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Marketing Communication & PR higher education programme came to life in response to the staffing needs of consulting companies, marketing communication agencies, design agencies, public relations agencies and all marketing-oriented companies in economic and non-economic activities.
After completing the studies you will become sought-after experts in strategic communication, business planning, entrepreneurship, corporate communications management, or brand consultants, innovation managers, creative managers, PR managers, media planners, developers of new businesses and products, event designers etc. The study programme teaches creative professionals how to develop, coordinate and implement marketing strategies and consumer researches in order to gain additional understanding of brands and innovation.

The entire programme is focused on the subject matters that are relevant to your future career. When recruiting the above organizations are searching for staff that are able to combine creativity, leadership and communication ability, in addition to entrepreneurial mindset in repositioning or development of brands, products and services.
Many experts in the field of marketing, marketing communication and public relations were deeply involved in the preparation of highly practical and application-oriented study programme.

Collaboration with reputable companies and institutions provides an opportunity for close co-operation with experienced professionals who will help you face the reality of work.

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