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As a Magento Silver Partner, Magic Logix has a tried and true track record of harnessing the power of Magento eCommerce to produce beautiful results. Adding Linkedin Share buttons to your PDFs has many benefits other than just increasing the number of shares. It’s normally better to link to the landing page as it gives you an opportunity to explain what the document is, what it contains and why they need to read it.
If you want to track the number of times your URL has been shared on Linkedin you can shorten your link with and use that link in your URL. As soon as you finish selecting the Linkedin share button, the create link box will open up; here you choose the link type as invisible triangle, the Highlight style as none and the link action, “open a web page”.
Now every time someone enjoys reading your document they will share it with their fans and friends and this could get you many readers and eventually; clients.
Hi Mitt, with the advent of LinkeIn share, how would I go about adding an Inshare button to my .pdf documents? I came across this brilliant pdf report by Virgine Berger about a month ago that sets out a blueprint for your online music marketing and asked her if we could pass it on to you for free. This was very useful for artists trying to get started and the SEO stuff is good for anyone with a music blog or website.
Plus you’ll also get the inside line on the latest marketing and promotion methods that we use for our major label clients.
All information contained herein is taken from materials filed in the case of Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim v. ALL OF THESE PARTIES ABOVE were aware of or should have been aware of the blatant illegal activities of defense counsels Stephan Barber and Shawn O’Halloran in this and the underlying case and that all their key evidence and testimony was the product of extrinsic fraud, planting fraudulent evidence, spoliation of evidence, and suborned perjurious testimony in support of their defense litigation strategy. Michael Ballachey as well as those of  Oakland City Attorneys John Russo(a former candidate for State Assembly District 16), Jannie Wong and Anita Hong were scheduled to begin on August 1, 2006 in Oakland California in response to charges of Corruption, Misconduct, Collusion, Cronyism, Illegal Ex-Parte Communications, Fraud Upon The Court, Spoliation of Evidence and Unclean Hands.
The complaint addresses the concern that a Superior Court Judges’ conduct rose to the level of consideration for a Federal Crime and a Civil Rights violation because the bench upon which the judge rules is “under the color of law” and certainly the violation of anyone’s civil rights is a federal crime. This onerous, odious taint and obvious complicity in quilt of these crimes makes it legally impossible for Brown to unbaisedly and practically investigate and prosecute the wrong doing of ALL the parties known to have committed these heinous, over 12 years of crimes against al-Hakim, his family, business, clients, community, and humanity as he himself defended the criminals and covered up the very same corruption he is supposed to be investigating and prosecuting!
This is one of the myriad of reasons this matter will be referred back to Congressman John Conyers and the Judiciary Committee and United States Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice for complete investigation and prosecution of the crimes against al-Hakim.
The City Attorney’s Office has engaged in acts to coverup these unlawful tactics, failed and refused to disclose to the court, nor inform the Judge of their improper and illegal transgressions regarding the fact of the defendants removing and taking custody of the City of Oakland files for several months and allowed the trial to proceed knowing their liability and the legal impact of their spoliation of evidence of the documents therein and their unpardonable breach in the chain of custody of the City of Oakland files. Presented next is the video of Ron “Con Crook” Cook boasting of having possession of the City litigation files, with the photos and Michael Michel warning the appraisal panel that the files had been illegally removed and was missing from the City and it was impermissible for them to consider the altered evidence. You now have the municipality of the City of Oakland with John Russo and the City Attorney’s Office being a willing accomplice to the unclean hands of the hostile intervener with their breaking the chain of custody of the court files and providing them to the defendants whom absconded with the files, engaged in spoliating them and later allowed the court to subpoena those files into the trial record without notifying the court of this specious, treacherous act. Our last post 4 Proven Ways For Generating Leads on LinkedIn got a lot of positive feedback, with readers telling us that the data provided in the post validated their own experiences using the LinkedIn platform. If you can just work on the areas – a,b,d,f and g, mentioned in the info-graphic below, you will see a lot of difference in the quantity and quality of Leads coming from LinkedIn.
We recently put together a research report, which shows that if marketers work on these areas they can derive a lot of value for their marketing efforts on LinkedIn. But LinkedIn does not solve the typical issues of the b2b fraternity like responses from emails and phone marketing being low, long sales cycle times, engagement of the customers to derive maximum value etc.
IN THIS BLOGWe share our collective wisdom - based on many years of experience and insight - about marketing automation, sales processes, and lead management. How can we facilitate more effective, efficient, equitable andsustainable solutions to the problems that confound our communitiesand world?

