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Franklin & Moore LLC offers expertise in all areas of accounting, bookkeeping, and financial-based planning. Franklin & Moore LLC is a full-service accounting firm, serving the personal and business needs for the community of San Clemente, California and beyond.
Individual Accounts - The base of individual accounts serves to offer consistent revenues for the firm.
Organizations of Over 50 Employees - Our most profitable business clients fall into the "over 50 employees" category.
Organizations Under 50 Employees - Organizations under 50 employees represent some of the fastest growing clients within the firm. Market trends fall into three general categories: increasing use of software, and key client growth. Increasing use of software - Tax software is one of our major competitors and continues to erode revenue from individual clients with simple returns. Key client growth - A cluster of our premier clients have experienced substantial success and growth.
Consumer trends - Those clients that are PC literate are more likely to consider tax preparation software as a viable alternative to using our services. Economic changes - Two economic changes are taking place, due to the increasing assets of the over-70 "depression generation" and their saving behavior. Franklin & Moore LLC is an accounting firm offering traditional accounting services and business consulting.
Franklin & Moore is to be a profitable firm that continues to meet the financial objectives of the shareholders and provides a successful environment for its employees.
Our services offer expertise to enable our clients to better realize their financial objectives.
Our services must be strong enough that each of our clients will answer positively to these questions. Franklin & Moore LLC offers a unique team of CPAs and a professional accounting and bookkeeping staff with proven expertise as business consultants. The SWOT analysis addresses the strengths and weakness within Franklin & Moore and the opportunities and threats that exist in our environment. A state-of-the-art computer system, utilizing the latest software that continues to enhance our productivity and expand our capacity.
Over-dependence on tax preparation work for individual and business clients and, therefore, a lack of diversification in our revenue sources. Inability to generate sufficient billable hours in the off-season, based on the current capacity of our systems and full-time staff. Difficulty in retaining aggressive non-partner CPAs, as they move to smaller firms that will make them partners sooner. Being perceived as a non-progressive, "too traditional" firm and maybe overlooked as a viable option for new clients. Some individuals within the professional staff do not have an understanding of or a commitment to the marketing activities of the firm. Increasing income levels of the population over the age of 60 that have aggressively saved for retirement and have increasingly complex tax planning, tax preparation, and estate planning needs. Leveraging the positive perception business has about locating in this section of Orange County. Continued sophistication and affordability of software that replaces or minimizes the role of a CPA for tax preparation, accounting, and bookkeeping services. General perceptions that accounting firms are only used for tax-related aspects of business rather than as a valuable resource for broader business consulting issues. Some organizations planning for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) perceive they must use a national accounting firm.
Board member participation: Lodging Association of Southern California, San Clemente City Commission on Land Use, California Opera, Youth Sports. Additional work is required to better track revenues resulting from each of our marketing activities. Competitors fall into four primary categories; other firms, sole practitioners, licensed tax consultants and bookkeeping services, and software.
Other CPA firms - A total of 5 firms conduct business in our area that are comparable to Franklin & Moore in size and capabilities, including one that is a national firm. Licensed tax consultants and bookkeeping services - The "Type I" individual client, with straightforward and uncomplicated needs, often looks to licensed tax consultants and bookkeeping services in lieu of the services we offer.
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Several years ago NM was getting a bad rap because of its association with pyramid schemes. The following SWOT analysis captures the key strengths and weaknesses within the company, and describes the opportunities and threats facing The Water Factory.
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The firm has a solid and loyal customer base in a market that has experienced constant but slowing growth in recent years. Our objective is to minimize the tax exposure of our clients and adhere to all state and federal tax laws.
Our most important clients are mid to large-size organizations that rely on our services for their accounting needs. Approximately 20% of these accounts also depend on the firm for ongoing financial planning of their investment portfolios. These corporate accounts generate the highest revenues on a per-hour basis and also generate revenues on the most consistent basis throughout the year. Franklin & Moore offers attractive services that understand and meet the needs of these clients.
This includes products produced by Intuit with their "Turbo Tax" line and H&R Block Financial with their "Tax Cut" products. Meeting these clients' needs will "bring us along" to offer additional services and provide an opportunity for us to strategically expand the services we offer. This is due to the growth of established businesses as well as movement into the San Clemente area. First, they have proportionately greater assets than their predecessors, particularly individuals with assets in excess of $1.2 million.
Unfortunately, technological advancements are also creating greater challenges in the competitive environment. In addition to the impact end-user software is having on the industry, firms of similar size have grown and expanded and there are more sole proprietors and licensed tax consultants and bookkeeping services. The firm's reputation is impeccable and is known throughout the San Clemente, California area as one of the top three accounting firms. Our firm will maintain strong growth as a provider of high quality professional services to our clients.
This analysis highlights areas to be leveraged and points out where we must improve within the firm and within our industry and market.
The following is a summary of those activities and categorizes them in terms of "successful" and "unsuccessful." A successful marketing activity produced billable hours that were equal to or greater than the total investment into the activity, excluding time. These firms have staff and technology resources similar to ours, although their focus and areas of specialization vary.
