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Without a roadmap you wouldn’t know how to reach your destination, but many businesses launch into their marketing with little idea of where they are going, let alone how to get there. All good marketing strategies begin by deeply understanding your customers and most importantly the problems you plan to solve for them, your competition. You can’t know where you fit (or don’t fit) in a market without knowing the space your competitors currently occupy. It is vital to have a really really detailed picture of your ideal target customer: those customers you want to win and keep. Once you know your target customer, and the specific pain points that your product or service addresses, then you can define your Value Proposition to these customers (sometimes this is called a Unique Selling Proposition or USP). Now that you know your market, competitors, customers, your value proposition and the destination you want to arrive at, you can begin to define how you will go about achieving this with a marketing strategy. The marketing mix is often referred to as the 4 Ps – Product, Promotion, Price and Place (also known as distribution). The final step in the process is to write down your marketing plan, which will become a written record of the steps above, and identify the key marketing activities you plan to drive over the next 6 to 18 months. How well you set your goals for any business or marketing strategy will have a huge impact your eventual success (or failure).
As a South West based company we offer a range of marketing consultancy services including web site design, development, SEO, Google Adwords and more, to areas including Bunbury, Busselton, Dunsborough, Yallingup, Donnybrook, Harvey, Manjimup, Pemberton, Albany, Walpole and Denmark.
A favore perche il Social Media Marketing, se non supportato da una Web Marketing Strategy articolata e di piu ampio respiro, puo davvero servire a poco o a niente. Magari perche non riuscivano a navigarlo bene, perche le pagine erano dei papiri impossibili da leggere, dopo 10 clic ancora non erano riuscite a trovare cio che cercavano o perche dallo smartphone con il quale navigavano veniva fuori un sito – accrocchio agghiacciante di foto, testi e bottoni (gia, il sito web orientato al mobile e un must). Il punto e che puoi essere bravo quanto vuoi nei Social Network, ma il tuo sito web e e deve essere una priorita, propedeutico a qualsiasi altro canale tu voglia attivare in Rete.
E’ il tuo spazio, quello in cui accogliere non solo le persone che cercano cio che proponi, ma anche quelle che ti hanno conosciuto grazie ad altri canali, vogliono conoscerti meglio, magari acquistare da te.
Il blog come canale ad oggi imprescindibile per costruire una relazione con i tuoi target, offrire contenuti di valore, rendere dinamico il tuo sito web e la tua presenza in Rete. E tante altre azioni e strumenti come la SEA (Search Engine Advertising) o le Digital PR di cui vanno capite le potenzialita per la tua impresa, perche non tutte le aziende hanno gli stessi bisogni, budget e obiettivi, ne le stesse performance sui vai canali. Veronica GentiliDocente e consulente di Web Marketing e Social Media Marketing , autrice del libro "Strategie e tattiche di Facebook Marketing per aziende e professionisti".
Riceverai comodamente i miei articoli via e-mail e la mia ultima Mini-Guida ai Social Network! One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is trying to market their product or service to a large general market instead of focusing on a small niche market. To be successful in today’s hyper-competitive, over-advertised marketplace, you absolutely must focus your business and marketing on serving a specialised and preferably small niche market. On the other hand, if you decide to market your fancy parrot cages to everybody in the Britian who owns a bird, you are marketing to a fairly large general market and the money you spend on marketing will be wasted because nearly all of the people who will see your marketing will NOT have a need or interest in buying an expensive parrot cage. My advice for how to market this new ergonomic chair product is to market it to a very specialised niche market and there are several to choose from. According to competitive advantage theory there are three main types of business strategies they are: cost leadership, differentiation and focus strategies. Marketing niche strategy based on customer needs and wants are the most sustainable – this usually arises when the mass-market product does not produce the item required.
Marketing niche strategy can also be created if there are social and cultural differences within a single community that may require that changes may be required to be made to a product or service.
Marketing niche strategy is also created through exclusive rights – such as brands, trademarks, patents etc For example under the main brand a niche brand can be created to serve special customer needs e.g.

