because the channel is becoming more integral, it is important to understand how to effectively and efficiently manage your social advertising efforts through third party technology platforms. When you’re building your plan to stay on the minds of your consumers, here are 3 points to build your strategy around. This is where you’ll have better results sharing long-term research studies, quarterly reports, and working in a long-term setting towards impressions.
You can share articles from industry newsletters, major news organizations, and other experts.
They could reply to you and start building a relationship with your brand, or they may retweet you and create impression for your brand amongst their audience. If you’ve built a good Twitter audience, you can also feel free to start your own hashtag for your B2B chat.
You will have to focus on behaving and interacting with them the same way they interact with one another. This is much more valuable than making one sale through a random Google Adword campaign as it lasts longer. People are coming to your Timeline now to follow you after building their trust – give them what they want …YOUR BRAND! This is where B2B marketing through social media really shines – you’re creating connections with real people with real businesses, and creating a plethora of touch points with your brand’s website and overall online marketing experience.
Right now the world is hungry for real, genuine people who really care about them – so it’s definitely an opportune time for women in business. But with inbound marketing in general and social media in particular, the social-to-sale pathway is more complex.
Niche networks that cater to your customers are also worth getting to know, as they can be a source of highly qualified leads. Thinking of your B2B marketing accounts on social media as places where you share industry news is a great way to keep your impressions high, and build trust. This will help you grow your trust levels with those you’re sharing from, as well as with your audience. Sticking your ads into the group won’t work – you’ll be deleted and banned in a hurry in most cases.
They’ve got swarms of folks coming to their website and Facebook page on a daily basis, lining up to buy their products, and they sell out programs faster than you can even finish daydreaming about it. Have you taken a deep dive into understanding the ecosystems of your key networks — for example, using hashtags on Twitter to extend your reach? It’s an excellent step to take after you buy LinkedIn followers as it further legitimizes your B2B marketing efforts.
Of course, you can offer plenty of different products and services, but they all stem from that one platform. That’s what keeps us relevant in the midst of millions of other marketing businesses.

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