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The folks at VideoLan have offered instructions for compiling the app from source for a while, but one developer has been kind enough to do the heavy lifting so that you can just download and install an APK little media player for Android. VLC Media Player is one of the most popular desktop music and video player for desktop systems. Now, users of this program can sync to their phones without going through an extra program with the MediaMonkey for Android beta. The popular media player will literally play almost any file format that you drop into it and is a must have for anyone that uses lots of video files.

For now, the XBMC team has been working with Pivos, a company that makes Android-based set top boxes. Profesyonel bir muzik calar uygulama ar?yorsan?z Rocket Music Player Premium en iyi secim olabilir.
It is a simple, lightweight and powerful media player with support for virtually all formats which is why it is widely used on a variety of platforms. The player has been branched out fairly recently to Android, where it is now available as a beta version that you can download from Google Play.

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