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In the mobile research briefs we published last month, we heard an interesting developer story. As with many development projects, the constraints of time, budget and reality dilute the ideal situation.
Advertising SolutionsThe leading digital marketing solution for technology focused advertisers. Who We AreAt Developer Media, we are leading the charge in marketing programs and ad distribution focused on web, mobile, and software developers.
Why Choose Us ?With more than 23+ million unique professional developers visiting our sites every quarter, we work with you to ensure that your products and services will reach the right audience at the right time. Get StartedChange copy to read: If you have a developer-focused product, need to connect with the software developer community, have an app developer initiative, or are just looking for influencers, we can help with innovative strategic advertising and marketing solutions. Mobile apps can add serious dollars to the bottom line for your business and are doing so for forward thinking business owners and marketers all over the world.
One of the most striking features of mobile apps is that their creation is limited only by your creativity.
Apple’s App Store just reached its 10 billionth app download and is currently holding (according to Distimo) 350,000 applications, while Google’s Android Market offers 130,000 applications to download. However current app market research shows that mobile app marketing is pretty much still in its infancy. The most used and preferred method of finding an app is still the search in the app store itself – followed by recommendations by friends for apps. For android app market and app store marketing your app needs to be promoted utilising this behaviour. Being used to the sophistication of traditional web search the app store or android market search comes as one big disappointment.
The optimisation of meta tags in the developers app account is the one thing to do before you publish the app, most of it can only be updated only after a code update.
Since there is now an abundance of apps you won’t gain much if yours does not appear in the top 50 search results, at least! We did some research about the impact of bad reviews on the app sales and found it relatively strong. In app mobile advertising is now purported to be a $2 billion industry, the acceptance amongst the user is growing hence it’s a good way to promote your app from within other contextually related apps. We’ve seen earlier that recommendations for apps by friends or peers plays a major role in finding and downloading apps. To give your app a push and bring it (back) to desired rankings it makes sense to update its code in a frequent matter and also run promotions or decrease the price for some time. As mentioned earlier producing a little video to showcase the USPs of your app is almost a must and easy enough to do. This research report categorizes the global mHealth solutions market by products and services into connected medical devices, mHealth applications, and services. With the given market data, MarketsandMarkets offers customizations as per the company’s specific needs.
On the basis of connected medical devices, the mHealth Solutions market is segmented into blood glucose meters, ECG monitors, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, peak flow meters, neurological monitoring devices, sleep apnea monitors, multiparameter trackers, and others.
During the forecast period, the mHealth applications segment is expected to grow at a highest CAGR of 48.1%.
The mHealth services market is segmented into remote monitoring, diagnostic and consultation, treatment, fitness and wellness, prevention, and healthcare system strengthening services. In 2014, North America accounted for the largest share of the mHealth solutions market, followed by Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa. Mobile apps augment the basic functions of mobile gadgets that have taken the technology space by storm in the recent times. We conducted some qualitative interviews to accompany our quantitative research, and we learned that really, every developer, given time and an ideal world, would enjoy creating native mobile apps. Development schedules may be compressed or unworkable for a native app, so they build a mobile-friendly HTML5 app in the time available.
In other scenarios, developers may choose to create a native app because they need to take advantage of hardware features easily accessible through a particular mobile OS. While developers prefer to build native apps, given unlimited resources and time, often, cross-platform apps are the best and most prudent solution. We represent 9,000+ influential websites, online communities, blogs, and projects service the software, mobile, and app development market. And you don’t have to be a big brand to have an app; even the smallest of small businesses can have their own mobile app quickly, easily, and affordably.
