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Business mentoring and coaching for new and existing recruitment agencies in Singapore, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Saudi Arabia and many other countries. Here we have a resume example for an A executive level professional with experience as marketing manager and product manager. This resume uses an executive style summary paragraph that highlights experience in marketing and product strategy for Fortune 500 companies.
The qualifications list below provides a quick snapshot of the job seeker’s expertise in areas such as budget management, staffing, research, promotions, packaging, advertising and several other areas. The job experience section uses a paragraph to outline the size and scope of the employer and responsibilities. The education section documents the MBA in Marketing, BA in Political Science and additional professional development.

Coordinate with sales teams to qualify marketing leads and segment campaigns based on demographics.
Work with third party ad agencies to execute integrated marketing programs for strategic media, radio, television and billboards. Gather data from site, surveys, emails and customers and compile in CRM database for analysis.
Design consumer promotion and community events in order to create a strong brand experience. Develop email marketing program for internal site subscribers, existing customers and external industry mailing lists.
This document is designed to be a reference for higher level marketing management job targets.

The summary emphasizes the ability to maintain profitability, anticipate market trends initiative timely product introductions and establish market dominance. The bullet point sections underscore accomplishments with quantified results such as increased revenue, improved productivity and decreased costs.

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