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Mobile app landing page html5 template designed to showcase your web app, mobile app, new products, modules, plugins and other.
This entry was posted in App Landing Page, Bootstrap Templates, Bootstrap Websites, Free HTML5 Templates, Mobile Websites and tagged App Landing Page, bootstrap themes, free, free html template, html5 themes, mobile app. Webthemez is initiated to offer the best free & premium responsive website templates with modern design built with latest technologies like Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.
Download huge collection of Free PSD Template Our freebies have been used all around the world.Huge collection of Free PSD photoshop Template for free download. We’ve all heard the phrase “you only have one chance to make a first impression”, this is even more true when it comes to mobile landing pages. 50 percent of smartphone users have made a purchase via their phone (Prosper Mobile Insights).
This is something I have been testing for quite awhile and I am pretty happy overall with the results. With my mobile campaigns I have run about 200,000 clicks to various offers from different sources and using different landing pages. If you’re sending the visitor to an email submit after your mobile optimized lander, make sure it has a simple landing page with a large form field and call to action.
More affiliates need to realize that mobile is BIG, and it’s much easier to make massive profits with mobile traffic.
For mobile campaigns, you’re using your own landing pages on top of the actually landing page. Yes, as I mentioned in the post, I presell the actual affiliate landing page with my own to get their attention and interaction. With my mobile campaigns I am using a custom script I threw together to count clicks because I am not direct linking. Join my free newsletter, Affiliate Manager Exclusive, and get exclusive tips and all the latest from my blog in your inbox. Amazing designers and developers release new projects every day, that make us excited, inspired, and often more than a little impressed. Today we’re continuing our monthly roundup of the best free resources for web designers with a collection that includes plugins, galleries, icons, WordPress themes, templates and more tools than you can use in a month.
A modern collection of icons with a completely flat look, portraying all kinds of writing and stationery items.
Eight different mockups to showcase your designs in a Nexus 6 smartphone, including smart objects for easy handling.
A UI kit for Adobe Illustrator that will allow you to create all kinds of designs and mockups for the device.
A good-looking mockup for showing your next app or design with an interesting, multi-screen perspective. Use this set of design elements to produce interfaces following Google’s Material design philosophy.
A glamorous set of UI elements to go along with the gold version of Apple’s smartphone. The free version of the Baikal UI kit including samples of the many elements available in the full version. A beautiful UI kit featuring transparencies in order to provide a sharp, modern appearance.
A complete template for creating websites with a fitness-oriented purpose, whether it’s a gym, club, trainer, etc. A content-focused WordPress theme with a simple layout and various widgets for search, Flickr, videos and more.
A simple and multi-purpose theme featuring a clean, simple layout, screen wide slider, portfolio section, and more. A complete template for people involved in creative projects, coming in both PSD and HTML5 versions. A highly-detailed set of icons including shadows and bright colors, developed with nothing but CSS3. A simple design that uses pure CSS, portraying a Firefox window in an entirely flat design.
Edit HTML5 on the cloud using desktop or mobile devices and save your content offline with this AngularJS powered editor. Develop applications in PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS and then run them natively on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Create your own calculators online with this open source project, on both desktop and mobile.
Switch from one gradient to another using soft animations and customizing speed and angles, using pure CSS. Compare the three main CSS preprocessors (Less, Sass and Stylus) to see which one fits your projects better. A fantastic reference sheet to know what additional changes are triggered by changing various CSS properties. A tool that will speed up the process of creating Express servers without worrying about configuration.
A smooth library for creating drag and drop upload interactions, including image previews and interesting hover effects. Trigger animations as soon as the user scrolls through a section of your site and customize aspects such as delay, style, length and more. A fantastic JavaScript library that will allow you to make straightforward animations for your project’s elements. This tool lets you create galleries that work on any device, allowing users to flick through them with either their fingers or a mouse.
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Below are some most recent great responsive landing page design templates examples for your upcoming marketing campaign. As per Google 60% + user using mobile to browse and in coming days it will increase rapidly. Download easy and enjoyable responsive landing pages to keep your visitors on your page long enough to get them to fill out your form or click on call to action button. Need a custom responsive landing page design to meet your business requirement, get it done from us.

It is fully responsive and looks awesome on all types of devices (desktop, notebook, tablet and mobile). A free mobile app landing page PSD template is a free one pager designed to Twitter’s bootstrap grid. Download PSD – Download Free PSD Files templates, graphics, flyer, mockups, freebies, icons, ui kits for personal and commercial projects.