Marketing niche strategy is also achieved through adopting particular delivery channels.
Monitor market continuously to ensure that ‘niche’ characteristics and market continue to be feasible.
If you need help marketing your product or service, contact us on +44 (0)20 7060 1415 or go to our contact us page.
Promotion plays a role in the perception the possible target audience may have about your service.
Services marketing is that elusive concept which stays incomplete without a thorough understanding of 7 Ps. Also did you read our article on the The 4 P’s of Marketing – The Marketing Mix strategies? At Rethink Marketing, we have put together a straight forward process, based on some of the most successful marketing models. During this step you will need to evaluate your market size and trends and your competitors and potential partners. During this step, you need to identify all of your competitors, including those hidden ones you often forget about…the substation competitors (e.g.
Your Value Proposition should be a succinct description of the ways in which your product or service is the best at solving that pain point, described in terms of customer benefits. National brand recognition or increased customer loyalty, the choice is yours but you need to make it. But don’t get to carried away…at Rethink Marketing we believe the best marketing strategies can be defined in no more than one paragraph, so keep it concise! Some marketing experts believe that the rise of social media and customer relationship management have led to the creation of a 5th P namely People. You will need to measure results from your marketing tactics, and continually re-assess your plan on at least a quarterly basis to increase its effectiveness. As a marketing advisor, getting clients to focus on a niche market is the most difficult part of the job.
A niche market is group of consumers or businesses that all have a very specific need or want.
Yes, that sound you just heard is the sound of your money being flushed down the toilet because you ignored niche marketing. The key is finding the market that most needs this product as well as can afford this product.
Of these three main types of strategy what concerns small business most is the focus strategy.
It is most advisable to the small business owner to concentrate on a differentiation focus strategy, since a cost focus strategy might be difficult to maintain without achieving very large volume of production. Who would want to travel 10 miles to have a regular dinner, even if that is priced very competitively and has a super quality? Services being intangible, processes become all the more crucial to ensure standards are met with. These form the critical success factors for any service as evaluated by a possible customer.
Our authors are educators from top QS ranked universities and practitioners from multinational enterprises. We can either help you work through these steps, or work with you to understand what is needed in your business to do it yourself.
A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis can also be a useful tool to help crystallise your thoughts.

Bunnings competes with Harvey Norman, for a share of their customers discretionary spending money. Always be aware of the difference between features, advantages and benefits, and make sure that your focus is on the benefits to the customer at this stage! If you ignore this advice and try to market to a large general market before first becoming successful in at least one small niche market, I can guarantee you that you will soon go broke and be out of business.
One niche market to consider would be to market the chair to assisted living centers for the elderly. On what type of differentiation focus can the small business achieve marketing niche strategy?
Services can range from financial services provided by the banks, technology services provided by the IT company, food and ambiance as a service provided by restaurants or even a blog where an author provides a service (information presentation, interesting reading etc) to his audience. The attributes of the product, vis-a-vis the attributes offered by competing products and substitutes, are important in estimating the competitive scenario for the marketing strategy formulation.
Promotion leads to service (brand) recognition and further establishes a proxy to evaluate quality of services based by potential customers. Process mapping ensures that your service is perceived as being dependable by your target segment. Knowing your customers, and being able to define exactly what drives them to do business with you, will give you a big edge over your competitors who haven’t done their homework. However, if you do decide to focus on serving a small niche market, you greatly increase your odds for business success with much less risk. Your niche market consists of people who own parrots, and particularly people who own parrots and earn an income large enough that they can afford to buy your fancy parrot cages.
Now, what most inventors would do when they come to me to market their product is they would say, “Everybody will want my ergonomic chair. Another niche market is Chiropractors who could sell this chair directly to their patients who suffer from lower back pain. Services marketing are dominated by the 7 Ps of marketing namely Product, Price,  Place, Promotion, People, Process and Physical evidence. What is important to note that services being all the more intangible, the price becomes an important factor for the actual service consumption to happen, after service awareness and service acknowledgement.
Many different promotional tools are often used like internet advertisement, special events, endorsements which happen out of the store or in-store merchandising like branded boxes from Custom Boxes Now, plastic dump bins and digital signage. Intensive training for your human resources on how to handle customers and how to deal with contingencies, is crucial for your success.
Would you like eating at a joint where the table is greasy or the waitresses and cooks look untidy and wear a stained apron? Is your goal to grow market share, increase revenue, increase customer lifetime value, or something else? The 7 P framework is one of the most popular framework for deciding a marketing strategy, right from strategy formulation to actual implementation. So, my client wants me to launch a national marketing campaign for a brand new product nobody has ever heard of and I am supposed to do this with a few thousand dollars. The key is to determine who has the most desperate need for your product or service and then focus your marketing on that niche market. Find the people who stay up at night worrying about the problem your product or service solves and you have just found your niche market.

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