Both online and offline businesses, in sectors ranging from hospitality to consumer products, are already generating sales by enabling buyers to browse products and place orders via mobile phones and tablets.  Mobile phones are also being used to book reservations at restaurants, buy tickets for sporting events and shows, sell music and more. There are studies that show that a person’s ability to retain information is decreasing, primarily due to the fact that we all know we have instant access to information and therefore have been conditioned to not have to remember. Mobile apps make it easy to generate leads by offering short compelling messaging via push notification, gated coupons, exclusive content, or mobile only contests. Businesses use mobile apps to inform on new arrivals, discounts and sales on products or services. QR codes that appear in print marketing and also at the point of purchase are unlocked with mobile apps to activate discounts, loyalty points, even freebies. Social referrals from satisfied users, in the form of reviews that appear on Google Plus and other sites, to images on Facebook, and positive experience on Twitter spread the word about good service and affordable prices. They can be of general use, for your business or specific to an element of your business; for example, an app created by Shopkick Inc. He has been recognized as a Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer and is considered a leading social media, mobile, and digital marketing strategy consultant as well as an accomplished author and speaker. Weever Media offers App Marketing and we have done lots of projects hence we wanted to share the most valuable insights here. Interesting also the good acceptance of in app advertising with 9% quoting as a preferred method of finding apps.
In plain English app store seo functions to cover the searches in the stores and social media to stimulate peer to peer recommendations.
It’s obviously early days for app stores technology-wise but we expected rather big improvements in terms of search or promotional functionality in the stores. The Apple App Store algorithm is still rather rudimental and is pretty much based around downloads and positive reviews.

Some require an app-video and it’s also in general a good idea to create one for promotional purposes and spread it across the social media platforms. These sites provide you with good targeting technology and the biggest ones have a massive amount of traffic.
The connected medical devices segment comprises blood glucose meters, ECG monitors, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, peak flow meters, neurological monitoring devices, sleep apnea monitors, multiparameter trackers, and others. In 2014, North America accounted for the largest share of 32.1% of the mHealth solutions market, followed by Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa. These markets are broken down into segments and subsegments, providing value analysis for 2013, 2014, and 2015, as well as forecast up to 2020. The research report discusses the key market drivers, restraints, and opportunities in the global mHealth solutions market and its submarkets. Blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, and multiparameter trackers are some of the most widely-used connected medical devices across the globe. Remote monitoring accounted for the largest share of nearly 63.5% of the global mHealth services market. Although Europe will dominate the mHealth solutions market during the forecast period, Asian countries (particularly China and India) and Latin American countries (particularly Brazil) are expected to offer significant growth opportunities for mHealth Solutions market players in the forecast period.
New kinds of mobile gadgets have been bombarding the tech-market since long now, and have registered a very strong presence in the market.
How do you separate the online wheat from the social chaff?Unfortunately, there’s no single answer, but you can hedge your bets by picking the most promising and keeping a close eye on them. Or, thanks to company BYOD policies, enterprise users have such a variety of devices that it’s both unfeasible and less secure to try to build native apps that will run on all devices (and the support would be a nightmare).
The number of people using mobile devices, smartphones and tablets to research and shop on the move continues to increase. Convenience is the name of the game and having your brand in the palm of your customer’s hand is the essence of convenience. In a noisy and competitive marketplace this is bad news for businesses that have a poor digital footprint and don’t give their customers simple and easy access to their business. Push notifications are fast becoming a part of every online marketer’s arsenal and are completely free for app owners. Using the right QR code software can allow you to change the link associated with a QR code even after it’s printed to keep your marketing campaigns alive, fresh, and relevant.
Businesses with mobile apps that carry social sharing buttons can leverage this interactivity to build brand equity and allow your customers to become advocates for your business. Offering your mobile community the privilege of first access to deals, limited-time discounts, exclusive content, and new releases builds loyalty with your customers and provides an incentive to become a member of the community.
This can serve to give prospects that little nudge which finally convinces them to make a purchase and moves your relationship with them to a new level.
Brett has worked with a variety of companies --- from startups to global brands such as HP and Canon --- helping them understand and implement digital marketing strategies, amplify their message, and drive KPIs. One good approach is to provide an app inbuilt function to ask users to review the app and direct them back to the app store where they can do so.
