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RITBAIR is a mobile development company that provides mobile development services to individuals, small firms, mid-size companies & large corporates. Our mobile applications developers can make your idea turned into a great mobile application using different mobile application development platforms and mobile technologies. And Latin America is driving the mobile ad surge: in Argentina alone, mobile ad revenues grew by 657% in 2010. In Colombia, the amount of mobile Internet users spiked up 119% between 2010 and 2011 and 3G cellphone use went up 4% in the same period.
And when the Mobile Entertainment Forum surveyed 8,500 Latin American cell phone users in 2011, it found that 20% of them are prepared to spend 200 euros on mobile purchases, double the next closest region (India, with 10%).
In response to this impressive surge, we have launched the Jumba Mobile Network to help advertisers reaching this growing Latin American mobile ad market.
About the authorUSMC IS AN ADVERTISING TECHNOLOGY COMPANY WHICH OFFERS AUTOMATED, SCALABLE AND RELEVANT DATA-DRIVEN PLANNING AND EXECUTION OF MEDIA MARKETING CAMPAIGNS. Ignacio Roizman, Chief Operations Officer for US Media Consulting, speaking about programmatic buying at Red Innova in Buenos Aires on June 27, 2013. Welcome to 1to1 Media — a multimedia resourcefor CRM and Customer Experience Professionals. I recently discussed the reasons for this disconnect with Erich Joachimsthaler, CEO at Vivaldi Partners Group. For instance, Joachimsthaler shared a story about the CEO of a beer company as an example of the CEO view of mobile marketing that he's seeing.
Nevertheless, some CMOs might assign someone in the marketing organization to be in charge of mobile marketing but only allocate a small portion of the marketing budget to it. Meanwhile, many marketing managers who are mobile-savvy can see the potential for mobile marketing but they can't convince the CMO to increase spending there, adds Joachimsthaler. To be sure, digital advertising is growing faster than traditional TV advertising and is inching closer in total spending, according to The CMO Council. We can notify you via email of any additional comments to this post by entering your email below. I look to 1to1 Media and its partners as a trusted source of information on integrated marketing trends.
1to1 Media is a proponent of Extreme Trusta€”proactively acting in customersa€™ best interests.
Mobile apps augment the basic functions of mobile gadgets that have taken the technology space by storm in the recent times.

Our mobile developers turn innovative ideas into intuitive mobile applications, be it any mobile applications development. We bridge the gap between cutting edge mobile technology and expenditure on mobile apps creation without hampering the quality of idea or technology. Smartphone sales in Latin America for 2011 total 31 million so far, spiking by 165% in Brazil between 2010 and 2011. A recent study showed that 26% of online shoppers in Mexico used a mobile device to make purchases, while 79% of Brazilian cellphone owners use their phones in some part of the purchase process.
People are tethered to their smartphones just about everywhere - at work, at home, at ballgames, shopping malls, airports, and cafes.
As Joachimsthaler sees it, there are different perspectives about mobile marketing at different levels of the organization that aren't in alignment with each other.
The beer company CEO told Joachimsthaler that most of the company's advertising dollars are devoted to TV. Any use of materials, except for social media sharing (Tweets, Facebook posts, etc.), without the prior written consent of 1to1 Media is strictly prohibited.
New kinds of mobile gadgets have been bombarding the tech-market since long now, and have registered a very strong presence in the market. Our mobile app developers are creative & capable enough to develop all types of mobile apps and mobile web development for your mobile users. Several Latin American countries boast more than 100% penetration, such as Argentina (142%) Uruguay (130%) and Brazil (118%).
In Mexico, they make up 35% of the market, while smartphone penetration is at 20% in both Argentina and Colombia.
As of January 2014, consumers now spend more time on their mobile devices for Internet usage than on desktop PCs, according to comScore. The CEO also asked whether the company should be redirecting more of its advertising and marketing spending to mobile since that's where consumers now spend most of their time. Nowadays, many tech-lovers have also started following mobile market trends meticulously.The major players in the mobile market are iPhone, Android phones, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile phones.
Latin Americans are also buying more and more multimedia phones—which are excellent for displaying mobile ad content.
Yet despite how "mobile" we've become as consumers, many companies continue to struggle to develop comprehensive mobile marketing strategies or to integrate mobile into their digital marketing plans. Smartphone prices in Latin America have dropped to the $100 range recently, making them more affordable than ever.

For instance, according to the 2015 State of Marketing study conducted by Salesforce which canvassed more than 5,000 global marketers, mobile marketing is just the fifth fast growing area where marketing spending will increase this year, behind social media advertising, marketing, and engagement.
Catering to the needs of mobile-buyers and in order to meet the sky-high demand of mobile apps, numerous firms dealing in mobile app development have pulled up their socks.With the fortitude of developing spellbinding mobile apps, these firms have started working full-throttle.
For advertisers, surging smartphone sales mean that they have an even better device to reach customers in Latin America with ads, plus improved targeting. The apps being developed these days are being made to meet business and well as individual needs.A hands-on mobile app developer can be called so as long as he stays alert and has a quest to learn new things.
He must be ready to mould his development practices in accordance with the market trends.There are certain things which a developer must be aware of before designing a mobile app. Before starting the design and development work for a mobile app, the developer must bear the needs and requirements of the end user in his mind.
Few things that can help in providing a user with the best user experience are requirement-oriented development, easy navigation, creative ideas and value for end-user’s time.It must be taken care that the design of the app should be appealing enough to take the user by awe.
A dexterous app developer must consider memory constrains, bandwidth and battery life of the different mobile handsets before designing an app. The entire effort of designing an interesting app might turn into a fiasco if these issues are ignored.3.
The developer must maintain cordial relationships with the client and remain aware of what a client looks for in an app. This is the only way by which you can get successful in delivering a high-level of satisfaction to your customers. By getting acquainted with the clients you will get an insight into what is expected out of an app.4. Any mobile app can be touted as user-friendly and successful only when it is able to manage problems and mistakes. A good app is ever-ready to offer comfortable steps to make a clear way out of mistakes that have been made by the users.Mistakes are inevitable when it comes to using apps. The actual potential of an app is unveiled by the way an app retrieves itself from users’ erroneous acts. When the concept of Web 2.0 was developed every business was told that it must have a blog.

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