At the most basic level a landing page is the first interaction a customer will have with your website. Earlier this year we published the post, responsive design is not a mobile optimization strategy focusing on the importance of creating dedicated mobile landing pages for your mobile traffic and not using responsive design to convert visitors into customers. Know where to start – Creating an entire mobile web site is expensive and tales a lot of time.
Understand your customer’s goals – Make sure you understand how your goals differ with mobile and desktop users. Define Your Goals – Once you’ve defined and understood your visitor’s goals, define your landing page goal and design an experience with that goal in mind. Define the desired action – know the one desired action you want visitors to take on your mobile landing page and lay out a clear call to action that stands out and logically moves visitors to the next step. Say it at the top – A visitor should be able to identify what’s in it for them quickly without needing to read complicated texts and stories. Be clear about the outcome – it’s important that visitors clearly understand what they will receive if they provide information and how you will use that information once it is collected. Forget about scrolling – Create pages that fit within the boundaries of a mobile screen that eliminate the need to scroll. Design for landscape and portrait – most people think of the portrait view when designing mobile landing pages, but depending on how your visitor orients their phone they may also be seeing your mobile site in landscape mode.  Make sure your mobile landing page scales for both. Use Localization – GPS-enabled devices allow for specific, localized content that can reduce friction and increase conversions. Remove external links – By removing the external links to other parts of the site you can control the visitor’s journey and focus them on your call to action. Clean out the clutter – Focus on what’s important, keep the page as clean as possible, minimize friction and keep buttons as far away from each other as possible. Maintain consistent flow and design –Don’t surprise your visitors or try to fool them, use the same messaging and design on your mobile landing page as they saw in the ad. Keep your forms minimal – Registration forms are frustrating on all devices, when it comes to mobile, even more so.
Carry your visitor’s identity – The vast majority of smartphone conversions come from either a direct link or email marketing. Allow to “shop later” – Sometimes we just don’t have the time or energy to complete our registration or purchase process. QA, QA, and QA – Just because you tested the mobile site on your mobile phone doesn’t mean it works on everyone else’s. Ask for less – to minimize friction and increase conversion, ask for less from your visitors.
Emphasis your call to action – The call to action is the first thing a visitor should see on your landing page. Optimize your forms – To make it as simple as possible for visitors to complete your forms, test breaking them into multiple, simple steps. Keep titles short – Keep your title no longer than 3-4 words to maintain a one-line headline and not more.
Build for limited data – Mobile data connections can be slower than home broadband connections.
Stay away from flash –it may look nice on web (and doesn’t convert), but it won’t on mobile. Take location into account – We use our smartphones while watching TV, driving, shopping and other various locations. Embrace social behavior – Social login have high conversion rates and are a great way to encourage visitors to interact socially with your product.
Design for action – Design all clickable elements as buttons (not just text links), make them big enough and add white space around them to emphasis them.
Less is more– Use as less text as possible and eliminate all unnecessary design elements – leave only functional elements. Optimize for SEO without damaging conversions – Avoid using a lot of text on your mobile landing page and introducing clutter by using an expandable-div.
Test KPI’s – Before setting out to start testing, establish your business goals and translate them into digital KPIs (e.g – signups, purchases, downloads). Exclude irregular days – conduct your tests in an environment that will give you the most authentic results. Be systematic – To achieve clear results and understand the meaning of the test results, make sure to run one test a time or, if you have sufficient traffic run simultaneous tests with different test groups.
Test Strategies, not elements – After you’ve taken care of all the technological issues and elements that can increase conversion, be sure to start testing strategies to better understand your users. Use a checklist – with so many things to remember prior to launching your campaign it is best to use a checklist to make sure no important steps have been missed.  A checklist also ensures that you and your team are following a consistent process for each new campaign. To get more out of your mobile visitors, creating dedicated landing pages and different user journeys for them is key for success.
Sure, people will still have computers and your traditional website traffic is only going to continue to increase, but overall, the smartphone market is increasing and pretty much everyone is using the internet on their phone now as well. They clicked my ad while visiting some mobile website or app, but that doesn’t mean they are actually interested in helping me make money. The nice thing about building a mobile lander and presenting them with that first is if you get engagement from the user you can then push something that isn’t mobile optimized and although it may not convert quite as well as a mobile optimized offer, it should still convert. There are quite a few really great threads on IMGrind about pushing mobile traffic so if you’re a member make sure you take a look through their mobile forum.