This purely performance based approach is certainly a good way to gain accessibility and visibility amongst your targeted audience and we can only recommend these sites. Write press releases and articles to boost the SEO juice of your microsites and get good rankings in Google search. On the other hand, risk of data theft, stringent regulations by the FDA and EU, low guidance from physicians in selecting apps, and resistance from traditional healthcare providers are restricting mHealth Solutions market growth.
Blood pressure monitors accounted for the largest share of the global connected medical devices market in 2014; this segment will continue to dominate the connected medical devices market during the forecast period, mainly due to the growing awareness among patients for the treatment of hypertension through continuous monitoring, proper diets, and timely medication. The large share of this region can be attributed to the rising need to curtail the soaring healthcare expenditure in this region, increasing focus on patient-centric healthcare delivery, and the presence of a large number of market players. Each market is comprehensively analyzed by geography (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle-East and Africa) to provide in-depth information on the global scenario.
On the other hand, risk of data theft, stringent regulations by the FDA and EU, low guidance from physicians in selecting apps, and resistance from traditional healthcare providers are restricting market growth.
Blood pressure monitors accounted for the largest share of the global connected medical devices market in 2014. Healthcare apps (comprising chronic care management apps, general health and fitness apps, and women’s health apps) accounted for the largest share of the mHealth apps market in 2014.
This is majorly attributed to the rapidly aging population in developed countries, high levels of chronic disease in emerging markets, and rising per capita income in these countries. Nowadays, many tech-lovers have also started following mobile market trends meticulously.The major players in the mobile market are iPhone, Android phones, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile phones. The key is to sign-up early and to maintain a semi-active presence while the app’s user-base develops. More likely, developers simply want to access the camera and camera roll, GPS data, or address book data for an enterprise solution. As compared to the previous year, business utility and productivity apps posted a 143% increase in 2013. I may love a restaurant, but without enough frequent impressions of their brand I will forget them.
Using the right mobile apps platform you can even embed awesome mobile landing pages using services like LeadPages. You could use them to drive downloads of your app, offer discounts, a customer loyalty program, announce a new product, or provide exclusive content. Social media integration into your app allows for customer service to be offered via social networks like Twitter as well. The concept, already in use for online shopping, now has a parallel in real-world shopping too.
Google’s Android Market is taking into account a measure of activity in the application and not simply new installs per day.
The increasing prevalence of hypertension coupled with the growing demand for vital signs monitoring at home are expected to drive the growth of this mHealth Solutions market in the coming years. However, the market for blood glucose meters is expected to grow at the fastest pace during the forecast period.
Growth in the healthcare apps segment is mainly driven by the increasing downloads of paid healthcare apps by patients for the self-monitoring of vital signs on a continuous basis and communicating with physicians for related services. Growth in this market is primarily driven by the increasing adoption of smartphones across the globe, availability of high-speed networks, and rising demand for remote patient monitoring and consultation services for chronic disease management and general healthcare and fitness.

Businesses that have incorporated apps in their sales and marketing processes are reporting increased sales and improved process efficiency as well. Luckily a mobile app is there to save the day by reminding me who they are, what I love about them, and providing me with frequent reasons to come back. This easy access to information and the opportunity to quickly get questions answered or concerns addressed has become the name of the game in this digital era. Be it an increase in forecast accuracy and first time sales or a decrease in redundant activities and administrative time, mobile apps contribute in diverse ways to increasing profitability. However, the blood glucose monitors segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR of 26.1% during the forecast period. New technologies like peak flow meters and pulse oximeters are expected to have a lower adoption rate among patients owing to the lower awareness. The growing trend of leading a healthy lifestyle among people by monitoring various health parameters on a daily basis is also one of the key factors driving the growth of mHealth Solutions market segment, which in turn is contributing to the growth of the mHealth apps market. Catering to the needs of mobile-buyers and in order to meet the sky-high demand of mobile apps, numerous firms dealing in mobile app development have pulled up their socks.With the fortitude of developing spellbinding mobile apps, these firms have started working full-throttle. This is less for particular categories but you still need to have a good app and some good app marketing to get there.
