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PCB assembly for small volume productionPCB assembly using through-hole technology  and hand soldering according to IPC-A-610 requirements. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
This two-step approach simplifies decision-making, helping you identify relevant, practical topics and schedule tasks far enough in advance to allow timely production and editing.
Perspective: The Monthly Editorial Calendar template creates a birds-eye, big picture view of your editorial calendar, helping you focus attention on your prospects’ key goals and objectives. Easier decision-making: Focusing on 12 monthly themes at the beginning of your content development process helps reduce the number of decisions needed and increase the likelihood of getting a consensus on your ideas — which is particularly essential when multiple shareholders are involved. Consistency: Multiple projects that address different aspects of each month’s theme reinforces your firm’s key messages on a regular, ongoing basis. Scalability: The two-step approach to creating an editorial calendar is efficient enough for small firms and self-employed professionals, yet can be upgraded to create robust applications for larger corporations. Efficiency: Identifying overarching themes that can be reinforced on a weekly basis also simplifies your efforts to reformat, repurpose, or recycle your key messages across multiple media channels.
Start by choosing a topic, or theme, for each month, using the Monthly Editorial Calendar work sheet (click to download full-sized PDF version). Relevance: Choose topics related to your prospect’s primary goals and the challenges they’re interested in addressing. Significance: Focus on topics that also reflect your firm’s strongest areas of competence and competitive superiority.
Note that the Monthly Editorial Calendar template sample starts in July, but you can begin using the work sheet at any time during the year.
The right-hand column of the work sheet provides space for you to track the results of each monthly topic, helping you quickly identify topics that you might wish to repeat in the future. Next, use the Weekly Editorial Calendar (click to download full-sized version) work sheet once a quarter to plan your weekly content marketing topics for the next 3 months.
Identify topics that provide implementation ideas, and provide details to support each monthly topic.
Try to fill out the Weekly Editorial Calendar at least 2 weeks prior to the end of the previous quarter, which will give you time to get started on the initial projects.
Working with the PDF versions: You can print out PDF versions and fill them out by hand, which is useful if you’re traveling or have a few spare minutes to work during or in between meetings.
Format options: If you’re working with the Word version of the Weekly Editorial Calendar, you can insert rows to accommodate additional projects each month. Filtering and exporting options: You can also recreate the work sheets using spreadsheet or mind mapping software, allowing you to filter your calendar — hiding completed projects, for example, or displaying only the upcoming projects that are due in the next few weeks. Links and clouds: Creating specific software-based versions of these work sheets can also simplify file management and enhance collaboration.

Above all, make sure you frequently review your weekly and monthly editorial calendars so that you are prepared if updates or changes are needed.
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I’ve often griped about editorial calendars being too complex and have secretly been smug about the simplicity of my own editorial calendar template. We use a monthly editorial calendar with clients and integrate traditional press releases with blog posts, Facebook and Twitter.
Thank you, Boomergirl, for sharing your experiences with a monthly editorial calendar integrating press releases and social media. 1: Do you use colors in your editorial calendar to indicate clients, themes, or track response?
For small production volumes and specific applications, where automatic PCB assembly and soldering can not be used or is economically not justified. Use the Monthly Editorial Calendar work sheet (below) to choose 12 monthly topics, or themes, for the upcoming year. Once a quarter, use the Weekly Editorial Calendar work sheet (below) to flesh out each of the monthly topics, identifying and scheduling specific projects for the next 3 months. The monthly themes also make it easier to identify appropriate topics in advance of content creation. In each case, list the street date (the day your market will encounter your message) and the necessary deadlines for completing each project in time for launch. To schedule additional projects, divide the rows in half (if you’re willing to write smaller in order to fit more in). By switching to a landscape (wide) format, you could insert more columns, permitting you to delegate responsibility for each project to specific team members. You can then export these upcoming events to Microsoft Outlook, online calendars like Google’s, or project management software programs that you use. Do you have any comments or suggestions for improving the Monthly Editorial Calendar or the Weekly Editorial Calendar? Parker is a Content Marketing Institute Top Performing Blogger who offers content marketers assistance and resources for implementing serial content marketing programs. I would like to try using your editorial calendar but can’t find an empty virsion of it on your site.
It’s easy to get caught up in what tools to use, what information to track and how to keep everything organized. Much of this infor- Organic farmers rely heavily on crop rotations,mation is useful to organic growers, as crop residues, animal manures, legumes, greenwell. It also makes it easier for you to schedule future promotions around your planned content marketing efforts.

In addition, include the content marketing channel, or media, (blogs, guest posts, article directories, etc.) where you will share your message. The author of 40 design, marketing, and productivity books, he uses visual thinking to help others turn ideas into reality. Your two step system keeps the process clean, efficient and simple, especially for smaller organizations just getting started with editorial calendars.
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