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That’s why we wrote this guide — to empower you the home seller with the strategies and knowledge to stand out from all the other sellers in the market looking to sell there homes. You can treat The Ultimate Vancouver Home Selling Guide: Sell Your Home Fast And For Maximum Value as an road map to guide you to selling your home. Even if you have a basic grasp of the current real estate market but are looking to add a layer of depth to your home selling skill set then this guide is for you as well. Consult with your Real Estate Agent to determine if your home is priced too high compared to comparable RECENT sales in the neighborhood.
I’m going to discuss 3 different pricing strategies and the pros and cons of implementing them when relisting your home. However, depending on how high above Market Value you price it, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, if you don’t have an impressive marketing plan, then you may have to settle for less than ideal exposure which may lead to a lower sale price. PROS: You may come across buyers who don’t have a Real Estate Agent and are unaware of market conditions and what your home is worth. They’ll buy any home as long as they get a 20 – 30% discount, so if you price your home high enough, you may be able to give these buyers a big discount and still end up selling your home for above Market Value. If your home is very unique in its location or its features, and there aren’t any homes in the neighborhood that are quite like yours, you can definitely price your home at a premium as well based on the scarcity and unique value proposition it brings. Also, when homes are priced higher, you get less exposure, less action and your home will sit on the market for a longer period of time. A newly listed home gets the most hype when it is first listed, so if you miss the first batch of real estate agents and buyers. If you’re looking to stir up some hype for your home quickly, pricing your home below Market Value will generate some action early on. For example, their home is worth $750,000, they want $800,000 for it, so they price their home at $700,000. Because of the psychology of a bidding war, it forces buyers to put their best foot forward and you can be assured that you are not going to get low ball offers. Now, buyers may wonder why it didn’t sell and use the $650,000 pricing as a base when negotiating. This is probably the most recommended pricing strategy but the one that homeowners least implement (at least in the beginning). Pricing your home at Market Value means finding similar homes that recently sold in your neighborhood and then pricing your home accordingly. Generally, when homes are priced at Market Value, the actual selling price is within 5% of the list price.
These are all legitimate questions you’re going to ask in order to figure out how to price your home. A Real Estate Agent can easily go into their system, look up some comparables, analyze the market and then come up with a fair market value range for your home without even looking at it.
Go to your local Land Title Office, look up the properties that have sold in your area (if you own a house) or sold in your building (if you own an apartment) that are similar to your own home. I don’t know about you, but if I live in a specific neighborhood in Burnaby, who in the world cares about what the average home is selling in Canada? It’s a great time to buy as only the serious sellers list their homes on the market in this season.
It’s a great time to sell as only the serious buyers are out there searching for homes in this season and there’s less inventory out there, so less competition from other homes and less choices for buyers to choose from. Summer: As the Spring season draws to a close, this time is generally when the Spring market slows down. It’s a great time to buy as there is still a lot of selection and sellers who couldn’t sell in the Spring may be more motivated to lower the price and sell their home so they can go on a Summer vacation.
It’s a great time to sell as well as many buyers like to venture into open houses in the summer weather. Some buyers also have to buy during this time to get their children into certain school catchments so there’s an increased sense of urgency. It’s a bad time to buy and sell because buyers are sellers are often not in the mood to buy or sell a home in the great weather and rather just use this time to go on vacation.
Also, though there’s less competition than the, there’s still a lot of buyers and sellers out there trying to compete in the beautiful sunny weather. Sellers are back from holidays and would like to get their home sold before the quietest time of the year, Winter. It’s a great time to sell because buyers have come back from their vacations and are back to their real estate search. It’s a bad time to buy because there’s not as much selection as the Spring and sellers who didn’t get any action in the Spring and Summer may take their homes off the market for a bit.
