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This stage requires decisions on data sources, research approaches, research instruments, sampling plan, and contact methods.
The questionnaire should be simple, use unbiased wording and be pretested before large-scale use. This phase is the most expensive and source of  problems: respondents are not at home, refuse to cooperate, give biased or dishonest answers. Extract results from the collected data via tabulating and developing frequency distributions.

99 and provides a context for discussing marketing research and marketing information systems. A questionnaire consists of a set of questions presented to respondents for answers The marketing researcher develops the form, wording and sequence of the questions.
Closed-end questions provide answers easier to interpret, but narrow respondents’ answers.
The lead questions creates interest, difficult questions are placed at the end to prohibit anger, the questions should follow a logical order. Some interviewers might be biased or dishonest. Thanks to computers and telecommunication data collection methods are improving.

The Importance of Information A marketing information system is valuable for the information tools it provides in relation to the following areas: The Marketing Environment . Companies compete in an environment of social, legal, cultural, technological, natural, and competitive forces.
Discussion Note: You may wish to discuss the role of environmental monitoring or scanning in class.

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