This ranges from individuals that have been in business for over 20 years to those that are in their sixth month. This client type may consider these preparers on the basis of "self preparation avoidance" rather than from seeking proactive advice and council. These alliances have positioned them to grow quickly and they could become a bigger threat. They have not been around for very long and struggle with providing quality services backed with expertise.
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Developing a strategic marketing plan is necessary for the business to generate sufficient recurring revenue. This information will be leveraged to better understand who is served, their specific needs, and how The Water Factory can better serve them. Amway has legitimized the industry with a popular, convenient way to shop, and a legitimate, often profitable business opportunity.
Pyramid schemes also use multi-levels in its business, however they did not have a viable product or service. However, there are also other services and products that are sold including travel arrangements, insurance services, pet care supplies, phone service, etc. Besides the many negative health issues surrounding soft drink consumption, it is as pricey as bottled water. Demand for filtered water has steadily grown and home water filtration units offer huge price advantages relative to bottled water alternatives. Home water filters are used to improve the taste quality of the water, as well as to remove harmful impurities in the water. When you desire filtered water, you rotate the filter toward you and filtered water comes out of a small hole.
There is a button near where the water exits the faucet that you push to allow filtered water to pass through. The critical issue that it faces is to generate enough multi-level business so revenues are earned even when Aych is not out actively searching to make sales. The bigger picture means that we are providing peace of mind for our clients - they are legally using their financial resources in the most productive manner possible. Tax preparation and planning is just the beginning as we strive to become an integral part of their financial management and planning process. As we gain expertise and establish our reputation in these areas, we market those to other clients and use them as a point of interest to attract new clients.
This growth rate has plateaued in recent years and is expected to remain constant for the foreseeable future. Franklin & Moore LLC serves the accounting and financial needs of businesses and individuals to enable them to realize their financial goals. We will strive to consistently be perceived as a firm that is professional, trustworthy, accurate, and timely.
We also provide a variety of valuable services that enable a business to optimize their profitability and minimize their tax exposure. An unsuccessful activity generated traceable revenue but was less than the cost of the effort. Typically a score when employed with Ease And Convenience Of A Cash Advance Ease And Convenience Of A Cash Advance mortgage payment or office. For example, you might say “with this contest we’re running on Facebook, our goal is to get 1,000 subscribers over the next two months before we move into the second phase of our story.”5. For the last five years this space has grown at 9% and generates over $9 billion in revenue. They just had levels of people paying money to become a part of the pyramid with the promise that people would be paying them to become a lower part of the pyramid. These units can be competitively priced, however, there is not the option to become a sales agent and get lower purchase prices for yourself as well as a future revenue stream. The equipment for this solution is more expensive, since you are leasing a refrigeration unit to cool the water, and the cost per gallon is also more expensive.

When you want unfiltered water to pass through, you rotate the filter away from you and unfiltered water comes out of a large hole.
The firm is highly dependant on revenues from tax planning and preparation for businesses and individuals. Our best clients value their time and resources, and seek to minimize their tax obligations. These clients are also more likely to look to Franklin & Moore for the widest range of services the firm offers, such as assisting with pension planning and investment management services. The key clients in this category have annual sales between $250,000 and $3,000,000, serve customers in the Southern California market, have a local or statewide customer base, and are privately owned. For example, we are producing in excess of 50% more work, and therefore billable hours, with the same resources we did in 1995 due to the computer systems now in place.
There is also a phenomenon where the children of this aging population are more likely to inherit assets and need to integrate these newly acquired assets with their own.
Franklin & Moore will offer the innovative approach clients need to reach their business and personal financial goals.
We will work to offer our services in an innovative manner to create a source for business planning solutions that will be difficult to emulate. Borrowers must also employees can approve or submit proof Fast Cash Advance Loans Fast Cash Advance Loans you wait days depending upon approval. Personas addressedLooking back at your persona mapping, certainly not every channel will address every persona. It also provides customers the convenience to fill up whenever they choose, in whatever type container they prefer.
Target clients in this category have annual sales over $3 million, operate more than one location, serve a national customer base or more, and are publicly owned.
The long-term strategy is to grow with these clients as they expand and their needs for our services increase. We offer a premium level of service and expect to receive premium compensation for those services.
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You may find that you have done a great job of creating a channel plan that fails to address your most critical persona. We must diversify our revenue base to realize ongoing growth and stability in a changing industry.
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For example, you may find that two different types of blogs are more appropriate than just one. Or you may find that you want to later add a Twitter account specifically for a subsequent “chapter” of your content marketing story. So your first “objective” for the Facebook page will be to “build your ‘likes’ ” to create that community.3. This will usually take the form of an outline or narrative and is used to organize your content plan for the channel.For example, in the situation described above — because your primary objective for the Facebook page is to increase loyal traffic to your blog, you want to build a community.
So the first part of your content plan for Facebook might be a “contest,” email marketing program, or some other type of community-building action to build your Facebook subscription. Maybe an initial content plan for that “mobile channel” would be to produce a different, shorter, or more mobile-specific category to that channel, knowing that your mobile persona only has time and bandwidth for a very short version of content that they may want to read later.

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