It’s a bad time to sell as many buyers are busy getting their children settled at their schools so they don’t have much time. Overall, buyers will buy when they’re ready to buy and sellers will sell when they’re ready to sell. Once you’ve obtained the information on what the current market trend is in your neighborhood, you have to analyze what the market trend was like for the comparables that you used. Now that you’ve developed an excellent pricing strategy, got an evaluation and have more knowledge of the Vancouver Market. Another key aspect of your ad on MLS other than the description is the photography and videography. If you’ve got stellar photos and a beautiful professional video displaying your home, it makes a HUGE difference. I’ve taken listings where it was previously advertised using a cell phone camera or a point and shoot camera and they had very little response. Then when I had my professional photographer go in there with professional lighting set ups and took professional photos using their camera that cost thousands of dollars, I had a storm of calls about it.
If the photos of a room impress even the owner, then you know it’s going to impress the public. These buyers like to see house ads with the whole package: clear professional photos, great video tours, a great description and simple downloadable floor plans. Speaking of floor plans, this just adds value to your house ad compared to the others that don’t have floor plans. Your Real Estate Agent will also likely talk about your home on their social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). As you can see, many of the online marketing tips above are either free or fairly inexpensive, but they offer huge dividends in terms of getting your home as much exposure as possible to get it sold quickly. Real Estate Agents would take note and would be encouraged to get a sneak peak of the property, sometimes bringing their clients with them if it’s something their buyers may be interested in. Then, they usually hand out feature sheets, request guests to sign in (so that they can follow up with them later) and tries to pitch the property’s main selling features to incoming guests.
Have you ever noticed that when you go to a Grand Opening for a brand new development by a reputable developer, they always make it Grand?
Many Real Estate Agents don’t attend these Agent Opens because they’re busy or they’re lazy. When you attract these Agents to your home, they will automatically and unconsciously think of whether they have a buyer that would like the home. Another trick that developers always use to attract Real Estate Agents is to have a prize draw. A good strategy for you or your Real Estate Agent to use before the first public open house is to knock on the doors around your home a few days or a week prior. Although, not as common, you can also choose to do prize draws at the first public open house as well to attract a larger crowd.
Instead of door knocking, you can always drop off some open house postcards or flyers in your neighborhood. This is effective because neighbors are often curious to see what their neighbors homes look like.
For Agent Opens and Public Open Houses, other ways to bring exposure is by advertising on Craigslist, posting online updates on your blog, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media accounts. The key is to bring as much attention as possible to your first Agents Open and Public Open House. If you utilize the three strategies above, you’ll likely get a lot more action on selling your home. The art of copywriting is the ability to write ads for marketing in a way that attracts people. When you go to a car dealership, they have brochures that contain comprehensive write ups of the features and benefits of the car. When you watch a movie trailer, they choose specific words to display on the screen to captivate the audience.
When you go to the bookstore, they have a thought provoking, powerful title and synopsis at the back to mesmerize the consumer.
Don’t underestimate the importance of the write up when you advertise your home on the MLS. If you’ve ever watched award winning commercials, you’ll notice that all of them stir up some sort of emotion or feeling. The reason why is because professional marketers know that purchases (especially large purchases) often originate from an emotion.
Beautiful 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom home in an upscale neighborhood, has a recently renovated kitchen, new roof and plenty of recent upgrades.
Notice that it doesn’t create a sense of urgency or provide a potential buyer with any sort of emotional grab. Enjoy a sunny afternoon bbq on the large patio with your friends, then relax and go for a swim in your own indoor swimming pool. It made you feel like royalty, like you’ve got a place that answers the need to entertain and impress and much more. When reading the second description, could you picture yourself living there? Could you visualize the grand entrance? Just like how Starbucks uses fancy names to label their coffee and cup sizes and creates an hip and inviting environment with soft music and comfy chairs, you are trying to create that sort of experience by first attracting them to your open house using a compelling description. What if your home has been on the market for a long time and you just haven’t been able to sell it?
One of the easiest and best things to do is something that most homeowners don’t do before they list their home for sale… and that is to hire a home inspector.
By hiring a home inspector to inspect your home, you’re able to find out any issues with your home and remediate any severe ones that will likely make buyers run the other direction.

