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Jena Communications is a full-service Mobile Media Marketing Agency that performs targeted SMS mobile media campaigns to promote your products, services, events and branding. Mobile Media Marketing, although a unique medium, is a powerful component of a fully-integrated marketing strategy. Jena Communications' has become well-known among Pennsylvania advertising agencies as a top-notch Pocono Web design firm. Remember: as a full-service Lehigh Valley advertising agency, be it through traditional media, online media, or a catchy mobile media marketing campaign, we can help skyrocket your marketing brand awareness. Please fill out the form below to see how easy it is for your customers to sign up for Mobile Messaging from your website. By subscribing to Jena Communications mailing list, you agree to the Terms & Conditions.

This translates into a solid reputation across-the-board for our technological expertise, which naturally includes our mobile media marketing gurus. Of course they can sign up right from their phone as well with a dedicated mobile sign up number.
Mobile media marketing agencies help keep you in touch with your target audience on a regular basis. Mobile media marketing is commonly used in order to increase brand awareness, generate customer opt-in databases, or drive traffic to specific locations or events. Our mobile media marketing team is well-versed in content development ensuring our campaigns work for the vast screen size and memory limitations of cell phones.
By adding your cell number below you are added to a "one time use only" database used solely for "ease of use" demonstration purposes.

They have experience in mobile media marketing to include: SMS Text Message Campaigns, Mobile Web and Video Development, iPhone App & Custom Software Development, Bluetooth Broadcasting, and more.
You will be sent an "opt in" verification via SMS to your cell before receiving the sample message.

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