That’s why we, as a Drupal Supporting Partner, are always anticipating that next unforeseen curve. In the past two weeks I have showed you how to add facebook share buttons and Retweet buttons to your PDF documents. These benefits are similar to the benefits the retweet buttons provide which have been discussed in this post with detail. Create some space and add the button: After you finish creating the button make some space in your document enough for the button to fit in.
Convert the document into a PDF: After adding the Linkedin share images to the document and making sure the document looks good, convert it into a PDF by subscribing to Adobe’s service or by using a PDF converter like doPDF. Create the URL: For the button to work you need to add an URL to it which will share your document, every time someone clicks on the button.
Add a hotlink to the Linkedin share button in your PDF document: Using Adobe Acrobat Pro you can add hotlinks to images in PDFs.
After opening, it go to the right side bar of the document and click on tools, then on content and finally on link.
In this box there’s a single field where you need to enter the URL you created and click OK. Now repeat the same process on all the other Linkedin share buttons in your PDF and save your document. Now she works as a music marketer and with more than ten years in the entertainment industry (television channels, radio broadcast industry and digital music industry), she knows her stuff backwards.
Inside you’ll get our ten core tips that every DIY and Indie musician needs to follow to create great music, attract fans, build a fanbase, and have a successful career in music.
He is also the owner of Make It In Music, an online site that is the ultimate resource for aspiring musicians offering advice, tips, and insight on all the skills needed by modern artists to succeed in the rapidly changing music industry.
I’ve done some great consulting with artists and bands to get their reach out a bit more. It is further proof that the entire City case file was purged and re-constructed to accommodate the defendants litigation strategy in both this and the underlying Rescue Rooter case. The parties have failed and refused to honor those requests, the third such request and have now been subpeoned for the trial beginning February 15, 2008. If one does not speak up, then the transgressions goes unreported and the perpetrator goes on to harm again unchecked, it does not matter whom the transgressor is” said al-Hakim. During the trial, testimony revealed that there were numerous documents and photos of a very damaging nature to the defense and AAA that were missing, altered, or incomplete. The City Attorney has failed and refused to effectively respond and such a non response, to ignore the fact that they have been caught in this transgression, reveals that John Russo and the City Attorney’s office was an accomplice to the breaking of the chain of custody of the evidence that was spoliated by the unclean hands of the hostile intervener, allowed the court to make the file a part of the record, and presented the spoliated evidence at trial.
This deprivation of al-Hakim’s civil, human and due process rights by the law enforcement body of the City Attorneys’ office of Oakland rise to the level of criminal activity and “misconduct by local and federal law enforcement officials.
The witness testimony and evidence that was procured thru admitted suborned and solicited perjurious testimony by them and the defendants, they engaged in actions to interfere with their client and litigant’s legal case, engaged in actions to coverup the unlawful act of suborn and solicited perjurious testimony, committed fraud upon the court of the State of California, aided and abetted criminal activity, committed willful, criminal and corrupt perjury, fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy, subornation of perjurious testimony and solicitation of perjurious testimony, fraudulent concealment, spoliation of evidence with the City of Oakland, their unpardonable breach in the chain of custody of the court files, has committed patterned willful, criminal, and corrupt deception and fraud upon the court, extrinsic fraud, spoliation of evidence with the disappearance of court records, and qualify for the doctrine of unclean hands. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. There were others who felt, that despite having profiles on LinkedIn, they have not seen the kind of results, as many of their other counterparts on the professional networking site. You can either create a fancy attractive button or a simple button which says share on Linkedin. Make some space in the first few pages and the last page as these are the best places where you can add the button.

You can take advantage of this feature and add the above URL you created to the image in your PDF. When you choose link; the link tool will come into action, using this tool, select your Linkedin share button.
More importantly, it ties together all the strands that you need to be providing to your fans. The complaint, perhaps even more importantly, not only requested Merrily Friedlander, Chief of the Civil Rights Division, to make an investigation of a judicial hate crime, but also the many other civil rights and due process violations of judicial misconduct, and attorney extrinsic fraud upon the court and law that are themselves directly the matters complained. During the trial, testimony revealed that there were numerous documents and photos of a very damning nature to the defense and AAA as the hostile intervener, that were missing, altered, or incomplete. These actions are currently under investigation with Russo and his staff being subpoenaed to testify at trial. Craig LeFebvre weaves togethermulti-level theories of change, research and case studies toexplain and illustrate the development of social marketing toaddress some of society's most vexing problems. You could also make some space somewhere in between, if you would like to add the share button there too. After you add your URL, your button will be ready for action, and when anybody clicks on it, it will share your page. Craig LeFebvre weaves togethermulti-level theories of change, research and case studies toexplain and illustrate the development of social marketing toaddress some of society's most vexing problems. The result isa people-centered approach that relies on insight and empathy asmuch as on data for the inspiration, design and management ofprograms that strive for changes for good.
Office, the case was thought of as being so egregious that even the infamous Bradley Schlozman, whom is now fired and facing Federal indictment with resigned Alberto Gonzalez for removing Democratic attorneys from the U. This text is ideal forstudents and professionals in health, nonprofit, business, socialservices, and other areas."This is it -- the comprehensive, brainy road map fortackling wicked social problems. Watts in asking “What does a supposed terrorist act in Russia have to do with the negligent contamination of a home in America?” posed the argument that there must be consideration of and a response to the many issues in the complaint. Lovelady and others unnamed in the DA’s office; as well as Commissioner Oleon’s abuse of discretion, willful misconduct, conduct prejudicial, illegal ex-parte communications and bias that resulted in error. After you finish creating it place it in your browser’s address bar, visit it and make sure it works. Retired judges Lee, Ballachey, and Hodge, though they live in three different counties, all coincidently hired the same Oakland defense firm.
Attorneys Generals offices nationwide, sent al-Hakim a letter referring the matter (because of jurisdictional limitations) to the California State Attorney General, California State Bar Association, the California State Judicial Council, and California State Insurance Commissioner for investigation and prosecution.
Hong and was told the file was back and available for viewing, and when asked who returned the file, she responded “it was returned by Steve Barber of Ropers Majeski”. There has been judiciary litigation support given by now Appellate Judges Barbara Jones, James Richman, and Henry Needham and Superior Court Judge Frank Roesch whom had disqualifications or complaints filed against them with cover and sanctuary provide by Ronald M. George of The California Supreme Court, Victoria Henley of The California Judicial Council, Ronald G. Overholt of The California Judges Association, The Alameda County Presiding Court Judge Yolanda Northridge and former Alameda County Presiding Court Judge George Hernandez that portrays corruption.

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