If your home inspector found out your roof was leaking in certain areas, there was a termite infestation and there was significant mould build up in your attic, wouldn’t you like to have those things fixed PRIOR to listing your home for sale? Even if the homeowners know what to do, they typically just do the bare minimum and then ignore the small things that eventually become huge issues.
You see, buyers are very sensitive and emotional in the home buying process and small things often seem really big to them.
But others feel that it’s their job to tell buyers of the worse case scenarios in order to cover themselves from a lawsuit. Hence, they explain these catastrophic consequences of a water stain or water leak and though the catastrophic consequences are unlikely, the fact that they mentioned it, buyers will take ONLY THOSE words to heart and those words will haunt them and prevent them from buying your home. To see the performance of your roof, the home inspector will want to take a look in your attic. If you’re living in an old timer house and you’ve never really updated the electrical, then there’s going to be a problem. I go to home inspections all the time where the home inspector says that the wiring was done incorrectly or there’s the wrong type of wiring and there’s this and that consequence. You see, contractors who come in and do renovations on a home are often not licensed electricians and so they often do some basic electrical re-wiring, thinking that it’s fine, when in fact, it’s not. Because many buyers don’t really know the details of the electrical panel, when they hear the home inspector say this wiring was done incorrectly and there’s a potential fire hazard, etc, buyers often freak out. Make sure your electrical is up to date according to current building code and fix anything the home inspector recommends regarding the electrical panel. Another major expense buyers are often afraid of is anything to do with the heating and cooling of the home. If the home has a built in air conditioning system and Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) systems, those things are very expensive to fix if there are problems. Typical homes with average hot water tanks and furnaces have differing life spans and you don’t want buyers to find out that both are older than their recommended life span and failure is imminent. Radiant heating is very convenient and efficient but can be very costly if the system is really old and in need of maintenance or repairs. If your home has other types of heating such as geothermal heating, heat pumps, electric and hot water baseboards, gas or natural fireplaces, the home inspector will definitely need to inspect them as well. Bottom line, if your heating or cooling system is old and needs maintenance and it’s not too costly to maintain it, then spend the few hundred or few thousand dollars to maintain or replace it.
It’s better to spend the few hundred dollars than to have the buyer over-estimate (to be conservative) what the costs will be and then knock the price down by that figure because of the anticipated upcoming expenses.
Buyers are aware that too much exposure to large amounts of mold has lots of health consequences including various respiratory problems. Often families with young children or those with respiratory issues will be extremely sensitive to this finding.
Mold can easily be found if water or moisture gets behind bathroom walls, or inside plumbing or in crawl spaces, etc… How often do you inspect the moisture levels with moisture detector in those areas? But a home inspector will typically find all of the major problems with the home and can give you tips on how to fix those major problems. If your home has any sort of unwanted guests meaning any rodent infestation including (but not limited to) mice, rats, racoons or birds, you have to hire a pest control company to get rid of them. Of course, if they make a tonne of noise, then you’ll notice, but if it’s a little bit of noise here and there, you may think it’s just birds on the outside.
Now tell me, are you seriously going to just say, “oh, that’s fine, I’ll just hire an exterminator to get rid of the insects, hire a structural engineer to make sure the house’s structure’s fine, and…”?
Especially when buyers are extremely sensitive to things that the home inspectors say, you DO NOT want to increase the risks of them thinking your home is unlivable by having them find out that rodents and insects have built their homes inside your home. When they hear the word LEAK, they think leaky condos, hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix, mould and massive restoration and all the other negative connotations associated with that word.
And if you have any other leaks, like gas leaks, call your gas company immediately and let them know. Now let’s kick this high gear and talk about some more advanced selling tactics and strategies. I’ll outline the most important thing here and mention some key elements you should implement to make your home stand out. Buyers want to be able to see ample space when they walk through your home and if your home is filled with tonnes of furniture, they’re not going to be able to see the space. If you like, you can hire a staging company to professionally stage your home or you can stage your home yourself using your own furniture or some furniture you buy or rent.