This market is mainly driven by the increasing prevalence of diabetes, which will correspondingly drive the adoption of blood glucose monitoring devices among patients. Moreover, these connected deices require training to operate and analyze data for accurate diagnosis, which is expected to further limit their adoption. The apps being developed these days are being made to meet business and well as individual needs.A hands-on mobile app developer can be called so as long as he stays alert and has a quest to learn new things. Keek users can follow each other to receive updates and they can reply to people using text or video.
He must be ready to mould his development practices in accordance with the market trends.There are certain things which a developer must be aware of before designing a mobile app. Its short-form, smartphone-based interface allows people to react quickly and reactively without worrying about creating a professional, polished video.2. FitocracyDownload Fitocracy for: Android or iOSFitocracy is a fitness social network that uses gamification to encourage people to exercise and to get in to shape. Before starting the design and development work for a mobile app, the developer must bear the needs and requirements of the end user in his mind. Fitness apps are all the rage at the moment, perhaps because the summer is on its way, and Fitocracy is leading the charge with users that are more engaged than any other social network besides Facebook, according to TechCrunch. With over 1 million users and a deal with Arnold Schwarzzeneger, the future looks bright for the New York startup.3.
Few things that can help in providing a user with the best user experience are requirement-oriented development, easy navigation, creative ideas and value for end-user’s time.It must be taken care that the design of the app should be appealing enough to take the user by awe. Despite being tarred as a sexting network, Snapchat has recently experienced a huge surge in usership from the 40+ demographic. Brands can make headway, too – Taco Bell recently became the first major brand to launch a new product through Snapchat.4.
A dexterous app developer must consider memory constrains, bandwidth and battery life of the different mobile handsets before designing an app.
WazeDownload Waze for: Android or iOSWaze has been making, uh, waves, since reaching 20 million users in July 2012.
The entire effort of designing an interesting app might turn into a fiasco if these issues are ignored.3. The social GPS application offers a mixture of navigation and real-world data, learning from users’ driving times to provide real-time traffic updates and alternative routes when the roads are busy. The developer must maintain cordial relationships with the client and remain aware of what a client looks for in an app. This is the only way by which you can get successful in delivering a high-level of satisfaction to your customers. As of March 2013, Waze had 40 million drivers who shared 90 million reports of incidents on the road.5.
By getting acquainted with the clients you will get an insight into what is expected out of an app.4. Any mobile app can be touted as user-friendly and successful only when it is able to manage problems and mistakes. Vine users have been able to post six-second videos since the app’s launch in January of 2013, and the platform quickly attracted interest from film-makers and animators since earning its own category at the Tribeca Film Festival.
A good app is ever-ready to offer comfortable steps to make a clear way out of mistakes that have been made by the users.Mistakes are inevitable when it comes to using apps. While no usage statistics have yet been reported, it’s believed that Vine is killing the competition offered by Cinemagram, SocialCam and Viddy.
The actual potential of an app is unveiled by the way an app retrieves itself from users’ erroneous acts. These are just a handful of the apps that are making waves at the moment, but to really keep up-to-date, it’s a good idea to browse the best-selling apps on the iTunes Store or on Google Play every couple of days. You never know what you might be missing out on!What hot new smartphone apps are you using? Let us know with a comment!Dane Cobain is a social media specialist for UK-based creative agency fst the Group.
He’s also a gadget-lover and tech fanatic, as well as an internet addict.A post by Dane Cobain (1 Posts)Dane Cobain is author at LeraBlog.
He’s also a gadget-lover and tech fanatic, as well as an internet addict.Do you like this post? If you are looking for a something new to enhance your social media campaigns, consider Vine. Yes, GPS is a great device that will help you not get lost and find the most suitable ways to your destinations. When the concept of Web 2.0 was developed every business was told that it must have a blog.

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