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Since the start of 2012, Gossett Marketing has noticed an uptick in orders of personal fitness products. Wellness Journals: This category constitutes anything from a food log to an exercise tracker. Fitness Kits: Kits that contain items like a jump rope and a resistance band make it easy for recipients to work out at home or while travelling.
Low-Calorie Cookbooks: I love it when our customers purchase imprinted cookbooks because people really hold on to them.
Everyone wants to shape up in 2012 – so help your customers and employees do just that by giving out promotional marketing products for fitness.
Keep Work Relationships Civil I recently had a meeting with the sales team of a company that I shall not name. Traveling kitchens, mobile canteens, grease trucks – whatever your city calls them, nothing is hotter right now in the catering business than food trucks. Food trucks are no longer that greasy, roach coach you pass by and wonder what type of meat they are actually serving in their sandwiches. If your food truck is serving alcohol, a great customer giveaway is a key chain bottle opener. Whether your food truck specializes in Philly cheesesteaks, macaroons, or grits, no one will even know that unless you promote your business correctly. It takes a few months to build up a truly successful account so pass out promotional stickers to all your customers to help gain exposure. I’m sure food trucks remind some people of that bland hot dog cart on the sidewalk corner but, many food trucks today specialize in gourmet foods that make your mouth water by just reading the menu.

When you’ve picked the perfect spot for the day, tweeted your followers your location, and prepped the food, the last thing to do is put your promotional pop-up poster board outside presenting the day’s menu and open for business. Almost everyone I know has resolved to lose weight in the new year, so our customers are ordering accordingly!
The wearer clips on her pedometer in the morning and is able to track the number of steps she takes during the day. I’m an advocate of Weight Watchers, so I’m a firm believer in writing down the items that I consume every day, so I’d love to receive an imprinted food log and I know that I’d carry it with me on a daily basis (great logo exposure!). Because each item within the kit is typically imprinted, your brand is getting exposure no matter which piece of equipment the recipient chooses to use. Even if they do not use the book, they probably won’t throw it away – it will sit on their shelf and every time they go through their cookbook collection, our customer’s name will be right there. East to West Coast, Americans are loving getting their lunches via the quick and easily accessible truck right outside their office. This became a huge step in the evolution of food truck dining and opened yet another door for economic growth in the food truck business. These custom key chains can be printed with your logo or personal message for the local community to carry with them at all times. A recent poll stated that 23% of people surveyed follow a food truck in their area on social media. Use hashtags to get your business trending, give discounts to new followers or customers that share a picture of their lunch. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, people will connect over a great bite to eat and a fun environment.

MSRP applies to the continental 48 United States and does not include such items as delivery, installation, installation accessories (i.e. If she doesn’t meet her goal number of steps by a certain time, then she knows that she’ll need to take a walk to meet that number – such an easy way to burn calories without going to the gym. Exercise journals are also great for logo exposure because so many people carry them to the gym to record their exercise history – they sit on weight benches everywhere and do your marketing for you. No matter where a person is going, they will need their keys, meaning your food truck advertisement will be going with them. These stickers can be put anywhere from cars to laptops on college campuses, giving your traveling truck maximum exposure.
Always have music playing that will attract customers and make sure to never work without a smile.
As a bonus, giving out logoed pedometers means that the wearer will see your brand name several times a day, as will those around her. The more you enjoy promoting your business, the more enthusiastic the public will be to join in. Create an atmosphere around the truck that gets people excited to come back, not only for your amazing creations, but for the unique service.

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