Ok, before you place your home on the market, you have to make sure that your property is measured accurately.
If you live in a condo, you can call your property management company and obtain a copy of the strata plan and that tells you how big your unit is.
A video or virtual tour is a great marketing tool to showcase your home, but it depends on the home. No worries, in the next section, you will discover the #1 way you can use to sell an expired home listing.
You have a great price, you’ve got great online exposure and everything and buyers are calling your Real Estate Agent to see your home. Even though your home is old, buyers should be made to feel like the home is in excellent livable, well maintained, move-in ready condition. Basically, you’ve drawn the increase of buyers to your home through the strategies above and now you want to make sure you leave them with a lasting impression. Take the time to clean your home, do minor repairs or renovations, replace old appliances with new ones as it prevents buyers from using that as a way to criticize your home. If you want to put your home on the MLS without using a Real Estate Agent, there are some websites that offer a flat fee (a few hundred dollars) and they’ll ONLY put it on MLS for you. Also, you can advertise on Craigslist, Vancouver Sun and the Real Estate Weekly, results may vary with those.
You might want to purchase For Sale and Open House signs before you list the property on MLS. Have them create a great, bright design for you or you can hire a designer to do it or you can do it yourself. When inputting your home on the MLS, make sure you write a compelling and stellar description of your property. When you start receiving calls for showings, obviously, the more available you are for showings, the easier it is to accommodate to all sorts of buyers. Buyers are often looking at many homes, sometimes on tour with Real Estate Agents and if you can’t accommodate to their schedule, your house will often be left out of their list.
You want as many showings as possible because all you need is 1 buyer and the one that you turn down may be the one that was willing to buy your home at your asking price. I once had a listing where the tenant only allowed me to show the listing on Friday’s at around 6pm and because of that I had to turn down about 10 different buyers who might have bought had they had the chance to see the property. When buyers come in, greet them, and there are different strategies you could use depending on the type of buyer that walks in. Remember to take down the buyers names and contact information so that you can follow up with them afterwards.
So, if your home is priced well and you’ve followed along with everything so far, you should be receiving offers from Real Estate Agents and buyers.
Since you’re selling your home on your own, you don’t have a Real Estate Agent to explain and negotiate offers on your behalf. I’m not sure how much it’ll cost as different lawyers charge different fees and it depends on how many offers you get, how many times you negotiate back and forth, etc… Basically, since lawyers charge per hour, the more time you need from the lawyer, the more you’ll have to pay. If the offers are coming in from Real Estate Agents, then they’ll likely want to be paid a commission for bringing a buyer. Make sure you pay fairly to the Real Estate Agent as some don’t even bring their buyers to view homes that offer low commission compensation. Would you like to have everything above taken care of for you and really sell your home fast and for maximum value? As a full-service land-development Realtor in Vancouver, Gary advises his developer and investor clients in matters of structuring, negotiation, implementation, sales and acquisitions. His long term real estate acquisition formula has helped his clients from all walks of life to establish real estate portfolios to meet their long term financial goals. Gary can advise and counsel you through property disposition and acquisitions from preliminary planning and feasibility analysis, to detail goal-oriented marketing and comprehensive sensitivity analysis determined by current residential real estate trends.
Before Real Estate, Gary worked in the corporate world for years before going back to business school to do his MBA targeted towards his childhood passion of real estate.
Seeing the fierce competitive atmosphere, he quickly established his foundation rooted in his beliefs in honesty, ethics and integrity in all matters. For an in-depth assessment of your real estate needs—and an extensive list of the hottest list of residential properties for sale in the Vancouver Area--call Gary. Wouldn't it be nice to know about the growth potential, school catchments, and zoning of your dream home so that you can make a lot of money in the future? Wouldn't it be beneficial to know that there are simple things you can do to increase the value of your property so that you can maximize its value. And Manufacturers Directory-Source a Large Selection of Mobile Mp4 Player Free Download Products at MP4 Player, Tablet PC from China Alibaba. In order for sellers to keep up, you need a strong foundation with the judgment to think critically, act independently, and be relentlessly creative when it comes to selling your home for top dollar. Everything that you need to know on selling your home for top dollar and why you want to sell fast because time will kill deals as we will go over in the later sections of this guide.