If you take a look at the Themeroller page you’ll see it actually mostly drag and drop.
If you know basic HTML and CSS you will be able to figure it out by messing around with the code. Really nice info there Luke, I will try this with inMobi as I’m using them most of the time for mobile marketing. Obviously, text ads are easier, but I was getting a better CTR from the banner image (I’m guessing because everyone else uses text ads).

If this collection is anything to go by, 2015 is shaping up to be an awesome year for web design resources. Our mobile optimized responsive landing pages will automatically appear in their optimized form in all screen size and device.
We provide high quality professional custom conversion centered responsive landing page design on affordable price. There are icons, buttons, sliders, themes, and so much more for you to download for your next web design project. The top resource on the web to download high quality, free PSD design resources for your web and print projects. The best way to get started is by tracking analytics and understanding the pain points and drops in conversion you currently have. Do you want them to have the exact same experience? We use web differently than mobile, the experience is different and sometimes we use two or three devices at the same time for completely different reasons.
People spend very little time on mobile sites and need to understand your value proposition in a matter of seconds.
In your registration forms you can detect your visitor’s state and city by the zip code they insert. Remember, new tabs open immediately in mobile and navigate the visitor away from your target.
Be consistent with the messaging, this will assist with converting visitors once they’re on your page and improve your ad’s quality score.
By using direct “click to call” buttons instead of a copy-pasted number you allow for quick conversions and an easier path your visitor. When a visitors needs to insert a number or an email, they should be able to do so quickly without changing their keyboard output.
Before starting out check Google Analytics to discover the most common mobile screens your visitors use. Get the most important information you need to start a process and get additional information later. Provide a quick way for people to follow your call to action and make it easy to complete the funnel. Make it easy on the eyes & use icons for faster navigation (include short explanatory text).
To increase conversions try offering mobile exclusive sales to reduce friction and increase sales. Incorporate features that are available on mobile like GPS and location-based information for the users, for example: Shipping to Washington! Use larger font, bigger line-spacing and letter-spacing to allow for easy reading and skimming.
For example, Facebook now has 425,000,000 active mobile users monthly, which is about 40% of their traffic.
With a $50 minimum deposit and a $10 minimum budget per ad, you can get quite a bit of data really cheap. I’ve tested direct linking to your typical email submit landing page and it almost never works out well. Do you use one domain for all of your mobile campaigns, since on the mobile device this domain isn’t particularly important, or do you purchase a new domain for every single mobile campaign? Use our conversion centered optimized mobile responsive landing page design so your website visitor can easily interact with your product and services no matter what device they are using. Responsive landing pages are the best ways you can convert your website visitor into leads and sales customers.
Please let us know your custom requirement through our contact us page or Request a FREE quote page. This Mobile App Landing Page Free PSD Template is designed on a 12 column Bootstrap grid so makes for super easy PSD to HTML conversion for all you front end developers out there. Not all of the resources are allowed for commercial use please contact the author for detail If resources have violated your copyright, please through feedback to us so that we can delete a timely manner to protect you! Figure out what your visitors are doing on your mobile site, understand what they’re trying to achieve and create a user journey that helps them get there faster and quicker. Focus on the most important elements of your landing page and how they help visitors complete your goal.
Your headline and call to action should be above the fold (what visitors see when the land on the page) and give your visitor the information they need quickly. Make sure your form is large and clear, using the full extent of the screen, and keep fields as well as the submit button large enough for clicking with a thumb (missing the right field because its too small can be a drag). Offer a simple way to complete the funnel on another device via email or save-to-cart functionality.
In order to gain larger wins and learn more from your tests, you need to start testing emotional strategies. Not everyone is as comfortable on their phone as they are a computer, but we are quickly getting to that point. I am going to give you a nice tip to get started though and this is something my buddies Ruck and Ryan over at the IMGrind also suggested. People enjoying giving their opinion on things so I ask them about something they can relate to, eating out for dinner.
The most important elements you want to track for mobile conversions are volume of traffic, demographics and buying patterns. Also another points to discuss which option to choose incase of Inmobi URL,Search or Local while creating Campaign . If you are on my mailing list (Affiliate Manager Exclusive) then a few weeks ago you received a list of my favorite mobile ad networks. Also Which option to chooose incase of Drive Traffic,Lead Generation and there are 4 more options . Please could you let me know or could you prepare some indetails guide like you did for 7 Search .

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