If you have been trying to sell your home for awhile now with no results or call backs then guide has got some core strategies for you.
They do it because they have added their emotions into the home and so they think their home is worth more than it actually is. It’s ok to price your home a little higher if you do a great job marketing your home as I’ll discuss in the next few sections. These buyers are not that common but they do exist (especially foreign buyers) and they sometimes buy homes priced above market value. If your home is above that range, it’ll simply be left out of their searches and won’t garner even a first look.
But buyers have some perception that since it’s been on the market for a long time, there’s something wrong. Some buyers like to price their home below Market Value hoping to stir up a bidding war and get their home sold for a higher price than they anticipated. In the above example, your home is worth $750,000, you price it at $700,000, expecting it to sell at $800,000.

Pricing it this way attracts Real Estate Agents with serious buyers who are ready to buy now.
However, if your home is in a neighborhood that’s booming and there aren’t many comparable properties, you might want to price your home a little bit higher than Market Value because of the market conditions. In fact, doing that may generate a bidding war and your home could sell for a lot more than asking price.
The information you need is the recently sold properties in your neighborhood that are comparable to yours. The listings sold in the Winter, but now it’s the Spring time, does that make a difference? If I’m looking to sell my home in Coal Harbour downtown, I don’t care whether the OVERALL VANCOUVER market numbers show that it’s a balanced market. It’s a bad time to sell as there are a limited number of buyers and homes typically don’t show that great in the cold, snowy weather. It’s a great time to sell as sometimes there’s a buying frenzy going on as most buyers are out there in the Spring shopping for homes.
Sellers are aware of this and are often not as motivated to reduce their prices at this time. Buyers are often on their vacations and so have much more free time to do some house shopping.
It’s a great time to buy as families are still trying to get their children into certain school catchments. You can obtain this information from your local Real Estate Board or the Land Title Office. This is especially the case for buyers who like to comprehensively analyze the homes they like before going out to see them in person. They blog on there, upload additional pictures and information such as neighborhood amenities, school boundaries and public transit near your home. This is a great way to promote your home’s first Public Open House and give your VIP subscribers a sneak peak. Place an ad up there for your home for sale and it just adds exposure and targets those buyers who may be just tired of browsing the MLS or maybe they’re looking for a home to rent and just stumble upon the houses for sale section? You’ve probably had open houses done at your home. You’re thinking, “What kind of strategy could there be? The ones that have been catered have definitely attracted a larger number of Real Estate Agents. You’re trying to have your home stand out and have these Agents pay attention to your home. You can take down contact information of Real Estate Agents that visit and have a draw at the end of the day.
If you’re looking for greater exposure, doing a mail out using the post office is an option as well. Neighbors often know people who may be interested in moving to the same neighborhood and so having them visit the open house is like having other sales people advocate for your home.
I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen homes listed on the MLS with little to no description about the home.
The same goes with anything written about your home through flyers or postcards or any marketing piece. The first description spoke just the facts, but the second description captured your curiousity and emotions. Could you see yourself with friends on the patio having a bbq and then going for a swim afterwards?
Why do I have to pay a few hundred dollars now to hire a home inspector when buyers are going to do that anyway? But what the home inspector is going to look at is what kind of roof it is, how well it was installed and how well has it been maintained.
If your roof is at the end of its life, then it might be a good idea to replace the roof rather than have a buyer use it against you in negotiations. Are there certain areas on the roof that look like you’ve just been neglecting regular maintenance? They are human too and they may miss an area here or there and so they are covered by insurance.
There are times when racoons or birds have their nests hidden in small cracks, crawl spaces or attic spaces and homeowners are completely oblivious to them being there.
If you have any insect infestation including (but not limited to) termite, spider or ant infestation, a pest control company or exterminator needs to be hired.
Any routine maintenance or small renovations or upgrades should be done prior to listing your property on the market to help bring out the best your home has to offer. For exterior measurements of their plot of land, you can use your local city hall’s GIS (Geographic Information Systems) map to determine that. Remember to save your meeting minutes as buyers will want to read them and if you threw them away, you’ll have to order them from the property management company. You’re not selling a sofa on Craigslist, you’re selling a home that’s hundreds of thousands of dollars. If not, hire one for a few hundred dollars and they’ll provide you with around 20 – 30 pictures. If the buyer has a bad impression from the moment they step out of the car, you’ve got a problem.
Remember how I shared about how Starbucks creates an emotion and feeling for customers by decorating their environment and playing music in the background. You don’t want them to be impressed by the photography and videography only to find that your house is a mess. Now you know the price range of your property, the details of your property, the current market and what’s left is advertising it. Write the date and time of when the 1st open house is and which number to call and mention how flexible showing requests can be. Some like to be given a feature sheet, some like to be shown around the home and some like to be left alone to browse quietly.
For example, if you’ve asked some pre-qualifying questions, you may discover they’re buying because they’re having a baby and you could emphasize how your master bedroom is large enough to fit a crib.
Let’s say you price it at $650,000 and you generate a storm of buyers but the highest offer you receive is $700,000? But, the fact that the home has been listed at $650,000 is already on the history of your home and Real Estate Agents will see that your home was listed at $650,000 before but it didn’t sell.
That’s still below the $800,000 you were expecting and it would again show up on the listing’s history.
You have the confidence knowing your home is priced right and you know you’ll spend less time negotiating with serious buyers.
You would only need about 3 to 5 comparable solds and you’ll have enough comparables to work with. They’ll say the market is either crashing or hotter than ever without listing NEIGHBORHOOD SPECIFIC statistics. You may get lucky with all the emotion-driven buyers and your home may get multiple offers if you price it well. It may also be a bad time to sell for the same reason that there are too many sellers competing in this season. If 50 homes sold out of the 100 listings, then it would be a 2 month supply, a STRONG SELLER’S MARKET. Floor plans also allow buyers to visualize how they will walk through the home when they’re looking at it. The Real Estate Agent would indicate the date on the Real Estate Agent portion of the MLS description, an area that the public does not see. Depending on the type of gift, this is a very attractive magnet for Real Estate Agents to attend the Agent Open. A fully remodelled kitchen that is perfect for an Iron Chef is among the many features that line this luxurious home.
Your roof overall may not be that old, but if certain areas have been under more weather, water might get through in those areas. They don’t want to hear about any LEAKS unless it’s a faucet leak that occurs because it’s loose. Cover all your bases above and I guarantee you’ll be able to sell your home much easier than 90% of other home sellers.
For interior measurements, you can either measure yourself or you can hire someone for that. Without professional, attractive pictures, your ad is easily lost in the ocean of other ads.
You’ve already indirectly implied that you as the homeowner do not well maintain the exterior of your home. It’s the difference between appearing at a job interview unshaven, hair uncombed, wearing a wrinkled dress shirt and shaggy jeans VS clean shaven, scent of cologne, wearing a clean, iron pressed, dress shirt in a freshly dry cleaned suit and tie.
You can pay the sign company to have your sign mounted on there for about $20 for every 3 months or so.
Toallow these files to properly run you need to download and installone of the Zend guard run-time libraries. Before you put your home on the MLS, you’ll want to take some professional photos and video (if necessary). Don’t distract your buyers by making them focus on the cereal brand or type of bread you eat in the morning. Free MP4 Player and 4 more programs No other MP4 video converter software supports so many portable media player MP4. Com free acrobat professional 9 full samsung b5310 application free nero express 9 full tirmizi shareef in bangla free need for speed police games free Free Software Download From A To Z. 3 MP4 files are not supported by Windows Media Player by default, but the installation of new codecs can allow them to be played. A codec is a piece of software on either a device or computer capable of encoding andor decoding video andor audio data from.

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